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[Column] WildStar: Stepping Out From the Shadow

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,044MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Ever since the world first saw WildStar, people have been comparing it to World of Warcraft. But are such comparisons fair? In this week’s column, Gareth Harmer asks if the similarities could be a boon or drawback for Carbine’s upcoming MMO.

Read more of Gareth Harmer's WildStar: Stepping Out from the Shadow.




  • handlewithcarehandlewithcare hartenbosPosts: 322Member

    wild star is ok but when are we going to see games that blow players away.

    EQN my last hope for something new in the mmo market.

    I didn't get my wild star key but I don't care its all about ESO this weekend.

  • achesomaachesoma Portland, ORPosts: 1,054Member Uncommon
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  • CrazKanukCrazKanuk Elmira, ONPosts: 4,865Member Epic

    If Wildstar's gameplay can live up to expectations of the WoW crowd (however low a bar you feel that is), I would say it would be an advantage for them....... as long as they mix it up a bit. 


    It's like if someone woke you up to tell you that they put another bed in your room. Just in case you wanted to sleep in it. Ummmmmmm, well I'm already comfortable, it's warm, and I'm half asleep. Am I moving? Not really. Now if it was a bunk bed, hellz yeah! I called top!! Just sayin' if they actually want people to come to Wildstar and stay for longer than a couple months, it's going to take a compelling environment that they haven't seen before a million times. That, and a compelling story and also compelling gameplay. So, basically, compelling stuff. 



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  • TricktorTricktor SPosts: 2Member Uncommon

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  • Righteous_RockRighteous_Rock Youngstown, OHPosts: 1,151Member Uncommon
    If we were allowed to talk we could tell you what is the same and what is different. Someone mentioned Gw2 like combat , ok if all you do consider is dodge mechanic must be Gw2, and people mention WoW again ok but already how can it be WoW and Gw2 at the same time? Yes but, yes but but but.....
  • Righteous_RockRighteous_Rock Youngstown, OHPosts: 1,151Member Uncommon
    Nice, So far it's like WoW, Rift, Gw2, and Tera. It's almost like this game will be an mmorpg?
  • KrightonKrighton Anaheim, CAPosts: 107Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by handlewithcare
    wild star is ok but when are we going to see games that blow players away. EQN my last hope for something new in the mmo market. I didn't get my wild star key but I don't care its all about ESO this weekend.

    The Secret World was the last "different MMO" while it blew most of us away, few people could comprehend it, it was not marketed well enough and little funding there for it.

    MMOs have a shelf life of about 6 months now anyway, so it doesn't really matter what comes out, few people are going to play anything beyond that. It's not 2005 anymore. The WoW kids have grown up.. well physically anyway.

    The new generation can't keep their attention on a single object more than 10 seconds regardless of what it is, couple that with multiple new MMO launches. The industry is dooming itself.

    Wildstar is a fantastic game, and nothing else comes close. Until 6 months from now.

  • eckspoeckspo Texas city, TXPosts: 2Member
    I love the people that say "Its a WoW clone" or "Its GW2 in space". Now if making a mmo with a similar style to one game or another makes it a clone, please explain on how you would make a successful mmo without combat, crafting, leveling, quest and pretty much everything that a mmo has to have to be successful. 
  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,957Member Rare
    Do it, don't say it.
  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,883Member Rare

    It isnt fair-nor true.

    Its a great transition for wow players.

    Wow is about knights,Orcs  and dragrons - not at all what Wildstar is about!

    In lamest terms =  its like comparing Rock n' Roll  with Classical ..its music, but totally different genres.


  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,883Member Rare
    [mod edit]

    same could be said about blizzard- they have monks in all their games among other things.

    their  interfaces all look the same in all their games-  and story is simply written for a 2 year old to comprehend.

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  • JudgeUKJudgeUK Posts: 1,225Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Righteous_Rock
    Nice, So far it's like WoW, Rift, Gw2, and Tera. It's almost like this game will be an mmorpg?

    It shows that all mmo's can be compared to something else if people are looking for it.

    It's got quests! - it's a clone.....

  • goblagobla somewherePosts: 1,412Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by evilastro Essentially the combat is a hybrid between TERA and Guild Wars 1.  It is nothing like WoW in terms of combat.

    If this is true then I consider that quite the achievement.

    Those are by far the two best combat systems I've seen in an MMO. The action, responsiveness and feedback of TERA are amazing, the rest of the game is boring, linear and uninspired but the combat was extremely well done. GW1 had, without a doubt, the most tactical combat I've seen with an amazing array of possible builds, skill interactions and choices. It wasn't a real MMO and as such missing many cool features but again, great combat.

    Did manage to get a key for the upcoming weekend so I guess I'll find out soon enough.

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  • AeonbladesAeonblades Home, GAPosts: 2,083Member

    Stepping out from the Shadow and into the footprint :p


    Just kidding, hope everyone enjoys the game and the beta this weekend that is interested!

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  • epichokieepichokie Fredericksburg, VAPosts: 14Member

    This is a "Theme park MMORPG" so yes it is going to be "like" WOW.  It's going to be like any MMORPG just like WOW when it came out was "like" EQ.  All Theme parks are going to have a lot or most of the same characteristics.  So its not a clone of anything where it is more so another Theme Park taking or attempting to take things to the next level.  The idea of the game having choices in adventures as to what to do is refreshing.  Having the raids change layouts weekly is refreshing.  Seeming to have crafting that actually might be worth something is refreshing.  Having to pay attention in combat instead of just having to press 1 is refreshing.  I love the direction Wildstar is taking and I will Subbing and seeing where it goes.

    I would much rather be a part of this than what I normally do.  Wait for the new WOW Xpac to be $15 buy it.  Get to max level.  Get my ilvl to the LFR level.  Hop into the LFR's to see all of the content then cancel until the next raid releases, do that and cancel again. 

    I am ready for a game that challenges me.  Isn't going to give me an epic because I sign on every day and grief on the forums.  I want to earn the loot I receive and I want to play to win!

    Wildstar I believe is going to give that to me and I can't f'n wait!

  • kikoodutroa8kikoodutroa8 grenoblePosts: 209Member Uncommon

    To me it felt like a mix of Champions Online and Swotor.

    Could have been a decent game if it had been released 4 years ago.

  • BulldozeBulldoze ManchesterPosts: 115Member Uncommon

    Why people act there can only be 1 "successful" MMO at a time boggles my brain?!

    Look to any other genre of, bands, movies..

    There is tonnes of variations and surely that's a good thing? Some people act as if all other game devs may as well call it a day because they will never have 12 mil subs like WoW did a few years ago. News flash, a game doesn't need blizzard amounts of subs to be successful and continue to grow.

    Themeparkers are spoilt for choice and act bitter about it. Like all these games that have taken years of development and are either free or a cheap sub are somehow designed to ruin your day.

    Get over yourselves, more games means that there can be something for everyone and that is a liberty that most take for granted. I'm glad the days of only having a handful of games to choose from are over, variation is awesome.


    I am the Arch-fiend, the Despoiler of Worlds, and by my hands shall the false Emperor fall.

  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,883Member Rare

    for an industry that should be full of inavotions- it boggles me that the audience dotn like change.  lol

    i welcome Wildstar!

    just imagine if the world only had one football team?..who would they play agaisnt?....


  • CernanCernan Charlotte, NCPosts: 359Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Azzras  Raids, dungeons, etc. DO NOT make it an MMO.  MMO means massive multiplayer online.  It has NOTHING to do with raids...

    No they don't make it an MMO, they  make it an MMORPG.  Guess you are forgetting  the rpg part. 

    Raids and dungeons are part of an rpg, whether live roleplaying, pen & paper, or old school gaming.  Add in the MMO and now you get multiple people doing it online.  Raids and dungeons existed long before WoW or online gaming.  Remember you are on a mmorpg site.  EQ and DAoC had their own raiding pre-WoW in online gaming.

    Now as to WildStar it does change up things with their Paths and random layouts.  You aren't always running the same dungeon.  If you have an Explorer in your group you might get a shortcut, and if you have a scientist you might unlock warbot.  A settler might unlock some buffing stations.  WildStar is just trying to give you more options which is what all RPG players want.

  • AvulAvul BerlinPosts: 196Member
    Originally posted by gobla

    The action, responsiveness and feedback of TERA are amazing, the rest of the game is boring, linear and uninspired but the combat was extremely well done.

    In the first moment I thought you were talking about WildStar.. not TERA. The further you get the more boring it gets. It won't live up to its "hype".. but that's just my 2 cents.

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  • RiannesRiannes bangkokPosts: 81Member Uncommon
    This will be big imo.
  • Path4Path4 cfhPosts: 35Member

    I hope it does well.  Wow will kill itself, it doesn't need help.  Most MMO's are the same, why because its an mmo.  Honestly there will never be a game that will make everyone happy.


    If you enjoy a game then play it and who cares what anyone else says.

  • CatAtomic99CatAtomic99 Long Beach, CAPosts: 61Member Uncommon
    Sorry, but Warcraft's signature imagery was pretty much swiped directly from Warhammer.
  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,883Member Rare
    Originally posted by CatAtomic99
    Sorry, but Warcraft's signature imagery was pretty much swiped directly from Warhammer.

    bingo!-they (blizzard) even have admitted to that!

  • azurreiazurrei Posts: 247Member Uncommon
    They don't look the similar at all.  WoW is stylized realism...Wildstar looks like a saturday morning kids cartoon - which is one of it's many turn-offs for me.
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