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WildStar: Beta Weekend Key Giveaway!



  • QwainQwain JPosts: 1Member
    As a Vanilla Wow veteran, the 40 man raids will be AWESOME! Also the hybrid medic stuff seems to be really fun.
  • SatsunoryuSatsunoryu Mishawaka, INPosts: 285Member
    Really looking forward to this game, and my gaming community already has plenty ready to jump in.  We have guild plans and love how feature-rich the game seems to be.  Furthermore, even for some of the more serious types (myself included) the style has really grown on us a lot in recent weeks.  Let me in so I can tell them all about it!  :D
  • DaisordaneDaisordane Montreal, QCPosts: 6Member

    Wildstar seem like a great mmo mixing pve and pvp contents. The arts look awesome. Can,t wait to try all classes.



  • slackerpeteslackerpete GPosts: 1Member

    I´ve been busting my ass at work for the last couple of 8 weeks, and It would be truly awesome to try out this cool game on my only free weekend for a while! 


  • teletetelete bs asPosts: 4Member Common
    simple its the game ive been waiting for.... 
  • WeevilKnievelWeevilKnievel Stillwater, OKPosts: 1Member

    I've been wanting to play this game for awhile now. I can't wait to heal, to craft, and to see the PvE content that is provided. I love how for once a MMO has style and humor. This weekend I have no studies, and hope to jump right in! Can't wait to play the Esper!

  • lovinthegamelovinthegame tacoma, WAPosts: 1Member

    I have been an MMORPG veteran for quite some time and I have yet to play a decent MMORPG in quite some time.  Wildstar is trying to change and evolve the MMORPG genre which I'm a big fan of. I'm looking to get into Beta to help with bugs and to have some fun!

  • lordxwillielordxwillie New York, NYPosts: 1Member
    Can't wait until the next beta!
  • BluePhoenix09BluePhoenix09 Portland, MEPosts: 14Member

      To tell the truth, this is the first game I've seen with a truly well thought out crafting system that won't get boring so quickly.  I'm REALLY tired of making 500 of this or 300 of that and then moving on.  Here I feel that I'll be able to get involved with what I make. 

      Yes, you PvPers need us crafters!! 

       Hope to see you in beta and in game.

  • wystler_escariotwystler_escariot White City, ORPosts: 1Member
    Looking for my next MMO but I'm soooo tired of trying to get a chance to try out this game!!! >.<  I really want to see if it is as great as it really sounds just let me in pleasekthxbye.
  • RathimundRathimund Marietta, GAPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    Want to haz Engineer. Moar bots, moar bots!
  • WafflePatronWafflePatron Tuscaloosa, ALPosts: 2Member
    I've been looking forward to playing this game for a long time. It has exciting features such as player housing and innovative combat. The game looks extremely promising. Really hope I can finally get a key!
  • stappy22stappy22 salem, ORPosts: 1Member
    I've been wanting to play this game for over a year I'm a little obsessed with it in probably a bad way I've stop playing almost all my other mmos because they pale in comparison to this game in my eyes and I would love to play this game even if for only a limited time just to have a taste for it. Thank you for your consideration and time. <3
  • Madman666Madman666 londonPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    Hello, thnx!
  • rmos121rmos121 Hampton Bays, NYPosts: 3Member
    My f riends been hyping me up for this MMO and since I haven't played anything for a couple years I want to give it a go. 
    edit: because the site was crashing in the morning had to edit
  • BathoBatho Springfield, VAPosts: 1Member
    I'm super excited for this game. Would love a beta key! Thanks in advance.
  • gameguy369gameguy369 Kansas City, KSPosts: 452Member Uncommon
    I'm excited for the opportunity to play the beta since I believe WildStar has a chance to be special and I want a taste of it.
  • GuillakGuillak Kingston, NYPosts: 1Member
    Wildstar is different than other mmos on the market near or future.  Action combat, dark story line, and an interesting background all make me want to give it a try.
  • dirtyd77dirtyd77 Cumming, GAPosts: 383Member
    I would like a beta key because I've been signed up for beta for a while over a year and no invite
  • ph1l0z0ph3rph1l0z0ph3r Ludlow, MAPosts: 1Member
    I'll take a beta key!
  • chronex99chronex99 Toronto, ONPosts: 6Member
    I want to play this game , because it looks really fun,  it doesn't seem like another one of those other MMOS and i would really appreciate it if i could get a beta key. thank you.
  • ApwalApwal LembonganPosts: 1Member
    Hi there, I really want to try this game, new combat style, nice story!
  • kimihari45kimihari45 RadomPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    I want to play a good MMO with action combat that don't throws holy trinity away! And Medic class looks awesome for somebody like me that loves healing in close combat ! Cheers!
  • LuieHondLuieHond ZeistPosts: 1Member
    Been following this game since the start, missed the huge wave of weekend keys yesterday because of work. Really need a key so I can join my friends this weekend.
  • ej092ej092 Claymont, DEPosts: 1Member
    wildstar looks like a really solid mmo can't wait to play
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