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WildStar: Beta Weekend Key Giveaway!



  • Nero888Nero888 IstanbulMember Posts: 1
    Because I want to try it.
  • EvilslayerEvilslayer Orland Park, ILMember Posts: 3 Uncommon
    I have been following this game ever since they announced it. I have some guildies in beta and have said nothing but good things about it and would like a beta key to test this awesome game out. rules
  • overpowered1overpowered1 maasmechelenMember Posts: 3
    I want to play Wildstar because I really like the sci-fi setting and graphics. Also, the combat looks really fun and action-packed. I'm thrilled to try it out!
  • ZerdZerd Flagstaff, AZMember Posts: 26 Uncommon
    Not gonna lie... I just want to try it out to help make out my mind for release and have a few giggles while playing a game. Looks like it'll be pretty entertaining.
  • xxarelxxxxarelxx Grand Canyon, AZMember Posts: 4

    Why am I excited to play in the beta? Because the game looks amazing and its a Sci-fi style MMO. Nevermind the fact that ive been giving my wife, boss and friends a headache about talking about it so damn much and that I woke up 3 hours before I had to get ready for work because ive been trying to get any type of beta key. So, spare the people of my life some pain and shut me up for them for at least a weekend.


    Thanks for your time =)

  • KovynKovyn Enid, OKMember Posts: 1 Uncommon
    Chua will rule the planet, Nexus. That is all.
  • TECHEMUPTECHEMUP memphis, TNMember Posts: 1
  • dwiggadwigga PlovdivMember Posts: 1

    Im never been so excited about a mmo before. I want to try all classes, the crafting looks so deep and interesting, PvE boss encounters so fun and complex.

    I want to this out so bad >.<

  • slowplayedslowplayed Moncton, NBMember Posts: 1
    Been following this game closely for the last year. Looking forward to the combat, art style / game world, and dungeons! I think this game can be very successful from what I've seen so far!
  • Jasper8282Jasper8282 Fraser, MIMember Posts: 8

    I'm pretty sure that I missed out... yet again.

    However if I didn't, I really want to help test this game.  I'm sick of people playing beta's looking at it like a preview of the game.  Beta's are for finding bugs and exploits and submitting ideas of how it could be better.  Please provide me the opportunity.



  • DeadmanwalkingDeadmanwalking Lilburn, GAMember Posts: 1
    I want I want I need I need!!
  • RessaRessa Regina, SKMember Posts: 1
    I would very much like to use birds to blast people with my mind, that is my childhood fantasy (dont judge me)
  • ThoemseThoemse DornbirnMember Posts: 457 Uncommon
    I'd love to have a look at wildstar because it looks like it could be something new and refreshing.
  • ddc1279ddc1279 Panama City, FLMember Posts: 2
    I just want the chance to play the game and begin to learn the lore of the WildStar universe.  I enjoy MMORPGs and hope that my beta testing the game can lend to making it one of the best, if not the greatest, MMO there is to play.
  • jonhenry88jonhenry88 westland, MIMember Posts: 1 Uncommon
    I want in the Wildstar Beta because this games looks boss and i want to be a part of it from the beginning!!
  • MaaydayMaayday StockholmMember Posts: 1
    I want a key! :D
  • SpezializtSpezializt NeuburgMember Posts: 1
    Everything i saw of that game before was just awesome. But after testing TESO i rly need a comparison to pick the right one for me.
  • SwampDragonsSwampDragons KavlingeMember Posts: 338 Uncommon
    I just wanna try the game, and if I like it help out and try and find some bugs.
  • QuinnsieQuinnsie Charlottesville, VAMember Posts: 2
    thanks for the chance to win a beta key
  • azurreiazurrei Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 209 Uncommon
    Must try the modern WoW space cowboy  MMO! Go Dominion!
  • HiirekHiirek PoznanMember Posts: 3
    Because of reasons
  • goldravengoldraven Vancouver, BCMember Posts: 1
    Wildstar will be the greatest thing thats ever happened to the MMORPG genre. I desperately need a key, I cant wait any longer to try it :) plz pick meeee
  • tw1386tw1386 Spring, TXMember Posts: 7 Uncommon

    I saw this game not too long ago and though dang, what an awesome art style!

    I love science fiction MMO's in any shape and form!



  • DacmasterDacmaster vojnicMember Posts: 1
    Cus i want play!? i wont bought a game without trying it..??
  • PokketXPokketX KongsbergMember Posts: 1
    finnaly the wow killer ive been waiting for :) would be awesome if you would let me try this out . 
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