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WildStar: Beta Weekend Key Giveaway!



  • mulan77mulan77 aalborgPosts: 4Member

    so when do you Guys chouse  the Winners ?? i see more and more ppl keep posting ??

  • BraveLittleToasterBraveLittleToaster Cypress, CAPosts: 2Member
    been excited about Wildstar for some time now! Everything about this game looks so unique, I can't wait to play it!
  • sphrthsphrth istanbulPosts: 8Member

    While i was playing last weeks beta event. The concepts and visuals was so amazing that i find myself gazing to the distance every now and then. While doing them though i couldn't experience all classes to find what best suits for me. I'd like to try new mechanics this week! I'm sure i'll have a whole new experience while playing with others classes & nations.


    Best Regards.

  • CultOfXtcCultOfXtc nottinghamPosts: 378Member

    Key please! :D

    Excited because the cartoony gfx and style are a good compliement to my TSW addiction.


    OR PM ME FOR A BUDDY KEY (need your email address).

  • CannedToastCannedToast Charlotte, NCPosts: 3Member

    My husband posted earlier (BZeeB) we would both love an opportunity to test Wildstar this weekend.... 


  • Mouley6869Mouley6869 Barrie, ONPosts: 7Member Uncommon

    Not First!!!!!


    Would love a key to try this game out.  Have missed the last few giveaways and have not even got a sniff at the game as of yet.  I have watched every video and watch all the popular twitches but damn it Jim I want to play it!!!!


    Be kind and share the gift of game with the Mouley.



  • KoptyKopty Atlanta, GAPosts: 1Member
    I hope I win I hope I win! Come on RNG gods! One time!!
  • kgasmkgasm gloversville, NYPosts: 1Member
    I'd like a key because I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with WildStar and have yet to get my fix. Also I just built my new rig (for WildStar) a week or so ago, and for once my girlfriend will be gone for the weekend making this an opportune time for me to put the needle in. :p

    Also my cat died last month.
  • brauidbrauid aartrijkePosts: 2Member
    hi i want to play wildstar to try wat class fits me te most and have some fun with some guildmembers from GW2 :)
  • DalmarDalmar St Louis, MOPosts: 57Member Uncommon

    I've been following Wildstar since it was first announced and I'm very excited to finally try the game out see if my dreams and hopes for this game have come to fruition.  I believe this game will help change and enhance the MMO market with new and exciting features, I'm especially excited for the housing system and warplots!  If I could get a chance to try out the beta and be a part of the effort to help the game as bug free as possible for release, I would be most grateful.


    Thank you,


  • MixunMixun Redding, CAPosts: 1Member
    Praying to the RNG gods that I get into the beta sometime before OBT.  So throwing my lot in with this Motley Crue
  • SandbloxSandblox Brooklyn, NYPosts: 180Member Uncommon

    I have as well as my wife played in the weekend beta events. I have been in two and her in one. As to why we want a key?

    Let me put it this way my wife who I have tried to get into MMOs for years, has hated them. Rift, Aion, GW2, TSW and not one of them interested her past the first hour. As a gamer she likes more sim typed games or League of Legends. 

    So imagine my shock when we try Wildstar beta weeks ago and she likes....she really likes it! So much so that when I got a reinvite and she did not....well....she played more on my beta account then I did!

    So yes MMORPG I would love a beta key, heck two if possible so we dont have to fight over play time in Wildstar! I truly enjoy this game a great deal, the most in many years and would love to continue testing the game and helping to create the best Wildstar it can be. 

    Thank you! =D

  • FulmetalAlchemistFulmetalAlchemist zagreb, LAPosts: 1Member


    im excited to play in the beta because ive been following the game for a while and am loving the innovations they introduced to the classic mmo rpg game, it would tak quite a while to name them all.

    on another note, for the love of god put the comment box on the top of the page :) it keeps loading the comments at the bottom and there are about a million here.

  • searandragesearandrage Scarsdale, NYPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    graphics look great and i've been following it forever
  • drizzyrokdrizzyrok Delaware, OHPosts: 1Member
    Would love to get one of these!
  • crix007crix007 H'AttardPosts: 1Member
    Been looking for a good MMO for a long time and I think Wildstar is a keeper, cant wait to start playing!
  • spoolspool ValbyPosts: 3Member
    cant wait :()
  • nannshenannshe NewburyPosts: 4Member Uncommon

    I would love to give it a go.


  • CannedToastCannedToast Charlotte, NCPosts: 3Member

    My Husband posted earlier (BZeeB) we would both love an opportunity to play in this weekends wildstar beta!


  • InfernoLordXInfernoLordX Watauga, TNPosts: 1Member
    For obvious reasons.
  • Chaosbob74Chaosbob74 Vacaville, CAPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    The game looks pretty interesting so far, would love a chance to sit down and try out the Spellslinger.
  • aristoculousaristoculous Vancouver, BCPosts: 159Member
    Would love to get a beta key :), thanks.
  • InkaraInkara CochinPosts: 1Member

    Exciting game is exciting. 

    To elaborate, I am stoked that they have taken the traditional MMO (or WoW) formula and modified it to make it so much better. As an ex-WoW-aholic, I want to see if WildStar can be my next MMO fix. At the same time, I want to help test game so that when it launches, it will be a better experience and we'll have a huge and long lasting community to play with.

  • MaquiameMaquiame Posts: 1,054Member Uncommon
    Hey why not, its a new game, figure why not try it


    Any mmo worth its salt should be like a good prostitute when it comes to its game world- One hell of a faker, and a damn good shaker!

  • kaiffkaiff swanseaPosts: 1Member

    I'm excited because the trailers are hyping this game so much! :D

    Player housing? yes. :)

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