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WildStar: Beta Weekend Key Giveaway!



  • natpicknatpick stockton/ u.kPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    please may i have key


  • MoshaaverMoshaaver Oriskany Falls, NYPosts: 2Member

    I want to play in the WildStar beta because it looks amazing. All my friends rave about it and I am jealous. Let me play with them!



  • RekkuRekku VantaaPosts: 4Member
    i have been watching all the videos and alot of streams and i would love to test this game my self before i buy it im allready 99% sure that i will be playing as aurin esper
  • ilovemydanishilovemydanish Seaford, VAPosts: 1Member
    What isn't there to be excited about with WildSTar? It's WildStar! There's the art, the combat, the music, the adventures, teh dungeons, the PvP -- it's all so damn good!
  • id0ntl0seid0ntl0se Atlanta, GAPosts: 1Member

    most excited for the PVP and customizations...pick me please cause i need my MMO crack! :)


  • Fed1Fed1 Roaburg, VAPosts: 167Member
    I am excited for all new MMOs. Also, like random giveaways. Thx
  • Pyruk4Pyruk4 iPosts: 13Member Uncommon
    im not escited , i just want play just it
  • atkecaratkecar BelgradePosts: 10Member

    I WANT Beta key because this game Rocks and can not wait to play it when it release.!!! So much to tell you how the world, PvP and everything else is beautiful done..Now give me my key. :)))...

  • lucrezialucrezia Palm Desert, CAPosts: 3Member
    I've been watching videos and twitch feeds like crazy and have become somewhat obsessed with this game. Thanks for the opportunity.
  • rodriguezanrodriguezan CairnsPosts: 2Member
    Iv'e been wanting to try out Wildstar scince 2011 and haven't gotten a beta key yet. signed up for beta before the housing dev speak was uploaded on youtube. please send me a key D:
  • tmann50tmann50 CuencaPosts: 70Member Uncommon
    I would like a key old guild is talking about getting abck together to play and I want to see what the game is like to decide if I will join them
  • RedInquisitorRedInquisitor Kitchener, ONPosts: 3Member
    I'd like a key for Wildstar because I was generally impressed with the last weekend beta and I would kill to play it again.
  • carlpuccinocarlpuccino Ste-Therese, QCPosts: 43Member Uncommon
    I am very excited about Widstar because it look very beautiful, i love the cartoon style and the humor that goes with it. The game seems pretty original without being too much different from what we alrdy knows, wich is a good point for me. I'll be very happy to try this game before is launch !!!! Thank you. 

    Stop complaining and move your ass.

  • NikaNoireNikaNoire ZagrebPosts: 1Member
    I really like this game and would love to play the beta! Tnx!
  • QuinnsieQuinnsie Charlottesville, VAPosts: 2Member
    thanks for the chance to win a key
  • BiffumusBiffumus Columbus, OHPosts: 19Member
    I am a pure explorer and want to evaluate the what wildstar has to offer in achievements.
  • zulu21zulu21 jax, FLPosts: 11Member Uncommon
    I really want, no *need*, to get a key so that I can try out Wildstar with my boyfriend (who also just posted a request). Please let us both get in!
  • ectokoolerectokooler Santa Rosa, CAPosts: 1Member

    I would LOVE a beta key!

    My buddies were able to get into the last beta weekend, and now that's all I can think of.

    I cannot wait to be gunslingin' with the best of them :)


    Good luck to all!

  • drpestilencedrpestilence Victoria, BCPosts: 1Member
    I want my wife to try it :D Couples that game together stay together n all that.
  • ViventaViventa Porto AlegrePosts: 1Member
    Looking forward to being completely immersed in an MMO again, it's a feeling that doesn't come up very often and Wildstar looks like it might just be the MMO to do it. Thanks!
  • atkecaratkecar BelgradePosts: 10Member
    Gime my beta key bcs this game is GREAT.!! Now pls?? :)
  • trey44trey44 maryville, TNPosts: 9Member
    Wildstar looks to be the next big thing and getting in early is going to be great.
  • MeliandorMeliandor FockbekPosts: 7Member
    This game looks extremely fun, and I would love to give it a try!
  • infernalsuninfernalsun Jacksonville, FLPosts: 5Member
    Would love to try telegraphs,PVP and paths
  • spunge18spunge18 galashielsPosts: 1Member

    MMO veteran, dissapointed with TESO and this is my only hope of mmorpg gaming.


    15 years playing everquest, EQNext just doesnt look too good also :(

    need dat key :)

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