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The best ARPG?

GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,573Member Rare

Which is it? Diablo 2? Titan quest? Dungeon Siege? Sacred(whichever you prefer)?

Am just curious about this...


  • DeathspankDeathspank Memphis, TNPosts: 139Member Uncommon

    Out of the ones you mentioned, Diablo 2 + Expansion and Dungeon Siege 1(the later ones got progressively worse).

    I'd also like to mention The Witcher games with their Enhanced Editions. 

    Also, obligatory mention of Deathspank (my avatar) for the lulz

  • skyline385skyline385 BangalorePosts: 564Member
    Diablo 2 just looks too shit for me to enjoy anymore. Yes i know, the blah blah blah gameplay above graphics blah blah blah argument but there comes a time when the graphics difference becomes too huge. The only game that gives me the satisfaction of playing an ARPG is Daiblo 3. I don't care about a clusterfuck of stats tree whose only purpose is to increase your stats and which is overly complicated just for the sake of being complicated. When i play an APRG, i want to feel powerful and i want enemies to feel the impact of my weapons/spells. No modern ARPG comes close to Diablo 3 in this aspect. RoS is gonna be awesome as well.

  • codifiercodifier PoriPosts: 47Member Common

    Dark Souls. And soon Dark Souls II.

    The world, immersion, gameplay, story and difficulty makes it the best ARPG for me.

    Praise the sun!

  • davc123davc123 sloPosts: 401Member Uncommon
    Path Of Exile!
  • KilsinKilsin AustraliaPosts: 448Member Uncommon
    Definitely The Witcher series for me, I can't wait for The Witcher 3 to come out!

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  • PAL-18PAL-18 AnachronoxPosts: 837Member Uncommon


    2.Divinity : Original sin (even with turn based combat, its more Diablo than Baldurs Gate,well its both and  even more!!)

    3.Diablo 1 & 2.

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  • CrazKanukCrazKanuk Elmira, ONPosts: 4,854Member Epic
    More recently I've been enjoying Torchlight. Good little series. 


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  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,573Member Rare
    Mind you, ARPG = Hack n Slash imo. Now to elaborate my choices:

    Diablo 2: is wonderfully replayable(something its successor is not), loot drops are just good(not too much, not too little), difficulty is present(especially /players 8 hardcore /shudders) and there are a lot of builds(my personal three favourites are the Defender Paladin{Smite+Prayer+Cleansing+Sacrifice}, the Enchantress Amazon{Valkyrie+Magic Arrow if bow or poison/ltng throwing skills if Javelin} and the Meteosorceress{Blizzard+Thunder Storm = OH MY!}). But there are so many builds that I love that it's kinda ridiculous. And the pure awesomeness that is Median must be mentioned. Everybody who even likes, let alone loves either ARPGs or Diablo 2 owe sto himself to play this mod.

    Titan quest: is also wonderfully replayable, has those awesome semi ragdoll physics(it feels really awesome knocking opponents off the cliffs etc), awesome idea that is dual classing(not to mention that each of those dual classes could very well be a class of its own in some other ARPG), awesome setting(Mythology yay!), good drops etc. Shame about the Iron Lore though. Maybe someone picks up this great game once(Hey! GalCiv 3 is in the making some 11-12 years later so...don't despair TQ fans :D).

    Dungeon Siege: I always liked 2 better. Dunno. Skill trees were definitely missing in the DS 1. The only change I really disliked was the move from the stats to wear items to the skills to wear items(they gimped customisability by doing this). I really liked the setting(not as much as Diablo's dark bible or TQ's Mythology), the customisability and those active skills that needed to be charged. I always dreamed what the hallowed DS 3 would be and when it came and when I saw videos... ;( ;( is all I'm going to say. Anyone here remember wtf is an Embrace ;)?

    Sacred: 2 mind you. That was a beautiful game marred by a single, but large con(maybe it was only imo, who knows): mobs were respawning too fast. If that had been changed, this would be (one of) my most beloved games. Tons of customisability, HUUUUGE world(entire Ancaria lol?) to explore, duality of classes(dark+Light or whatever it was called), lots of replayability, good drops and one of my most cherished mechanics of ALL TIME: skill editing. Basically ESO nicked it from sacred 2. You have three(or was it four?) tiers of editing: bronze, silver, gold (and Platinum?). In each tier you are presented with a hard choice: you choose between basically 2 different upgraded of the skill. Some are rather mechanical(radius increase, duration increase, Cooldown decreased etc), but some are fairly interesting. Switching damage types, applying buffs/debuffs, hell even shortening the DoT duration(but shortening its tick interval even more ;) ). That was AWESOME. I know that Ascaron fell apart(boy did they produce good games-Patrician, Sacred and Darkstar One are all AWESOME) and I wanted to ask: wtf is happening with Sacred lately? I would only wish for Sacred 3, but then again DS 3 taught me a VERY good lesson. Idk...

    Now for the modern games(which I played-only 2 of those):

    Diablo 3: it has awesome graphics/physics combo(it never gets tiresome knocking enemies around), good classes and a good IP. That's basically it. The drops are t3h sh1t. Challenge is either nonexistant or insta death(or in other words: pure gear check /pukes). The game is NOT REPLAYABLE. I'll repeat that: IT. IS. NOT. REPLAYABLE. AT ALL. For an ARPG that is a pretty big mistake. Like, no comment. Just one playthrough with all classes in a game this small O.o ? Hell even if it was humongous as Sacred 2, it wouldn't make that much of difference imo. Combat is an AoE fest(compare that to the tactical mix of ST+CC+AoE that was Diablo 2). Story is like...O.o. I'll give them one thing tho. They pulled Azmodan off pretty good. If you think a little more, he indeed is an embodiment of sin(s). Biggest blunder is how the skills/leveling is conceptualised. There is absolutely no freedom in it until max level(wtf an endgame in an ARPG O.o Am I seeing things?). It is a horribly mediocre game that does not deserve its own IP. Period.

    Path of Exile: it was a good game overall, but there were far too many things I didn't like. Weird currency(so either use the items or exchange them for items wtf o.O), really low quality graphics/animation, no lore to speak of(therefore me not caring about the game), stat cosmos that serves almost no purpose(yeah +2% dmg is so sexy. Wanna guess what is the next passive? Either +2% dmg, 1% Crit or +2% speed) and convoluted skill system. I really don't want to tie my skills to my weapons. Replayability could be good, but it hinges way too much on RNG.

    Torchlight and Borderlands never interested me. They...weren't serious enough for me imo. I, as an avid fan of Warhammer, ST and SW, really dislike goofy things. And I'd describe all three of those games with just that word(from what I've seen).

    There. Something to think about :D
  • NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Gorwe
    Which is it? Diablo 2? Titan quest? Dungeon Siege? Sacred(whichever you prefer)?Am just curious about this...

    Legend of Zelda?

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  • BigdavoBigdavo BrisbanePosts: 1,862Member Uncommon

    It will be interesting to see Diablo 3 when the expansion is released, which will involve the removal of the AH and improve loot tables. I think we might see D3 the way it should've been.

    Imo it could be the best, but the lack of randomness, the atrocity that was the AH and the absurd item stats/scaling have held it back from greatness.

    O_o o_O

  • DMKanoDMKano Gamercentral, AKPosts: 15,007Member Legendary

    The best? The one that you end up liking the most.

    Very subjective.

    I enjoyed D3 (for quality of combat and animations alone), PoE for the skill/gem system.

    Torchlight, DS - all of them had their own charm and features I liked.

    Best for me was Diablo 1 - in its time it was an absolute masterpiece.


  • SeravajanSeravajan Erlinsbach SOPosts: 192Member Uncommon

    Torchlight I and II are my favorites. Especially because they are moddable and therefore receiving a lot of user created contents.

  • boxsndboxsnd Kraxton, ARPosts: 438Member Uncommon
    Path of Exile, D2 are the best ARPGs of all time. 

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  • MetanolMetanol Posts: 248Member Uncommon

    Best ARPG series ever? I would definately say Mount&Blade.

    I'm not really into diablo-esque clickers, at all. Not one bit. But, after Mount&Blade -series, I would name The Witcher 2 and probably 3, as long as you use the FCR (Full Combat Rebalance) mod for The Witcher 2.

    What would I name Third? Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.


    Originally posted by PAL-18

    2.Divinity : Original sin (even with turn based combat, its more Diablo than Baldurs Gate,well its both and  even more!!)

    Divinity: Original Sin has nothing to do with ARPG genre. It's a Turn Based/realtime RPG. A damned good one too, but this thread was only about Action RPGs. Earlier Divinity games, however, are ARPGs... Sadly.

    We?re all dead, just say it.

  • Ender4Ender4 milwaukee, WIPosts: 2,247Member Uncommon

    My favorite was probably either Titan Quest or Diablo 1. D3's expansion might be decent. PoE has some nice depth to it but it is just boring. D2 was an awful clickfest that was only enjoyable by downloading mods which almost all improved it. The Torchlight games are just too arcady, they play more like Gauntlet than like a strategic game.

    Sadly D2 killed the genre moving it away from the rogue like games that spawned this genre and towards the arcade style click as fast as you can boring games that we got.

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