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  • Orange_ZOrange_Z IrkutskPosts: 31Member
    My best moment with FF franchise was in FFXIII game, when I first met Lightning. She's my favourite. I adore her !!! I Love her !!!
  • splink007splink007 nanticoke, PAPosts: 4Member Uncommon
    i remember the day my imported copy for the pc came in ... i bought a brand new nec laptop to play it.. then in 2001 i had a friend grab me a wonderswan and FF while in japan.   He is my best friend to this day.  poor guy spent 3 hours in customs because of all the stuff we had him bring back with him..  all worth it for portable final fantasy
  • Xeribol8291Xeribol8291 Fond du Lac, WIPosts: 1Member
    My favorite moment was when I played my first Final Fantasy game. My cousin let me start a new game of Final Fantasy VIII when I visited, and I became entranced in the world and story. Ever since, I've been hooked on all things Final Fantasy and Square. I'd remember watching him play VIII for a while, seeing what was to come up in my run of the game when it was my turn. That was my introduction not only to Final Fantasy, but RPGs in general.
  • BeelzebobbieBeelzebobbie MalmöPosts: 430Member Uncommon

    Well my first favorite was when I bought Final fantasy 1, I could just play that game forever.

    Second has to be Final fantasy 7, it's the best RPG ever made, this is the champion of all RPGs ever released maybe all games ever. No matter how much I love the games Square enix make nothing will ever top that one.

    I have a copy of Final fantasy 7 on my PC now and I have 5 little gaming kids and I always let them (force) play this game first so they can experience the thrill that I felt when playing it. So far two of my little gamers has come to age and they have played it and loved it (three litlle ones left).


  • frosted420frosted420 dayton, OHPosts: 1Member

    Final fantasy 8 with gun blades = best weapon ever


  • RhodykRhodyk ProstejovPosts: 2Member Uncommon
      I try only beta , but graphics is amazing and if I have chance to play I will be happy.
  • samboleonsamboleon Posts: 5Member Uncommon
    Favorite moment with FF series must be when played FFVII for the first time with my friend, that was something truly amazing.
  • Shane250Shane250 LOUISVILLE, KYPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    Funny moment is when I found out that the birds are called Chocobo's and noticed that they are in a couple Final Fantasy games. Completely different stories and characters in each game yet they still have a bird called a Chocobo still running around, the name alone is funny.
  • caleel97caleel97 TurinPosts: 6Member
    I think that the thing that i liked the most in every FF game was the overall progression of your character: starting a new adventure, exploring the dangerous world, fighting enemies and getting stronger with every fight, knowing more of the story of the world and, of course, of our character.
  • ZektoZekto San Diego, CAPosts: 11Member Uncommon
    My favorite moment in FFXIV: ARR was when our FC was finally able to beat Coil turn 5 after countless tries of getting the fight down.

  • BregenzBregenz South Elgin, ILPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    The devs hit it out of the park with this one. Great graphics!  I hope I can play in 3D! Thank you for such a great MMO and lore!
  • griffith89griffith89 Fountain, COPosts: 2Member

    Other than the storylines, backgrounds, and personalities of all of the characters, I've always loved the soundtrack of each and every Final Fantasy game.

    Final Fantasy Vii was the first one i played, when i was pretty young. It was also my first RPG, and PSX game. But I always loved listening to the battle music, especially the boss theme. And then the Turks' theme song. That would get stuck in my head for hours.

    Without a doubt though, my favorite track in Final Fantasy VII would definitely be the Cosmo Canyon theme song. I would just run around the place for hours only to listen to the song. Or I would enter, walk a bit to the left, and just leave Cloud standing there, and turn up the T.V. volume while I did other things around the room.

    It's pretty difficult to choose which game's soundtrack I love most though. VII,VIII, and IX in my opinion all have absolutely epic soundtracks. So keep at it Nobuo Uematsu! Always have and always will love your work! :D


  • I have to say my best moment in FFXIV was the bated breath between the transition from FFXIV 1.0 to FFXIV ARR.  When I first logged into ARR, and seeing all the hard work and tenacity SE and Yoshi had to transform the game into what us FF diehards really wanted to see after the slogfest that was 1.0.  THAT is the defining moment for me.
  • tooey345tooey345 somewhere, PAPosts: 11Member Uncommon

    Its hard to recall my memories of playing the first FF on NES..  But at that time it was way different than anything I had been playing...  IT was soo cool to run around with a group of adventurers with me.. 

    Later tho FF tactics on my GBA was something of an ultimate time sink for me..  Heck i got a GBA just so i could play tactics after playing it on a friends GBA..    I sunk alot of hours into it but come to think of it i'm not even sure i finished it lol..  I spent alot of time on that when i didnt have access to my computer..  Thank god for that lil game.. 


  • marvelfrozenmarvelfrozen BandungPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    My favourite moment in regards online Final Fantasy was when my brother just started up FFXI for the first time. The wonder of online and unlimited Final Fantasy worlds awe me to no end. Of course when, in the end, I'm the one that played my brother's account. That moment was beaten when I team up with my LS to enter Dynamis (it was Xarcabard, I think). Everyone fighting together, nothing beats that. Too bad we stop playing soon after the Aht Urhgan expansion. But if I got my hand on this copy, I sure will continue my adventure on to the FFXIV.
  • scyllafrenscyllafren BudapestPosts: 22Member Uncommon
    When you finish a big questline in ffxiv, the talking and the overall experience is breathtaking, many times funny too :)
  • ww99www99w Hong KongPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    still trying to buy FF14 from asia... cant seem to do it online tho... any1 have a site where to buy online pls pm me.
  • acidbloodacidblood melbournePosts: 529Member Uncommon


    Taking down ruby weapon with mimed Knights of the Round because the character than had the actual materia got killed at the start.

  • avernus86avernus86 Reno, NVPosts: 1Member

    My favorite moment in FFVII, like many, was when Sephiroth kills Aerith. It was an awesome assassination scene that stoked the fires of hatred toward him. It really made the end-game head-to-head battle more rewarding.

    Also liked the end-game Weapon battles, especially Ruby.

    Very challenging, very satisfying.

  • Oooo. Interesting. Would like to try this game out . I have had my eye on it for quite some time.
  • NoblePhantasmNoblePhantasm Elk Grove, CAPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    My best experience was playing the game with my friend while I played on a PC and she played on a PS3. She did not have a gaming PC at the time but we were able to play together through the magic that is cross platform play :D
  • biyballz7biyballz7 Omaha, NEPosts: 2Member
    I played this for 30 days, would be nice to go back!
  • panwyrpanwyr Mesa, AZPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    My Favorite moment in a Final Fantasy game was for FF3 in the US, aka Final Fantasy 6.  I was doing the Arena to get a Lightbringer weapon and had been using Shadow since he had been my lucky death machine of going through winning everything he fought.  Shortcut to this match for the Lightbringer when the battle is going poorly, Daedulus by some amazing bad luck had been kicking Shadows butt toward the end. After a horrible critical on Shadow I sat there realizing I had nothing to in my inventory to heal my high enough to survive the next attack, in an act of desperation I had Shadow attack knowing if it didn't land and kill the boss it was over. As I issue the attack I stare dumbfounded as Shadow suddenly summons his dog and proceeds to kill  Daedulus. For me I had no idea that about Desperation Attacks till that moment it executed and to have my favorite character do it just blew me away.
  • DarkraidorDarkraidor La Palma, CAPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    My favorite moment would be finishing FFVII.
  • ZamparanelZamparanel TORINOPosts: 5Member
    bah.... why only for american player? I left from this game because have a big problem of lag..(server in US and i play in EU)....I no play for play with problem or  being teased
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