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[Column] WildStar: Stepping Out From the Shadow



  • hallucigenocidehallucigenocide SwedenPosts: 712Member Uncommon
    my biggest gripe with this game is the mechari their movement is just as silly as that of the worgen from wow(cool race completely destroyed by it's animations) and they wear clothes... wtf? they're robots damn it!


  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,882Member Rare
    Originally posted by azurrei
    They don't look the similar at all.  WoW is stylized realism...Wildstar looks like a saturday morning kids cartoon - which is one of it's many turn-offs for me.  

    stylized realism? maybe in 1998.



  • BluePhoenix09BluePhoenix09 Portland, MEPosts: 14Member

      I can understand that people compare everything to WoW as most gamers aren't old enough to know that Wow was pretty much a copy of its predecessors.

      I can't see Warlords of Draenor as any competition to Wildstar as the games are totally different in feel.  Having seen what combat, crafting, and gathering are like in Wildstar, I can't see anything in a new iteration of WoW that could pull me in. 

      I tried, I really did, but WoW is so boring in comparison that I just can't go back.

      Sure, in a few years today's games will feel old, but for now I'm eagerly awaiting the open beta for Wildstar. 

      EQN looks incredibly boring so far, but developer demos often are, so I'll reserve judgement.

      ESO may be shooting itself in the foot by not having an auction house system.  We'll see. 

      I do want to try out Arche Age when it finally arrives, but hey, we're all used to waiting, right?

  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,882Member Rare
    Originally posted by Naral
    Originally posted by Asamof
    [mod edit]

    the art style of wow is such a turn off-very dated, even with their new skins for WoD. hey they can only do with what they got...i respect that. you can see what they are capable of doing in their newer games like hearthstone, Diablo3 etc...

    But Wildstar is by far more contemporary in the likes of Borderlands2 and new console games. and the graphics are alot tighter than wow by a million.


    but this change as well in a few years time..thats the way it goes...

  • Eaze187Eaze187 Suprise, AZPosts: 4Member
    I can't wait to see over the next decade what WildStar has to offer. I'm sure it will have issues taking off and staying stable because of the WOW population and those who have fell off of WOW and will probably never play RPGS again. Either way opening up fresh starting fresh seems like a lot of potential that I am excited for!
  • RinnaRinna Las Vegas, NVPosts: 389Member Uncommon
    Articles like this are just begging for the NDA to be broken on a large scale.

    No bitchers.

  • BorisTheBladeBorisTheBlade Stuart, FLPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    Saying that this game is a WoW clone couldn't be further from the truth, if anything the only resemblance to WoW is that Carbine is using the same formula that Blizzard used 10 years ago in taking all the best parts of current MMO's and then sprinkling it with their own brand of awesome on top.

    "You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity!"

  • HarikenHariken Brighton, MAPosts: 1,510Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by eckspo
    Originally posted by Azzras
    [mod edit]

    Yeah but he makes a good point. The game gets compaired to wow because wow is the #1 mmo in the world. So all games will be compaired to it. It shouldn't make you upset. I have been here awhile and whats happening here with Wildstar and ESO is the same hype on these boards that swotor got. Can anyone really say without a doubt they will be playing these games 5 or 6 months down the road. For me the games i've loved and played the longest got shut down.  Both games had monthly subs of 10 bucks too. I haven't found any mmo's to replace either of those game's.  But most mmo players these day move from game to game all the time. The same thing will happen with these two games.

  • LisaFlexy22LisaFlexy22 mesa, AZPosts: 445Member Uncommon
    Sorry but when your own developers have called the game WOW 2.0 it makes it extremely hard to not look at the game as a clone - especially when it looks so similar and has so many of the generic themepark trademarks.  Sure it's got it's own set of unique features but so does every other themepark clone.
  • slikeytreslikeytre selinsgrove, PAPosts: 40Member Uncommon

    I get why people compare it but saying its wow 2.0 Isn't a bad thing. WoW is nothing but a copy of everything that came before and after it.  

    So yea trying to make a game that isn't a wow clone is impossible because wow didn't make do anything in a unique way.  Using Art style as an example is just as bad. There are countless games that use different art styles and the cartoon style has the best life out of all of them. So if you were gonna make a game would u really be worried about using the same style or is it just because its an MMO and it uses the same style?  

    Come on people its a new game, a new story, and its an MMO. Its different because its not the same...  But yea with the current logic you could even say EQN is a wow clone, or would it be an EQ clone lol sigh. I blame WoW for stealing all the successful things from other games.

  • herculeshercules lancashire,blackpoolPosts: 4,893Member Uncommon
    Has its charm
  • LugorsLugors EarthPosts: 184Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by eckspo
    [mod edit]


    [mod edit]People like the night elf flip in WoW, so they gave it to every race as part of the game play.  My larger point is games that try to out do WoW directly tend to crash and burn because they do not compare favorably to WoW + 4 xpacs in terms of content, polish and player base.  You are better off going after niche like PvP, sandbox, crafting etc than doing everything and not retaining anyone.

    As long their expectations are reasonable, the game should do well.  2 million box sales and 500k subscribers is really a success in today's market.  


  • RusqueRusque Las Vegas, NVPosts: 2,666Member Rare
    Originally posted by orbitxo
    Originally posted by CatAtomic99
    Sorry, but Warcraft's signature imagery was pretty much swiped directly from Warhammer.

    bingo!-they (blizzard) even have admitted to that!

    Swiped is the wrong word.

    Games Workshop approached blizzard entertainment all those years ago to create a war video game based on their Warhammer IP. Blizzard made Orcs vs Humans and GW turned it down because they didn't feel it was enough to capture WH (not sure what they expected in terms of technology back then).

    But, if you put in all those man hours into creating something do you just throw it away and eat the loss? No, you call it Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans and begin one of the most famous franchises in gaming history.


    Reminds me of when Nintendo backed out of their deal with Sony for the SNES CD. Sony said, "Well, whatever, we'll just call it the Playstation and sell it anyway."

  • itchmonitchmon west islip, NYPosts: 1,787Member Uncommon

    considering i'm usually a sandbox person i am surprised to say i am looking forward to wildstar quite a bit.  It looks like they've taken pains to add depth to their themepark backbone to make it immersive, and the art style, while it's not for everyone, is adorable to me.


    that said... CREDD, Krono, Chronoscrolls..... man, someone at CCP shoulda patented that crap when they came out with PLEX :)

    RIP Ribbitribbitt you are missed, kid.

    Currently Playing EVE, DFUW

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    Dwight D Eisenhower

    My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.

    Henry Rollins

  • Yeah, I'm seeing bits and pieces taken from at least three MMOs and tossed into this with the label "innovative".  It's not really innovative when someone has done it before you.  EVE Online with PLEX, FFXIV with the housing AND the multiple guild/linkshell, Wakfu with the dungeons on your own property and more besides.


    That being said, it DOES look like an interesting game... one which I will most likely pick up just to see how it is (I am a glutton for MMOs).

  • JeminaiJeminai MelbournePosts: 149Member Uncommon
    I'll reiterate.
    stems the flow of trolls swarming decent games. long live wild star!
  • Swids2010Swids2010 plymouthPosts: 244Member
    Originally posted by Atadis
    I think the comparisons are fair but when I played it felt more like GW2 in a Wow graphical environment...I just didn't care much for it. I'm not saying that to bash it though if you like it then play it...I just wasn't impressed with what I saw from what I though the game would be.

    Same for me felt like I was playing GW2 again the combat is so similar I was personally hoping and actually thought it would be more like tera combat but I can live with it as is had a lot of fun with esper and stalker.

  • Mqc_redbaronMqc_redbaron WatfordPosts: 2Member
    I can't understand how people are comparing this games combat to wow, gw2 or any other mmo. The closest game that coins close to W* combat is SMITE. This seems to be the only site where people don't seem to understand the definition of clone.
  • a6point6a6point6 Posts: 44Member Uncommon


    Wow+Hellgate London had a baby, and it was henceforth know as Wildstar!

    So i guess age has nothing on it when it comes to making babies.

  • hikaru77hikaru77 buenos airesPosts: 1,041Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by BorisTheBlade
    Saying that this game is a WoW clone couldn't be further from the truth, if anything the only resemblance to WoW is that Carbine is using the same formula that Blizzard used 10 years ago in taking all the best parts of current MMO's and then sprinkling it with their own brand of awesome on top.

    You said it, WoW did it 10 year ago, while you have MMOs and Devs trying to do something different, with epic fails, sure, but also great ideas, but the MMO genre is evolving, learning, even when most of the players didnt notice. TESO as an example have learned about the mistakes of Warhammer and Gw2, and so far what they did with AvA is an huge step forward for the MMO genre, time will tell us the real state, but for now it looks like that. But WS is pretty much a 10 years old MMO.   

  • kidaharukidaharu seoulPosts: 2Member

    I felt GOOD at lvl 50.

  • CrazyhorsekCrazyhorsek LisboaPosts: 271Member Uncommon

    Wildstar tries so much to be "familiar" to WoW players being so close to WoW that the only big problem is actually by doing that its placing itself in collision path with WoW. Well when you release an mmo at least have the brains to steer clear from WoW - collateral damage is bad enough, but facing a direct hit? Wildstar will be destroyed by WoW and anything good it has, WoW will assimilate and have it next patch.

    WoW players already have WoW they dont need a second WoW... and WoW doesnt mean "World of Wildstar" although it kinda seems it does looking at the game... So... WoW will continue and as always leave the usual trail of guts pieces and remains of dead mmos along its path... and Wildstar will soon join this dantesque landscape.

  • jimbobfurleyjimbobfurley Nepean, ONPosts: 94Member Uncommon
    I personally hope that Wildstar is a smashing success.  The art syle is unique and refreshing (although not my cup of tea), and from what I hear Carbine will be putting in every effort to make this a deep world and a truly immersive experience for the player.

  • THEchad88THEchad88 great neck, NYPosts: 38Member

    The art style of Wildstar being compared to WoW didn't bother me even in the SLIGHTEST. Reason being is because there are enough differences between the two to make them their own unique games. What did NOTHING for me was wildstars lackluster INTERFACE and QUESTING.

    Interface is something SOOOOOOOO underrated. And I flat out was confused as to WTH was going on in the quest area for wildstar. Not only that but there were so many quests and it was so confusing that I got frustrated and would just log out.

    I felt no obligation to complete the quests because most felt so meaningless. A select few felt immersive to me. This is where wildstar fails to me.

  • CicceroCiccero Rossville, GAPosts: 136Member Uncommon

    I dunno how many of you are "newer" gamers, but the 1st step was UO to EQ. That was a radical change in playing layout. Then AC showed up, similar in 3d to EQ but different textures,playstyle allowance .Everything after was "EQ" clonish. WOW came out and it was a super-EQ. People called it an EQ clone and then it took center stage.

    Now people call games WOW-Clones...and, to be honest, per 3-d they are all EQ clones and per MMO they are all UO clones.


    I am looking forward to wildstar as I do with many newer games. The 1st year is always the best. WOW's 1st year was the best by far due to the sheer innovations in quest hubs,spells,player versatility and player interaction. 

    Let people call it a wow clone, it is no thing. WOW was a clone as well...people just tend to forget that.

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