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Endgame in Archage?

Jonas_SGJonas_SG LiverpoolPosts: 475Member Uncommon

What do players do when they reach lvl 50(In Russia) and lvl 55 (in Korea)?

What is the endgame like in this game?


  • DarthRaidenDarthRaiden gdfgfPosts: 4,333Member

    "endgame" is a fail concept for a MMORPG.

    Since Archage is a sandpark i am also interested  if there is a difference to real MMORPG's content :

    That is by entering the world you can experience and be part of "endgame" content.

    Does Archeage prohibit you from visiting the 3 continent on lower lvl for example ?


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  • MikePaladinMikePaladin NewYork, NYPosts: 592Member Uncommon
    Chop wood  harvest plants  grow cows horses  finish  A lot of DUMB stuff to do Have Fun I will skip this game ))))
  • SwampDragonsSwampDragons KavlingePosts: 342Member Uncommon

    I'm not a pro at this game but its farming(like in cow +hay farming), pvp , pirating, crafting and just going around on your boat.

    Guess it's worth checking out if you ask me.

  • NacarioNacario World Wide WebPosts: 215Member Uncommon
    raids or go claim a castle in the north island (pvp zone) and fight for your land. fight naval wars by stopping supply ships trying to make it to a continent.
  • KumaponKumapon Posts: 895Member Uncommon

    Russia just started open beta so there really isn't much in the way of content. No sieges, open world dungeons stuff like that. It's all suppose to be added in later. Right now I would guess in Russia endgame consists of doing Trade runs, to buy blue prints to build ships, houses, stuff like that and do wars for honour points.

    They also have Wars

    In general, all zones have some amount of pvp. The first few starting zones are safe for your own faction: you can not attack them and you can not be attacked by enemies. You can, however, attack the enemy faction if you want. The player you attack will be able to defend himself, but not his friends that are with him.

    The higher lvl zones starting at level 30 are free for all pvp. This means you can attack the enemy faction and also your own. However, attacking your own faction will get you in trouble with the law.

    While on the northern continent and on the open sea you have open pvp all day, the two starting continents have a war and peace system.

    In general, the pvp zones on those two continents are flagged for pvp. If there is too much pvp going on, e.g. one guild is killing too many players of the opposite faction, a war starts. This means you get rewarded for killing the enemy faction. You get honour points for kills and assists and also for successful participation in the fight.

    A war lasts about an hour: It starts with 30 minutes of preparation which players use to gather; you can already get honour points here, but the real deal is the war that lasts an hour and comes straight after the war preparation. When the war is over, a peacetime starts that can be 1 hour or even 4 hours, depending on the importance of the zone. During a peacetime, there can be no pvp at all.

    Regarding losses and gains in pvp. You don't lose any items or gold in pvp, you now only gain honour points for participating in wars.

    When the war starts the 2 warring guilds/factions will each set up their own base of attack. Each base will have a NPC guardian to protect the base. The war ends when a team destroys the other teams base.

    The winning guild/faction gets gear and resources. The loser gets crafting mats.

    Here is a video of a War in action on the Korean server

  • KumaponKumapon Posts: 895Member Uncommon

    In Korea they have 2 open world dungeons. They are kinda like Darkness Falls in DAOC. At least the lower half of Darkness Falls where you needed 50+ players to kill anything. And yes players can wipe you when you are killing the boss. It will happen often. But you can do the same to the other guys.

    Dahuta Servants

    This open dungeon is under the ocean

    Here is a video of the overview of the dungeon

    Here is a guild fighting a boss in the dungeon

    The other open dungeon is Carcass, you can read about it here :

    The Korean version also has world bosses to fight over, 10 man instance raids, and 5 man instance dungeons.

    You can also conquer land via castle sieges and declare your own faction. But that takes massive money and man power to do.

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