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WildStar: Beta Weekend Key Giveaway!



  • drexxsenodrexxseno FAYETTEVILLE, NCPosts: 1Member
    I would like a beta because this is a mmo that i been waiting for. It is action based mmo so none of that stand here and press keys crap other mmo's do. Plus i been waiting on a beta key for a long while watching streams and contest with no luck and i would greatly appriciate one. And i will be sending bug reports to help out the game get better before release.
  • klick86klick86 graysPosts: 1Member
    I would be very grateful for a beta key so I may partake in the beta with my friends and brother.
  • BrodajinBrodajin springfield, VAPosts: 1Member

    I had too much fun  in past Beta NEED MAOR invites!!!

  • BurrafaiBurrafai ChesterPosts: 4Member

    I've been ranting and raving to everyone about this game :D Can't wait for a chance to play it <3

    (Hopefully in this beta run :D )

  • Mu63nMu63n AucklandPosts: 5Member Uncommon
  • CiubhranCiubhran RonnebyPosts: 5Member

    I would like a key, because...

    I've been watching all the VODs on YouTube over and over, and have been feeling nothing but extreme jealousy that there are people with full-time beta keys.

    Even if it is only for this weekend, I would love to get the chance to try the game, before it releases. It looks so much fun!

  • SangroSangro Henderson, NVPosts: 1Member

    I started playing MMO's with DAoC (which was amazing), and I am looking forward to this game due to the look and feel, storyline, PvP, as well as end game content focus and humor.  I have been following its development for sometime, and am thrilled to see Carbine putting so much effort into it to make it a well thought out MMO.  Rather than rushing to get the title out and working on end game content as an after thought trying to get something developed and implemented before players can hit a level cap, they have looked at the other games and where they have failed to not make the same oversight.  I miss the RvR in DAoC, and war plots excite me like it was for taking a keep back in the day.

     These are just some of the more important reasons why I am looking forward to Wildstar and would like a beta key.


  • karekikareki lewisburg, PAPosts: 1Member
    I'm excited to play wildstar cause there have been 0 other mmo's out since world of warcraft i've enjoyed , So i hope this willn't disappoint,
  • saroskazumasaroskazuma BernPosts: 1Member
    I am excited for the game because I've been waiting for it a long time and deep down inside I can't wait to smash the dominion to pieces! Also because I get excited easily!
  • ButeoRegalisButeoRegalis Tijeras, NMPosts: 580Member Uncommon

    Purple Space Bunny Girls. What? That's not a good enough reason? OK, then I'll add in the humor, the hover board and the infectious excitement that all the twitch streams are projecting.

    And on another note - thanks to MMORPG for doing this give-away, but please don't advertise this as "be there at time X", when you have this thing run until the cows come home.


  • notfranonotfrano BrisbanePosts: 1Member
    The only MMO worth playing... but alas I can not play it... Your my only hope.
  • kiwileakskiwileaks Les MureauxPosts: 1Member

    Would be very appreciative of a beta key as i didnt sleep all night and lurked on all distributor portal but always came a bit too late :(


    Thx you !

  • Conspiracyx1Conspiracyx1 MelbournePosts: 1Member
    I'm very interested in trying out the combat as a Stalker, they seem like a fun class to play.
  • zodvistozodvisto louisville, KYPosts: 3Member
    Ive been looking forward to this game for a while. Wanting to get back to those old style big raids and that feeling of fighting some truly epic battles in an MMO.
  • bobleeswaggerbobleeswagger Virginia beach, VAPosts: 3Member
    One reason I would like to get a beta key is to start helping and give feedback to the DEVS. It gets old having to try new MMOS and have them fail out because of the lack of insight and feedback form what the players them selves would like to see. I would like all resources to go to what makes a great game, not wasted on things not wanted or unfun.
  • Zader123Zader123 athensPosts: 2Member
    i love this game!
  • kort0175kort0175 Hermitage, TNPosts: 1Member
    Really excited to be able to try thisMMO. Been in the market for a long time to try something new.
  • moogliemooglie Dalton, MAPosts: 1Member

    I like Wildstar beacuase it is the MMO that will let you do anything you want.  Don't have a life that alows for 20 and 40 man raids do warplots for your big group fighting.  Don't have time for warplots do your path quests or work on your house.  Start exploring the world and immerse your self in the game you'll be serpsrised how much time you have once you get sucked in.  As father and husband I don't have a ton of free time WildStar will gives me options in how I spend my gaming time and that's what love about this game.


  • HipsterCowboyHipsterCowboy Richardson, TXPosts: 1Member
    I'm excited to run my first adventure with my clanmates!
  • sumpesumpe linköpingPosts: 1Member
    Im excited to finaly get a chance try this intresting game
  • lenici7lenici7 Smartno ob PakiPosts: 2Member
    I really want beta key ;) its awesome game!!
  • kabokabo london, ONPosts: 1Member
    key me
  • naitakanaitaka Dragonborn, ALPosts: 1Member
    Would love a key! Really want to try game kthxbai! Please pick me!
  • ApraxisApraxis RegensburgPosts: 1,508Member Uncommon

    I would like a beta key for Wildstar, because i am curious about the combat system and want to test and experience it first hand.


  • yui1989yui1989 klangPosts: 5Member
    i like wow n i like this :)
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