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[Column] Elder Scrolls Online: Preorders - Testing Community Loyalty?



  • adamlotus75adamlotus75 LeedsPosts: 312Member Uncommon
    They ate maximising their income now when hope and hype are at their highest... They know that most will buy the box and shortly after, uninstall. The people currently defending the CE will be the ones moaning about being ripped off in 4 months time.
  • adamlotus75adamlotus75 LeedsPosts: 312Member Uncommon
    This game looks truly ordinary and like a cardboard version of the single player games. There are a dozen games like this already out there.
  • RedMachine72RedMachine72 Turney, MOPosts: 112Member Uncommon
    I was going to go for the CE, but then I thought I really just want the in game bonuses and don't really need another statue. I have the CE of SW:TOR, Skyrim (really cool looking dragon statue), and I just got the CE for console for my son, (he got the game I got the goodies) of Batman Arkham Origins, got a cool led lit statue with it for half of what it was when it came out. Shelf is kinda full so I really did not need another statue, that and I saved $20 getting the digital Imperial Edition, so there is my first month of sub.
  • sketocafesketocafe StoupaPosts: 948Member Uncommon
    The author is pretty spot on with how I feel about it. The initial news of the faction-locked races cooled my interest because I always play the same race in TES games and didn't appreciate Zenimax picking my faction for me in a game where they claimed it's all about faction pride. My problem continues because I don't preorder games. Returning some of the freedom of character creation these games have always had in a manner which requires buying their product before it has been released doesn't leave me feeling positive towards ZOS at all. Without even taking into account developers prior statements about the importance of faction locking to the design of the game and their desire to go with a sub fee so every player is on equal footing this decision to tie things that matter into preorders is moving me from feeling ambivalent about the game to being pissed. Races in an Elder Scrolls game certainly matter to me at least. It goes beyond a cosmetic thing when you're using an IP with this much history and lore to it.  
  • QuickShatterQuickShatter Everett, WAPosts: 12Member

    okay 'i have to ask what has gotten into the gaming community now a days. its like we've gained this sort of upcoming amatuer rock band mind set. "companies should just make games for the love of gaming" "man companies are just plain greedy" " They shouldn't have subs let usa play for free" its like this hippie approach to video games.

    these games are made by businesses not community art centers. these guys have to make a profit on their games. they have employees, whom need to get paid, they have bills, they have first to make all the money they spent on making  the game back before they can make any profit. its how the world works MONEY MONEY MONEY!!! folks.

    yeah it may seem a bit cheap to charge us for features some have taken for granted in OTHER games. but isn't the idea of a DIFFERENT game to I don't know... being not like the others.

    like how people bash on upcoming MMO's to be WoW clones yet they get pissed off  because this new MMO doesn't have the features WoW does and more. I guess if we think that way every shooter should be like COD or every adventure game should be like Tombraider or every RPG should be like Mass Effect...

    I agree with orbitxo about this community its full of the MMO veterans that spent most of their time bashing the games they played rather than enjoying them. Of course not everyone is like that but on many of the threads here spaning many different MMO's its just a shit storm of nerd rage, over critical analysis and general negativity. lol its like you guys have nothing nice to say about playing video games its all pitch backs to mmo that got it right in the past I guess.

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