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  • ThaneThane berlinPosts: 2,654Member Uncommon
    i think so far it's actually scarlett, standing atop of a burning lion's arch.

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  • night_gamernight_gamer private wtfPosts: 22Member
    I still play GW1 from time to time.. because I don't have GW2.. why do you give codes to some one who have it already? And not to some one who don't own it?? 
  • AspoestertjieAspoestertjie PretoriaPosts: 1Member

    With so many living world events, how can you just pick one?

    The nightmares within: very good cinematics, the maze effect on all the level and the collecting of the pieces to form the key 

    The Origins  of madness: the group work, the different phases - even though the dodging the sword, scream and stomping achievements were not easy to get . 

    The current defending La is also very cool 

    But my Favourite is:

    The towers  of Nightmare : loved  the toxins spores and the fact that you could buy rare crafting materials for dye making with which is impossible to gather.  


  • ArmagedoArmagedo Zebry MarciszePosts: 1Member

    Last halloween , Blood Prince arguing with Mad King at labyrinth.

    This black humor jokes was hilarious.

  • RzepRzep warsawPosts: 767Member Uncommon
    The Twisted Marionette was pretty damn awesome.
  • maddog0maddog0 Schenectady, NYPosts: 1Member
    Personally I would have the say that my favorite moment of the living story has been escape from LA, without question it is the event I have had the most fun with.  Although I do agree that the the marionette was an amazing boss fight I just wish the achievements had been a bit better designed for it
  • MissBarbaraMissBarbara Jerslev SjPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    I finished all the jumping puzzles in the game, altho I hate jumping. I was very proud, untill the day after when Clockwork and the insane clocktower got released. GW2 beat me completely with that jumping puzzle and it was extremely hard but so fun to try - and probably listen to for others that heard me scream and swear when I failed :D
  • MargraveMargrave Posts: 853Member Uncommon
    The Super Adventure Box is the winning here. It was amazing to play though, time and time again! Was SO THRILLED when they brought it back! Great modern gaming mixed with some classic nostalgia for the win!
  • greatempiresgreatempires plovdivPosts: 2Member

    Don't know yet, but in the comments someone said pirates!!!

    So pirates all the way :D

  • My favourite was when I made it to the top of the clock tower in the halloween event. It seemed so easy yet, took me about 2 hours before I actually made it to the top.... 
  • 0guz0guz izmirPosts: 287Member Uncommon

    My favourite living story is Escape from Lion's Arch so far, i got so excited when I first saw the cutscene in LA

    I just returned to game after nine months away.

  • azarhalazarhal Somewhere, BCPosts: 1,075Member Uncommon

    The Ancient Karka fight. It was awesome (minus the DC, lag and invisible Karka).

  • Spacejunky07Spacejunky07 Grand Prairie, TXPosts: 2Member Uncommon

    Sky Pirates of Tyria hands down!!!

  • Loki64Loki64 Lexington, KYPosts: 11Member Uncommon
    Has to be Escape for Lions Arch!  Hopefully they'll continue through this arc and rebuild the city to even better than it was before!
  • xankriegorxankriegor JakartaPosts: 49Member Uncommon
    When the giant karka came to LA and crushed the lighthouse, that was pretty awesome.
  • SiphaedSiphaed Everywhere!Posts: 1,013Member Uncommon

    My favorite Living Story piece would be two parts in one: 


    The first is the last parts of Dragon Bash that lead to the murder of one of the Lion's Arch captains.   Not only did we [the players] get to do an escort escape with the remaining survivors through the city, but also go to do an investigation that led to uncovering Mai Trinn as the culprit.   That was the introduction to Marjory into the Living Story, adding a very interesting character that eventually played a roll through many parts til the end.


    The second part is the Sky Pirates update that followed shortly after the one mentioned above:   the dungeon chase after Mai Trinn, who had previously escaped justice.  The boss fights were challenging and fun, the trash mobs equally a challenge too.    Many saw it as one of the, if not the top, dungeon released for the game and were sad to see it go after the content update was over.  However, the future return of it to the Fractals of the Mists was welcomed.


    The best part of the mentioned updates above is that they eventually led to the Election of Ellen Keil through the community vote.  It set up that players got to choose the content created for the additional Fractal added,  as well as give a feel of player hands in molding the future of the game.


  • ZalzurZalzur NyergesújfaluPosts: 1Member
    Super Adventure Box was really good and unique. But I enyojed the Towers of Nightmares and the Escape of Lion's Arch the most. If I have to choose then Escape from Lion's Arch.
  • DamarusofktDamarusofkt viroqua, WIPosts: 73Member

    While there were many, some of the awesome cutscenes around the tower of nightmares were very very cool.  They started introducing characters in a real solid way then as well.


    Also, the gauntlet during the living story piece in Divinitie's Reach.

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  • jonassevanjonassevan birminghamPosts: 21Member Uncommon

    My Favourite bit so far is during the Queens's Jubilee - Opening Ceremony Speech Cutscene. When Lord Faren rushes to help Queen Jennah only to find it was a mes clone and ends up falling and being captured himself.


  • I enjoyed The Bazaar of the Four Winds the most. Achievements and activities was amazing in that one.
  • BeelzebobbieBeelzebobbie MalmöPosts: 430Member Uncommon

    First time I did the clockwork chaos event, jesus I never seen so many npc spawning and attacking me all at once and we were  totally outnumbered but we fought a long time to kill all the mobs and then we thought we were done and the screen just filled up with new minions and they all slaughtered us, I love that event so much.

    Or maybe bumping into the three headed jungle wurm for the first time and I thought it was gonna be a piece of cake, boy was I wrong running for my life with 20+ Champions running after me. 

    I really could use a fresh copy of GW2 cause kid number 4 is turning 6 years old in a couple of months and she wants to start playing it with us.  :)

  • IsstvanIsstvan BonetownPosts: 1Member
    Fighting ghosts with new invented weapon during Ghostbore Artillery episode of charr personal story was quite fun image
  • Gaia_HunterGaia_Hunter BristolPosts: 3,033Member Uncommon
    Finally beating Liadri and getting my Liadri mini pet.

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  • onurtagonurtag Santa''s placePosts: 8Member Uncommon
    the pipe protecting mission was quite good


  • ScarranScarran GlasgowPosts: 15Member Uncommon

    For me it was the Origins Of Madness that has been the stand out living story so far. More so because previous releases all revolved around large group events that produced a zerg mentality. 

    With the Origins of Madness they brought in a new approach which involved co-ordination between teams. The Marionette was one of the most fun and frustrating encounters but it brought back some good camaraderie on the server. Teams encouraging others to do well and cheers when you succeeded and the usual expletives when you didnt.  

    Then you had the Wurm which could be arguably classed as one of the most challenging contents that any living world update has seen. Again all requiring large scale team co-ordination rather than the mindless zerg approach of past updates. For me that is the update that stands out just because it was one that attempted to differentiate from the normal style of living world updates of past.  

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