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Place Beta Key Offers & Requests Here (Please read before posting)



  • slimjim22slimjim22 albany, NYPosts: 41Member Uncommon
    "bird jesus"
  • TsuruTsuru Silverspring, MDPosts: 290Member Uncommon

    Beerninja is the winner. Key sent.

    Answer: Twitch Plays Pokemon

  • curiousbugcuriousbug Philadelphia, PAPosts: 51Member Uncommon

    I would love to get a key,thank you very much in advance! 

  • SAWEEET, thank you I really didn't think I would win. Have a great weekend.
  • LinaksLinaks RegensburgPosts: 13Member Uncommon
    I would like to get also a beta key :)
  • MalevilMalevil BratislavaPosts: 468Member
    I would love to get a key. THANKS ! :D
  • RazephonRazephon LondonPosts: 628Member Uncommon
    I'd like a beta key please!

    Currently waiting for the MMO industry to put out something good.
  • SkullCowboySkullCowboy DeFuniak Springs, FLPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    I would like a beta key please
  • YldvargYldvarg Posts: 19Member Uncommon

    Dare I try to ask for a beta key? Would be appreciated. Thanks :)

  • SabersworderSabersworder Bakerfield, CAPosts: 12Member Uncommon

    well I am looking for any chance to play that I can possibly get,

    I am here to ask for a key as well, I figure I might as well join everyone else in this lovely forum and ask for one,

    I have friends that play as well and I would like the chance to join them in game for some fun

    this looks like a Amazing game with unique combat elements and would love to try it!  So if you have a spare key, I would love it! Thanks in advance!

    for those of you who do have access, ENJOY!! :)

    heres to hoping *cheers*

  • jtty22jtty22 texarkana, ARPosts: 1Member
    i would love a beata key it would be lovley to get one
  • GinsanaGinsana boston, MAPosts: 18Member Common
    I would love to help test Wildstar.  Please send me a spare beta key if you have one.  
  • Serion442Serion442 San Diego, CAPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    Any beta key would be greattt? ive been dying to join friends playing >_< thank you ^_
  • IKShadowIKShadow LjubljanaPosts: 782Member Uncommon

    /sign for beta key

    it would be very much appreciated .

    Futilez[Do You Have What It Takes ?]

  • ansnomansnom Green Cove Springs, FLPosts: 3Member Uncommon

    I would very much enjoy a beta key to WildStar. I've signed up for the beta since it started.  Participated in several contests, and nothing. Last weekend, during the stress test. I got a key, but I was out of town!


    If anyone could help me out, that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Japio78Japio78 ErmeloPosts: 1Member

    Really looking forward to this game and would love to help test this.  If anyone can spare a betakey I'd be forever gratefull!


    Have a nice sunday!

  • ZimminZimmin Dayton, OHPosts: 1Member
    Would love a beta key!!!! You are all awesome!!! 
  • EuphemiaEuphemia TorinoPosts: 2Member

    Hey guys,

    I'd love to get a beta key if possible! I'm a great fan of this game and i really hope i can help test it!

    Wanna really be part of it!


    Thx in advance! :V


    - Euphy

  • Enforcer71Enforcer71 PennsylvaniaPosts: 780Member Uncommon
    I would be very interested in a Key if someone has one to spare

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    and he will bring the others home.
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  • james30dsjames30ds BankkokPosts: 1Member

    I am really interested in this game, but I did not win the beta lottery.

    I would love a key from someone, It looks like I will be playing this game at launch so I am looking to test it


  • rsflameheadrsflamehead miami, FLPosts: 8Member Uncommon

    I have been registered for beta for a while and still no key. It would be great if somebody could spare one for me :) Thanks

  • LocklainLocklain Crandon, WIPosts: 2,154Member
    I would love a key as well if someone would be so kind. =D

    It's a Jeep thing. . .
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    |X| \*........*/ |X|
    You wouldn't understand
  • joeyac02joeyac02 Tonawanda, NYPosts: 25Member
    Still looking for a key. Got into a stress test and that was like blue balls. I want more!
  • morghannmorghann clermont, FLPosts: 4Member
    If anyone has an extra key, I would greatly appreciate it :)  I definitely plan on playing during live, but I just want to get a chance to try it out.  I have been watching it forever, but never manage to make it into one of the giveaways :(
  • rune292rune292 londonPosts: 1Member

    A beta key for Wildstar would be awesome, itching to try this out, if there is one going would be appreciated very much.





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