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  • falc0nfalc0n Lubbock, TXPosts: 385Member Uncommon
    My favorite final fantasy was 4 for snes. After that I fell in love with rpgs


  • GuiBalladGuiBallad SPosts: 1Member

    Well, my favorite and most heartbreaking moment has to be the FF X ending


    See, i have always been a big FF fan, and while there are a lot of awesome and amazing moments in the series, see Tidus vanish at the end of X had much more of an impact on me. I was about 12 at the time i first played FF X and Tidus and Yuna were my first ship. Ever. 


    As the game goes, you see their love flourish, even agains the odds. As soon as Tidus discovers that Yuna has to die to defeat Sin, he tries to find a diferent way of doing it. They discover it, but if they do it, Tidus ceases to be. Even though he knows that he will fade away, he goes on and confronts Sin, for the sake of his beloved.


    And the final battle/battles only adds to the feels factor of the ending. First of all, Yuna discovers that she must destroy her own God. Then, you have to fight Tidus's father, Jetch, who is the current host for Yu Yevon. Then, you have to destroy your Aeons, one at a time, the very same that have helped you through the whole game. After you defeat Yu Yevon, you have the final FMV, in wich we see Tidus and the Aeons fading. The scene is incredibly touching, and having to see the couple who fought so hard to be together be torn apart is just too much.


    So yeah, this is my favorite FF moment of all time.

  • magier42magier42 Saint Paul, MNPosts: 1Member

    I never did play FFXI, and I only was able to Beta FFXIV (the first iteration) for a couple hours. Because of that limited experience, I'll tell one of my favorite stories surrounding the franchise.

    I've played RPGs (or some variation thereof) since the introduction of Adventure on the Atari. Shining Force, Shadowrun, Bard's Tales... There had been quite a few. But, my introduction to the Final Fantasy series started with an SNES, three geeks, and Final Fantasy II (IV in Japan).

    Flashback to 1992 (and ignore the clothing, and the length of the hair). We'd been playing off and on for a few days, scouring the storyline for ways to defeat Bahamut, sitting in a row of chairs in front of the TV together joking and cheering each other on. One evening, we found a pink puff in an obscure cave on the moon. What a strange monster! We jumped in and out of the room a number of times, but could not get him to show up again. Frustrated, we called the Hint Line (remember, this is before widespread Internet!), and were told that he dropped a pink tail to trade for the Adamant Armor, but it was really rare...

    "How rare," we asked.

    "Really, really rare," we were told.

    Specifically, we were told that every 1 of every 64 visits to the room would spawn pink puffs, and 1 of every 64 kills would result in a tail.

    Challenge accepted!

    For hours we took turns with the controller popping in and out of the P-shaped room, hunting Pink Puffs. Eventually, we also took turns sleeping and finding food. This continued for almost two days, as we calculated the probability that the next puff would have to drop a tail.

    And then catastrophe struck! It wasn't a huge monster that defeated the party. It wasn't a lack of pizza. Not even a lack of flannel. Doomsday came in the form of a space heater... The circuit the SNES was plugged into tripped, and hope for a Pink Tail drained away like the fading television tube.

    We all went to bed a little sad, a little frustrated, and very tired.

    The next day we played some more, laughing about how silly we'd been to stay up that long. While we never did try the days-long-hunt again - and I personally have never seen a Pink Tail - it was the start of a great love affair that I have with the depth of the storylines and open exploration found in the Final Fantasy series. I have bought every standalone version released in the US since, even bought consoles to be able to play them (PS1 for FFVII comes to mind).

  • MeogaMeoga Puyallup, WAPosts: 5Member Uncommon

    Favorite moment in XIV is my first storm. I was astounded by the detail in the lightning, the sound of the thunder, even the effects on your character (clothes/hair blowing in the wind)

    Favorite moment in a FF has to be FFVI (us III). When your fighting your way through the floating continent to stop Kefka and Gestahl thinking you have explored the world and must be coming to the end of the game, only to have everything change and you must start another journey. I still think this is the best FF made and the story could and should be told on other mediums.

  • mayankingmayanking south houston, TXPosts: 162Member Uncommon

    My favorite moment in ff14 arr has to be downing Titan hard mode as a dragoon. I had seen all these players selling runs,saying its impossible to duty find  the fight  but i kept on pushing trying my hardest to pass the fight It ended up coming down to 4 people left with titan at little to 0 hp and i was goaled i was shouting uncontrollably as i got free'd only to get hit by a landslide coming at my face. everyone around was already upset because if the last dps dies it's over. as i flew off the map i magicaly figured why not try to use  one of my dragon skills which jumped, as i was over the edge i used the skill with magicaly jumped be right in front of titan and i had saved myself from not falling off the map I was so shocked it accutaly worked i quickly started popping my defensive buffs cause there was only 2 people left i prepared my limit break praying it was just enough to do the job and i let it fly titan fell to his knees and was downed. The entire party was shocked by what had happened in the last 30 seconds and pure exicitment broke out all happy we didn't have to pay and won the fight in such a epic way. i proceded to   grab the chest which was surpizingly a weapon for my class which just helped that day.  



  • aldochayannealdochayanne mexico cityPosts: 1Member
    OMG, there are so many, but I think that the satisfaction on finishing titan hm or ex is awesome, when everybody are so coordinated, omg, my hands all sweety my heart fast beating, its incredible, im still working on twintania, but all this time ive been on my own, pugging everyting, I just got a static coil group, but I hope to finish twintania before the new patch


  • BenbradaBenbrada Plainfield, ILPosts: 483Member Uncommon
    When I entered the game during ARR beta and realized one toon can be any and all classes.
  • EmptyStormEmptyStorm Iles de la Madeleine, QCPosts: 1Member
    Just walking around in the world of Eorzea while listening to the great soundtrack, it's awesome!
  • shdwasazinshdwasazin Chadwick, ILPosts: 1Member

    I was traveling through the woods still new to the world and so much to discover. Heading up a large ramp I felt like I shouldn't be there but was compelled to move on. Hearing a large commotion ahead I slowly walked up to see a large group of people fighting Odin. 


    I was taken back as I never expected to see Odin walking around the world let alone a large group of adventurers fighting him. Looking out from behind the tree I watched as the adventures used swords and spears, some casting every spell they knew. I wanted to help but feared I would only cause more harm then good. Watching the battle rage on for what seemed like an eternity when suddenly Odin raised his sword into the air and I watched in horror as everyone around him fall to the ground dead. Odin spoke something then vanished but I was to far away to understand it. It took a moment for what had happened to sink in before rushing over to lend what little aid I could. 


    It was amazing to see Odin and left me knowing there was wondrous things still out there to find and my days as an adventurer had only begun. 

  • RamadonisRamadonis Medford, ORPosts: 18Member

    My favorite moment was finding the perfect Free Company. The game itself is nice, graphics, animations, musical score, all top notch. However, at its core, it is a true MMORPG where community tops all other aspects of the game. I was about ready to quit since my run ins with others never ended favorably. People were usually silent in dungeons, even in towns.

    Then I found Lunatic Pandora. This tight knit FC welcomed me with open arms and the game went from decent to an absolute blast. This FC alone justifies the monthly fee, and that's saying something. 

  • machajasmachajas PraguePosts: 44Member Uncommon

    I have never played any Final Fantasy game (mostly for lack of trial option!) but I've spent a lot of time just plainly staring at screenshots or videos, amazed by the design and possibilities.

    Maybe one day when I'm retired and have plenty of time, I'd be finally able to touch that magical unknown world I know only from pictures :)

    Born from blood,
    trained to kill,
    ready to die,
    but never will!

  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide EarthPosts: 356Member Uncommon
    I still have my Final Fantasy cartridge for the original Nintendo.  As some have stated, always stunning graphics.
  • DiLordDiLord aradPosts: 5Member Uncommon
    Has Best Boss battles i ever seen in a mmorpg to date!
  • renireni GalwayPosts: 32Member Uncommon
    Tatics for getting me int=o turned based strategy
  • killamjlkillamjl Posts: 27Member Uncommon

    Favorite FF moment would have to be VIII, Finally getting the Lion Heart and going on a berserk style aura rampage.  That and getting the SEED emblem tattooed on my back.....Good times.  The entire FF series is responsible for my gaming addiction.  Keep them coming!

  • brian72282brian72282 Ossineke, MIPosts: 783Member Uncommon
    Coming across Ifrit for the first time in the story.  Such an amazing moment.
  • saurus123saurus123 nonePosts: 639Member Uncommon

    I never played FFXIV but i love the series.

    My favorite is FF VII, the story is amazing with many twists and sad moments.

    It was also the first 3D game in the series with many cutscenes that told the story.

    I wont make spoilers here but i cant tell you at some point you will cry.

  • ArqueTenshiArqueTenshi Salem, VAPosts: 1Member
    The best moments I have had in FF XIV are getting into a roulette DUTY and finding all the people are new and the excitement and fulfilment of finishing the dungeon for the first time.
  • shiner421shiner421 seattle, WAPosts: 70Member

    When I first played FF14 reboot when the reboot launched I was blown away by how they had fixed everything that I disliked about the game and made it feel like a completely polished game that was so much fun to play. I could really feel the love that everyone involved with the reboot put into it. It was quite moving.

    I wouldn't have stopped playing if I didn't just move across the country to be back with my family after 7 years away.

  • RazeeksterRazeekster GlobPosts: 2,589Member Uncommon
    My favorite experience was learning the mechanics of my class while questing instead of having to learn it all at endgame. It made it seem like the build that I had used from the very beginning wasn't completely useless at endgame.


  • zoekwonzoekwon fullerton, CAPosts: 1Member
    I made a tall lalafell and found out I wasn't that tall at all.
  • bluemage345bluemage345 SF, CAPosts: 1Member
    FFXIV: Running away from blood-thirsty Tonberry trying to slit my throat.
  • SquarephreakSquarephreak Indianapolis, INPosts: 1Member
    My most enjoyable experience so far in FFXIV:ARR has been taking on the primal Titan with a group of friends. His music is awesome, and I believe we only wiped like 3 times before beating him. Defeating primal gives an amazing feeling.
  • nationalcitynationalcity Decatur, MIPosts: 500Member Uncommon
    Chocobo's /endthread
  • jepicjepic san diego, CAPosts: 2Member
    my favorite moment was being so surprised when aerith got killed
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