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  • SoulTrapOnSelfSoulTrapOnSelf Ellicott City, MDPosts: 190Member
    Originally posted by KakaMighty
    I've heard various people saying that the game is better when you get to 10+. Is that what you guys think as well?


    They have told you right.

  • fistormfistorm Smalltown, WIPosts: 868Member Uncommon
    I smell Emperor wants in this guild.
  • AcidchickenAcidchicken cape coral, FLPosts: 14Member
    Ya the game changes alot when you hit 10+ you start getting into comboing abilities. The morphing of ablities is fun to see and makes you want to lvl abilities to see what you can morph them into.
  • AcidchickenAcidchicken cape coral, FLPosts: 14Member
      The crafting in this game is very good, its not about just getting the raw materials but researching the right atributes that you need. Hell, even food in this game is worth learning, and its not that hard to start down that path. Have to say have been very pleased with the crafting in this game
  • AcidchickenAcidchicken cape coral, FLPosts: 14Member

       Playing a sorcerer in this game Is some times down right crazy, but once you start getting a few spells it becomes enjoyable. I started out with a destruction staff but quickly went to resto staff. I found the extra healing spell was a great way to keep me alive and my pet. 

       I still can't get over the fact that their are no real set class builds, you just find the spells and armor you would like to use and go with it. I have seen people start playing a heavy wearing sword and shield sorcerer and just wiping the floor with mobs. The game really allows you to find what you would like to be and become that.

  • KakaMightyKakaMighty AssensPosts: 5Member
    Yeah i think playing a Sorc is seriously hard in the start. If you play alone at least.
  • AcidchickenAcidchicken cape coral, FLPosts: 14Member

      Hello all, just wanted to inform every one that TAW will be broadcasting live on twitch. The link is the times and events are as followed.

    Tjhudak 2/28/2014 16:00:00 PST 19:00:00 Basic Questing
    Abel 3/1/2014 16:00:00 PST 19:00:00 Mass PvP Guild Optional
    Tjhudak 3/1/2014 13:00:00 PST 16:00:00 Anchors & Shards
    Ditherous 3/1/2014 19:00:00 PST 22:00:00 PvP Dungeons & 4 Mans
      Between these times other members will take over the feed and be showing questing, crafting and high lvl areas. would love to see every one come and join us for are fun either on the PTS server or the weekend beta. Look us up on if you wish to see more about are outstanding community.
  • AcidchickenAcidchicken cape coral, FLPosts: 14Member

    Please come join us on live twitch feed at

    The times and events are posted for this month.


    Tues/Thur: Chat session with CreepyOne as he play's and Stream recorded content.

    Time: 21:00 to 1:00 EST


    Sat: abel & ditherous & Creepyone

    Time: 21:00 to 1:00 EST Abel/Dith 9-11, Creepy 11-1

    Sat afternoon: Abel mixed content Brodcast, Dropping The Hammer!

    Time: 17:00 to 19:00 EST


    Sunday: Manditory,PVP

    Time: 20:00 to 1:00 EST


    Look us up on to learn more about our outstanding community!

  • CayllCayll Posts: 48Member Uncommon
    Come check us out:
  • AcidchickenAcidchicken cape coral, FLPosts: 14Member
    Looks like i will be playing a high elf sorc. With a destruction and healing staff, will be a healer but the destruction staff will help with lvls early before i get surge and dark exchange. So what is every one else going to play when they go live?
  • CayllCayll Posts: 48Member Uncommon



    We are still around, thriving, and recruiting!


    Please visit for more details or contact @The_Shindig in-game.


    Thank you.

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