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WildStar: Beta Weekend Key Giveaway!



  • SalemasSalemas vilniusPosts: 1Member

    If I will get a beta key I will play scientist and scan all the cuties, cuddlies and all the flora of the Nexus


    Thank you!

  • Whiskey_SamWhiskey_Sam Lynchburg, VAPosts: 323Member Uncommon

    Sock puppet accounts

    Drowning out normal users

    Odds to win are small

    Have flask; will travel.

  • Drksdr82Drksdr82 Hollywood, FLPosts: 1Member
    I would love a chance at this beta. This game has taken one jaded former mmo player and made him excited once again for pve and even pvp content. Everything from the visual style, which I'm in love with, to the original concept regarding combat. I couldn't be more excited! Even if I don't get in, this game is as good as mine when it releases.
  • kazapakazapa london, ONPosts: 1Member
    huge mmo fan would really like to try out this new mmo
  • BalemerBalemer Owasso, OKPosts: 1Member
    I am excited to play this game for the action combat. Also love the art style, and want to learn more about the lore of the game.
  • EatonaroundEatonaround Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    There are many reasons I am looking forward to playing wildstar. 1) I love the art style and humor. The jokes and stylized graphics drew me in initially. 2) the story and lore sound si interesting and that's one of the major factors to me playing an mmo. 3) the combat/game play looks involved and exciting. Telegraphs look awesome. 4) the content and possible end game and all the features just look really well thought out and crafting looks to be fun and I'm a huge crafter. Overall this is my most anticipated game of the near future. So I'm on the edge of my seat everyday looking up information for the awesomeness that will be wildstar
  • PookssPookss Somerset, NJPosts: 6Member
    I've been playing wow since 1.04 and participated in burning crusade and wrath of lich king betas. I have a lot of feedback in both. I'm excited about wild stars aiming system. It's going to make pvp truley skill based.
  • Predien32Predien32 salina, KSPosts: 1Member

    I can't wait to give Wildstar a shot!  I want to PvP as much as possible as either a Stalker, Warrior or Medic!


    I'm crossing my fingers!

  • obliter8obliter8 BristolPosts: 5Member
    I keep getting invited to the stress test, and not the beta weekends!  I like playing too much to miss it
  • Bad_AzealBad_Azeal Portage, MIPosts: 1Member
    I am excited to play becuase it seems like a MMO with a ligh hearted mood with serious gameplay. I also am looking forward to playing any MMO again with my friends and Wildstar seems like the best of the bunch.
  • Atomyk_RatAtomyk_Rat Tolleson, AZPosts: 1Member
    I would love a beta key!  This game looks great, and murderous space gerbils are an awesome race!
  • SpelljackSpelljack FontasPosts: 1Member
    I would love to play Wildstar :)
  • Ducktape1983Ducktape1983 Hastings, MIPosts: 1Member
    im excited to play in the beta cuz EPIC PLAYER HOUSING!   thankyou, that is all XD
  • ida20ida20 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1Member
    Because this game is awesome. Nuff said.
  • Gadget13Gadget13 Chesterfied, MIPosts: 2Member
    Excited for the opportunity to play what appears to be an awesome, fresh , comical, whimsical MMORPG.
  • mrjohnnydelmrjohnnydel johnston, RIPosts: 1Member
    Here's my post.

    I'm looking forward to participating in the Wildstar beta because I would like to try something new(ish). I had spoken to a friend at length last week about this game. He was part of last week's beta test. He seemed to really enjoy himself! I'm glad to hear that the game has some level of challenge... and I hear right?!?!? They're bringing back 40 man raids?!?!?

    Just longing for the vanilla WoW days... This seems like my ticket. Thanks for the opportunity.
  • veljkocarveljkocar Novi SadPosts: 1Member
    Would love a beta key :3, thx <3
  • iiDavidxiiDavidx Edmonton, ABPosts: 2Member
    In MMORPG's, I always find myself jumping from character to character and never sticking to anything. In Wildstar, because of how in-depth the character and diversity/appeal to all types of players is, as well as the game being very lore-centric, I can totally see myself getting attached to a single character and playing all the way through to endgame, and then some. All the features of the game are so mesmerizingly appealing, and it just looks like something so good, that it'll blow the brains out of everything else on the market. I can't wait to get this game, but a beta test would be insanely awesome.
  • princerickprincerick seoulPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    im super excited cause ive read so many different opinions about WS and id like to see whos got it right
  • TiddlyWinksTiddlyWinks Nexus, CAPosts: 1Member
    There is a hole in my heart... an empty, gaping chasm... an unfillable void that only WildStar holds hope to cleanse me of. My time grows short... may a key be bestowed upon me so that I may finally earn rest...
  • mrgigglesticksmrgigglesticks Napa, CAPosts: 1Member
    I really want beta key to have fun and play with my friends because the game looks awesome and the graphics are awesome!
  • MistoffolesMistoffoles Gastonia, NCPosts: 1Member

    ZOMG the elusive beta keys!!! 

    The nerd in me has been drooling for months since I ran across WILDSTAR!

    MMO player of 15 years, excitement, excitement, excitement, * going to store to purchase mountain dew and cheesy poofs!*

    You guys would make a happy nerd today with a lovely chance to play a BETA!

    Please sirs, betas please.

  • xaralleixarallei Forest Hills, NYPosts: 1Member
    Wildstar looks really fun. :) Would love a shot at a beta key!
  • Carl132pCarl132p Columbus, INPosts: 537Member Uncommon
    I'd love to get a head start on deciding what class I want to play, and I'm not a pretend account like the other 160 pages of smurfs. That's a pretty good reason right there.
  • azraylazrayl Boston, MAPosts: 1Member
    I'd really like a beta key. I had one once before but did not have the time to try the game because of work. There's currently nothing in the way of me to see and test the game this time so I'm hoping I'll get another chance of testing the game this time.
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