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Pirates of the Burning Sea: Dev Journal #6 & Screens

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

The Navigation Zone is an important part of any sailing game. This form of dramatic compression zooms out and lets players travel across the open sea in a little faster. Troy Hewitt and Taylor Daynes penned this month's Pirates of the Burning Sea developer journal that explains this system. They also gave us five screenshots of it.

imageWelcome to the Caribbean – this is how you’ll be sailing from island to island in Pirates of the Burning Sea, the upcoming Pirate-themed Massively Multiplayer game from Flying Lab Software.

As you can imagine, the biggest challenge with any sailing game is the sailing, itself. How do you make sailing fun when your world encompasses all the Caribbean islands, and the continental coastlines from South Carolina to French Guiana? Sailing is fantastically interesting when there’s something exciting going on – a fight or a storm – but it’s terribly boring to sail around the Caribbean in real-time when nothing is happening.

You can read the article and see the images here.

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  • IijsIijs London, ONPosts: 457Member

    A new name for the Nav zone, eh? Hmmmm.......

  • misiu_dkmisiu_dk CopenhagenPosts: 77Member Uncommon
    Not easy image

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  • B._TOM_KiddB._TOM_Kidd AshkelonPosts: 69Member

    i Like the fonts.

    just like any other Pirates game, the nav screen is something like this.
    i just wonder how its will work in MMO, something like everyone wondered how the bullet time will work in Mxo (does the game have bullet time or not )

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  • QwirkQwirk Chicago, ILPosts: 136Member

    The link in the MMORPG article is broken.
    The actual thread for the Nav Zone renaming is:

    Just thought that might be helpful :)


  • conmcloudconmcloud Philadelphia, PAPosts: 9Member
    Who cares what they call it I just want to play itimage
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