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WildStar: Beta Weekend Key Giveaway!



  • Kaiser421Kaiser421 Dayton, TNPosts: 2Member
    I mean who who doesn't want to be Batman Wolverine Predator?
    Honestly, I'm really excited to learn if this is the game I can rebuild my guild with. My group of friends have been searching for a new MMO home for years and nothing has had that "feeling" we've been looking for. Wildstar looks to be taking a very rational and innovative approach doing enough old with enough new to make me drool as I day dream about this game. 
  • ButterScootchButterScootch BathgatePosts: 1Member
    This game just screams fun, hilarity and brilliance. With all the classes races and exploration in this game I can't wait to lose countless hours to it. but the best part is dev's are listening.
  • KramaleonKramaleon BarcelonaPosts: 1Member
    I am really looking into the Wildstar Beta because i'ts been so long since i haven't found a good MMO that suited my style, and now with this new action combat style, the paths thing (OMG SO HYPED), i really hope this is the game i've been looking for so much time, it has become better and better for any minimum of info that has been shown of it, and I must say i loved it all, so I want to try it out, to hopefully stay with it for a looong time! Go Wildstar Go!
  • MisterActionMisterAction troy, NYPosts: 1Member

    I am really looking forward to trying out Wildstar. I played WoW since release and it has gotten pretty stale to me. I haven't been hooked by any of the other realistic, high fantasy MMOs and something that using more quirky art style and comedy really appeals to me. A second reason is that the art style really reminds me of some of my favorite game, Jax and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank. The combat looks pretty fresh and from what I have seen of the dungeons seem both challenging and engaging.

    I would love the opportunity to try this out and add constructive Feedback to Carbine.

  • misqusmisqus WarsawPosts: 3Member
    still it's kinda strange to make it into essay...
  • RoaroneRoarone AguadaPosts: 1Member
    Because I want to see the world BURN ]:-). Then build it again! ^^
  • FubarboxFubarbox Glendale, AZPosts: 30Member Uncommon
    I am excited to play Wildstar because instead of trying to just copy pasta the past, they are actually trying to push some innovation as well. Plus, Space themed MMO!?.....its been way to long for a good one. In short, it would just be amazing to play a game that is not afraid to just be a fun game.
  • TongpTongp LondonPosts: 1Member
    Rolling! looking forward to playing this because I need some new crack to feed my MMO habit, and lets face it its been pretty boring of late.
  • nephren25nephren25 Milford, DePosts: 143Member Uncommon
    I missed out on the 40k keys lastweek. i just want to test it out before launch and  see how i like the game.
  • FrippetyFrippety ClitheroePosts: 1Member

    I'm excited to play because I want to be a zombie space cowboy (Mordesh Spellslinger). I love the steampunky vibe and the vibrant graphics. I'm so excited for this game!


    I'd love the opportunity to try Wildstar before release and give the Carbine devs some delicious feedback.

  • AnthonyzzzAnthonyzzz VilniusPosts: 1Member

    Because otherwise I'll have to spend my boring weekend with my girlfriend ;)

    I've been following Wildstar for a while now, Would really love to try it :)

  • stylesd88stylesd88 albany, NYPosts: 3Member
    I have been looking forward to this game forever! I cant wait for this game and to test the beta is a dream of mine. I havent been this excited for a game in my entire life!!!!!!! FOR THE EXILES!
  • SmiLegoSmiLego MarseillePosts: 1Member
    Hi, i want to try WildStar 'cause it looks fun and I want to know if i'm gonna spend the remaining of the year on that or if I have to find something else!
  • myacxymyacxy BerlinPosts: 1Member
    i really need to confirm this is not as bad as every other game right now.
  • anonimcanonimc Texas, KYPosts: 1Member

    I'm super excited about this game. I love cartoon artstyle and the characters in game. I'm waiting for beta since i first heard of the game. It was sooo long time ago :P I was close to buy some beta key but i'm still trying to win some ^^

    Good luck to all ^^ See ya in game guys xD

  • LossxLossx HullPosts: 2Member Common

    Super excited to get in and try out some of the classes, paths and races to see which i like the feel of.


    Thanks for doing this! :)

  • dakrathdakrath istanbulPosts: 1Member
    i would like to have a beta key as a gift to my brother
  • IsimeRageIsimeRage Posts: 13Member Uncommon
    I want to pet a chua.  Nice and fluffy 
  • derry85derry85 SingaporePosts: 2Member
    Really like everything about this game I want to play it!
  • brigade01brigade01 Wakawaka, OKPosts: 2Member
    I would love the opportunity to test this amazing game and support the developers.  Thanks!
  • AlimotoAlimoto LondonPosts: 2Member

    I am excited for the beta because i want to try all the amazing classes available as well as the great idea of adding paths. The moba style action combat i think is a great idea as well! Not to mention the graphics style.


  • escott410escott410 Sussex, NJPosts: 1Member Common
    Really looking forward to the freeform targeting system that distinguishes itself from other games.  Will make PvP and PvE more involved than any other game.  Also glad they are maintaining the holy trinity rather than going the GW2 route.
  • ShaymonShaymon Onalaska, WIPosts: 7Member

    OMG- 100th post!

    I am excited to get in beta in hopes that all the people who post "first" go to a PVP server and I can smack them around. And so I can continue my adventures with my level 19 Engineer and try out the level 20 dungeons!

  • FlickMyCritFlickMyCrit manchesterPosts: 3Member

    This game looks amazing ive been waiting for it for the past year and a half! i love everything about it especially the pvp combat aspect of it! ive not managed to get into any of the weekend betas yet im really hoping this is my lucky day. Thank you for offering these out and i hope i get one thanks !!

    im sorry ive accidentally posted this twice i didnt realise but the internet had come to a near stop, please dont disqualify me, thanks!

  • JaffaholicJaffaholic San Francisco, CAPosts: 1Member
    Because there are CHUAS!!!
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