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Place Beta Key Offers & Requests Here (Please read before posting)



  • spyairmaskspyairmask albrightsvile, PAPosts: 1Member
    Hi  this game looks so good, if anyone has a Beta key to spare I would like to join Beta as well.
  • Pantsu-sanPantsu-san CardiffPosts: 2Member


    Just come off the stress test and, really, so MANY THANKS to Carbine for the opportunity to test the best MMO I've played in years. This is the only time I've had with the game and I'm supremely impressed with the work that has happened over the past few years by the development team. Really, hats off to them for making not only the most fun online game I've played in a long time but also the incredibly endearing characters they gave me to play with. I've spent the day after the test servers shut trying to find information on where I can pre-order so as soon as this option is available then they've got me.

    If anyone can supply me with a CB key then I would be enormously thankful and if not then I hope to see you guys in early access once I buy my CE.


  • OverdosesOverdoses Viana do CasteloPosts: 3Member Uncommon

    Im a fan/follower of

    I would appreciate wildstar beta key, i'm dying to play this game.

    Hugs and kisses.


  • airstrikeairstrike New York, NYPosts: 373Member Uncommon


        if anyone has a spare key from the beta or one they can't use, id apreciate it if you threw it my way. Ive being dying to play... and would murder for one... so if you have anyone you want to ... you know, go to the great graveyard in the sky... im your man, for the key! 


  • TOPProtoTOPProto erWHY, FLPosts: 7Member
    interested in a key too - this game looks like it has potential :)
  • TJunkersTJunkers Upper Saddle River, NJPosts: 6Member
    I'd love a key! Sadly I had beta access and my account was hacked... Carbine can't help because the key was changed to a different email.. So if anyone has an extra key, I'd love it!
  • RaevanhawkRaevanhawk dothan, LAPosts: 86Member
    Would love to have a beta key to this game. If able contact me if your able to share. Thanks!
  • RocklynnRocklynn LulePosts: 104Member Uncommon
    If anyone has spare key please PM me. Would be much appreciated! Thank you.

  • cousinavi86cousinavi86 broomfield, COPosts: 1Member
    A beta key to Wildstar would be amazing! Thank you!
  • wnxsnowtigerwnxsnowtiger scunthorpePosts: 13Member Common
    Could i have a wildstar beta key please
  • OdenBladeOdenBlade GothenburgPosts: 64Member Uncommon
    I would love to get a key. Very excited for this game. Thanks!
  • johnathonmjohnathonm Philadelphia, PAPosts: 19Member Uncommon

    I would like to request a beta key.


    Thank you in advance.

  • cecretcecret pennsville, NJPosts: 16Member Uncommon
    if anyone has an extra key i would love one please
  • HellCasterHellCaster Kansas City, KSPosts: 231Member Uncommon
    I seemed to have missed yesterday's opportunity for a key. PM me is you have one to spare please.

    Playing: varies every day it seems.

  • potilanpotilan Buenos Aires, CAPosts: 1Member
    i need a key for the next weekend please :)
  • soulmirrorsoulmirror Jax, FLPosts: 124Member Uncommon
    Looking for a weekend key also, thanks in advance.
  • ddplcarsddplcars Renton, WAPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    Wondering if anyone has an extra beta or weekend key I could get my hands on.  Thanks in advance.

  • IvidnaelaxIvidnaelax East Ridge, TNPosts: 56Member Uncommon
    Would love a beta key. It would give me a reason to tell the wife to get lost for the weekend and I really want to see what the hype is all about.
  • DustinTheWinDustinTheWin Oakland, CAPosts: 1Member

    If anyone has an extra beta key or a weekend key for WildStar, I'd be forever in your debt! So excited to check this game out!




  • SolarRainSolarRain EastleighPosts: 32Member Uncommon
    I've been trying to get into beta forever, would love a key if someone has spare! Thanks.
  • SalinSalin gbg, LAPosts: 1Member
    If anyone gots an extra key i would love it i have been trying to get for a long time :/ not going so good
  • jweeks221jweeks221 westlawn, PAPosts: 15Member
    would love a full closed beta key, thanks !
  • arecyusarecyus Santos LugaresPosts: 1Member

    I would like a key if someone got an extra. 


  • kikamukowkikamukow Posts: 6Member Uncommon
    likewise to everyone else i would love a beta key to try this game out ive been waiting for since the beging to recive one but no luck as of yet :( , trying to experiance this game so i can bring my guild over to it. 
  • Warshack1337Warshack1337 Cheektowaga, NYPosts: 36Member Uncommon
    Been watching alot of wildstar on twitch, and i have been waiting to get my hands on the game. Hopefully someone has a give to give me. please and thankyou :)
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