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  • CrimsonDragonCrimsonDragon Deltona, FLPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    My favorite moments in the FF series was obtaining the Bahamut summons. He's always been my favorite summon, because his power is out of this world and come on... He's a dragon. 'Nuff said. When I was younger, I'd always cheer out loud when I used him to blast away a boss I'd been having trouble with. As the games kept coming out, his summons just kept getting grander and grander, eventually culminating in my personal favorite, Bahamut Fury and his Exaflare in Crisis Core. He's big, he's golden, and he literally uses the moon as a giant focus for his power, and exponentially increasing it in the process, causing the moon to turn into a cannon of primal fury. He was just pure awesome.
  • movros99movros99 granby, MOPosts: 125Member Uncommon

    Nothing says "Awesome graphics!" like...







    ...a two year old $100 graphics card.  I mean couldn't they spring for the Ti version or something?

  • wdahl66wdahl66 rio rancho, NMPosts: 6Member Uncommon

    when I obtained my first mount was damn cool.


  • bucaratorbucarator LPosts: 2Member
    When playing FFIV beta with my friends, we encountered boss, he was so strong that he almost 1-hited us, so we use our running skills to run away! Run away! Run away! Still, some of us died that day, but it was hillarious.
  • andreiutzandreiutz Posts: 36Member Uncommon
    Final fantasy VI. The fight boss with Kefa, expected the game to end there. Turns out, the floating island plummeted and there was MORE! MOAR!
  • endriuITAendriuITA Borgo TicinoPosts: 1Member

    I haven't had the chance to play Final Fantasy XIV yet. I have played every single player Final Fantasy from 7 forth though (unfortunately not the first ones, I wasn't even born when some of them came out). I remember I was 11 when I first bought the 7th one and I had no clue on how it worked. There was no localization for my language and the only version was the english one. I just grabbed a dictionary and started translating every damn sentence. Well, now I am a foreign language and literature student, I can communicate in four different languages and I have travelled a lot because of that. Basically, all thanks to Final Fantasy 7.

    Talking about "best moments", obviously Aeris' death in the 7th, the Garden's siege in the 8th and the intro scene (whose quality was something rather unseen at the time) plus the first encounter with a Dark Aeon in the 10th are something that will never leave my videogaming memories.

  • apocolipsapocolips AUCKLANDPosts: 1Member
  • Locutus666Locutus666 Kutahya-MerkezPosts: 5Member
    I've never played FFXIV ARR and would very much like to do so, and my favourite moment from FF history is kind of hard to pick really but if I had to choose something it would be FFVI, Kefka's success of destroying the game world as we know it and game forcing the player to adapt to a whole new game world which surprisingly enough would take me a very long time to get to the end of the game too. I think that's when you have to take your hats off to a developer, giving you more than what you bargained for and that's how you understand the money you spent was well deserved.
  • [RedDragon][RedDragon] AthensPosts: 46Member Uncommon
    All i can say is that this game has great Dungeons and cool bosses!
  • axatanaxatan Vancouver, WAPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    My favorite moment was the main storyline, especially the dream sequences.
  • simple_punksimple_punk ManilaPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    My favorite moment was when I played FF8 and used Omnislash. It was cool during that time :)
  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Somewhere, NCPosts: 1,592Member Uncommon
    My most unique experience would be the first time I entered the Binding Coil of Bahamut. Seeing what appears to be as massive dragon wing stretching out across the entire zone while hearing a downplayed rendition of 'Answers' play in the background was a very surreal experience for me as someone who adored the 'End of  an Era' video.


  • jayheld90jayheld90 Canal Winchester, OHPosts: 1,704Member Uncommon
    i got started on the series with final fantasy 3, and i still think it is my favorite one. although, on the top of my list are also 7, and 10 (10-2). i havent gotten a chance to play the realm reborn yet, and i could definitely use a new gfx card! so this would be amazing for me!


  • BB_6oBB_6o OmskPosts: 1Member
    I still remember my first playthrough of FF6. When after destruction of the world Terra refuse to join party back. It was first time when main character of story simple refuse to play along and show some independence. Best FF game with amazing plot and characters. 
  • LurkersLurkers oranburg, SCPosts: 20Member
    This MMORPG is simple awesome!
  • RekanosRekanos londonPosts: 1Member
    Best concept in gaming ever! FF14 has amazing graphics and the boss battles say it all. Could listen to them soundtracks all day.
  • sweetbabyfuddsweetbabyfudd Thompsons Station, TNPosts: 1Member
    Introducing my 12 year old son to FF7.  Then watching him have the same reaction to Aeris's death.
  • BelgathBelgath WitzlingPosts: 3Member
    I loved FFXI. Had a great time there.
  • radeskradesk salvadorPosts: 11Member

    Best moment? Gotta be Kefka in early game visiting Figaro's Castle, he walks through an entire desert and says: I have SAND on my boots!

    And the two guards go to wipe it off, hoho! Not even Jofrey/Justin Bibier can be more annoying than Kefka!

  • steven3242steven3242 SurabayaPosts: 1Member

    The OST!!!!! its just..... set the mood right with everything!!!

    me (and my guild) spend the whole day just fooling around in gridania, just sit around, chatting and crafting, its just beautiful....

    Titan and Garuda fight.... oh god that's the most intense fight i ever had in mmo, no stand still spam skill and such, you have to run around like madman, dodging aoe like neo , hiding behind rock like your life depend on it... the feeling when your party die..... the patience when your party plan for everything... and off course the feeling when you finally beat them...

    and finally i vote for ultima music, when me and my guild arrive at that place, we all just stand there totally in awe like "oh... my.... god...." and start panicking together in hilarious way, again the music TOTALLY set the mood.


  • tatsu10tatsu10 gdanskPosts: 4Member Common
    I enjoy riding Chocobo:)
  • so0pelso0pel WarsawPosts: 1Member
    FF VII - all the childhood memories, just shed a tear of greatness.
  • Chrono223Chrono223 Lachine, QCPosts: 37Member Uncommon

    My best moment was when I finished leveling my Monk in FF14, I had a blast leveling him, punching my way through the levels and getting a Behemoth kill in the process.

    I was also very happy that I had things to do at 50, Relic, dailys (optional), Duty Dailys, CT etc... the game as a whole lot to offer and that was/is a great thing.

    btw FF14 was my first FF game lol..

  • rainbowrenarainbowrena st joseph, MOPosts: 17Member
    The entire game of Final Fantasy Tactics game was fun and the story was amazing.
  • mattmiestermattmiester goleta, CAPosts: 1Member
    I have never played FF14, however, my favorite scene was when i loaded up final fantasy X and there was this guy speaking for the first time. At the time i had goose bumps cause this was the first time they had voice acting. That opening scene to FFX was something else. 
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