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General: 38 Studios' Curt Schilling Battling Cancer

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,041MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Former 38 Studios CEO Curt Schilling has revealed that he is battling cancer. In a statement released by Schilling's current employer, ESPN, it was revealed that the former baseball star turned video game developer is suffering from the disease. The exact type of cancer and his prognosis is not immediately known.

Since 38 Studios went bankrupt in 2012, Schilling and other studio officers have been embroiled in legal battles with the state of Rhode Island over a $75 M loan. 

Additionally, the Project Copernicus and Kingdoms of Amalur IPs have been put up for auction in recent months but with no buyers in sight.

Last year, Schilling told The Boston Globe he had a heart attack in November 2011 and had surgery to place a stent in one of his arteries. He said he experienced chest pains while watching his wife, Shonda, run in the New York City Marathon.

Shonda Schilling also battled cancer after being diagnosed with stage 2 malignant melanoma in 2001.
"Shonda and I want to send a sincere thank you and our appreciation to those who have called and sent prayers, and we ask that if you are so inclined, to keep the Schilling family in your prayers," Schilling said in his statement.
He added: "My father left me with a saying that I've carried my entire life and tried to pass on to our kids: 'Tough times don't last. Tough people do.' Over the years in Boston, the kids at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have shown us what that means.
"With my incredibly talented medical team, I'm ready to try and win another big game. I've been so very blessed and I feel grateful for what God has allowed my family to have and experience, and I'll embrace this fight just like the rest of them, with resolute faith and head on."

Source: ESPN blog



  • funyahnsfunyahns michigan city, INPosts: 315Member
     Hopefully he will pull through. I loved his game, just wish it had been made by a different producer.  Also hope at some point he will drop the stigma of that game. Instead of being known as the 38 studios guy who failed and remember that he helped bring Boston their first title in like 80 years.
  • SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News Manager The CitadelPosts: 23,041MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

    @funyahns: Luckily, I think that the vast majority of people think of him as a baseball star, not a gaming CEO failure. 

    I wish him all the best. It's a tough road, but with the right support and treatment, he will pull through. 

  • Solar_ProphetSolar_Prophet Columbus, OHPosts: 1,588Member Rare
    I'll pray for your speedy return to health, Kurt. God bless you and yours.

    AN' DERE AIN'T NO SUCH FING AS ENUFF DAKKA, YA GROT! Enuff'z more than ya got an' less than too much an' there ain't no such fing as too much dakka. Say dere is, and me Squiggoff'z eatin' tonight!

    So let me get this straight: It's greedy to want to keep the money you've earned, but it's NOT greedy to want to take money that somebody else earned away from them? Only the left wing could come up with that kind of insane troll logic. It's got the stamp of their common core all over it. 

  • ITPalgITPalg Why, CAPosts: 314Member Uncommon
    I remember him being an EQ II player and some quest line or character he was involved with.
    YouTube: ITPalGame

  • apocolusterapocoluster newport news, VAPosts: 1,326Member Uncommon
    Dude seems to have no luck at all post

    No matter how cynical you become, its never enough to keep up - Lily Tomlin

  • Harbinger1975Harbinger1975 Mechanicville, NYPosts: 235Member Uncommon
    God's speed and god bless, Schilling family.  All the best in you recovery.


  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,882Member Rare

    sad news- wish him the best!

    he brought a great game upto the table! was a great visionaire!

  • TheHavokTheHavok San Jose, CAPosts: 2,411Member Uncommon
    Good luck Curt!
  • WicoaWicoa LondonPosts: 1,637Member Uncommon

    The government failed. They should have seen a way forward to allowing the project to continue to launch and then reap the loan back taking all profits (not costs or small reinvestment plans) till it was paid.  I find that ironicly the plug was pulled for political reasons.

    For that reason I hope they don't find a buyer, though I am curious as to what they were working on.

    I can't help but think if he went through kickstarter we would have a cool product on our hands.

    Hope Curt gets better.


  • JerYnkFanJerYnkFan Kenilworth, NJPosts: 339Member Uncommon
    Hope he has a speedy recovery.  
  • MithrandolirMithrandolir The Deep Woods, NJPosts: 1,701Member Uncommon

    All the best to Curt and his family, I'm sure he has an awesome support group around him and that goes a long way.


  • LiljnaLiljna Posts: 248Member Uncommon
    Good luck Curt, I hope you recover.
  • will75will75 Fatalis,The Combine, SoB... Semi retired, waiting for next big thing.., FLPosts: 364Member Uncommon
    The painted sock will definitely be sold now for his treatment... in seriousness cancer is never good, but we aren't aware of it's skin cancer or internal.
  • DamonVileDamonVile Vancouver, BCPosts: 4,818Member

    When I first herd of him it was just how fail his game was and how badly his company was run. I had a chance to pick up the game and play it, and it was really good. I think if he had managed to put an mmo out it would have been a fun game and done well.

    I would never wish cancer on anyone and it seems like he's had some really bad luck post baseball. Hopefully he gets through this and back to doing what he loves.

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