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Perma Death in an MMORPG

akiira69akiira69 San Diego, CAPosts: 593Member Uncommon
Ever since I started playing MMORPG's in 2001 I've heard request after request from players asking developers to make a Perma Death System in their MMO. Well SOE made a game with Perma Death titled Wizardry Online and no one played it. So this year SOE will be shutting down Wizardry Online and to all of you who wanted a Perma Death system you only have your selves to blame for it shutting down. You ask for the system then when someone makes the game you completely ignore it.

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  • SuperNickSuperNick CambridgePosts: 460Member Uncommon

    Er.. I played this.

    It's complete garbage. Boring combat, uninspired world, dated graphics and about 100 other things wrong with it.

    I think there's a lot more behind the fail of this game than "it's perma death so no one played"

    I assume you like it, and kudos to you; it's still a poorly designed game that wouldn't of attracted users with or without perma death.

  • Ramones274Ramones274 Spanaway, WAPosts: 366Member

    Yep,  what SuperNick said. That game should have never been released to the western market.

    I would LOVE permadeath if done correctly.

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  • aRtFuLThinGaRtFuLThinG MelbournePosts: 1,265Member Uncommon

    The problem with perma-death is - deep down inside we all know that players only wish perma-death on others, and when it happens to themselves they realise "hey it is not so fun afterall".


    Hence why it is so niche that not enough people support it.

  • iridescenceiridescence Posts: 1,552Member Uncommon

    There is a MUD called Harshlands which does perma-death among other things. The concept is that you just play an average Joe or Jane in a fantasy world so when your character dies you just make up something else interesting to play an don't really lose a lot. I'd really like to devote more time to that game as it does a lot of interesting things but requires a ton of research to really get into properly. 


    But, I don't see a system like that every working in an MMO though or any RPG with an audience of more than about 1000 people . People all want to play the big special hero and progress and then get terribly pissed off when they lose all their progression due to lag or something.


    You can always just delete your character when you die if you really want perma-death but you won't do that because unless the game is built around the concept it is terribly frustrating.



  • Mtibbs1989Mtibbs1989 Posts: 3,066Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by aRtFuLThinG
    The problem with perma-death is - deep down inside we all know that players only wish perma-death on others, and when it happens to themselves they realise "hey it is not so fun afterall".   Hence why it is so niche that not enough people support it.

     I enjoy perma death in games. It's more rewarding to see how far you can progress in games like Diablo 2, Torchlight, and Path of Exile. However I don't think it should be mandatory because the majority of players don't like it. 


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  • iixviiiixiixviiiix GSPosts: 1,291Member Uncommon

    Should we make a thread about what systems go best with perma-death design ?

    I mean it just a system , if you put it in right place with right things then it will turn interest .


    For example ,

    At start you created a family (name) then when your character dead , new character start and it can inherit things that dead character , so character's dead don't mean end of game for long term player. Still perma-death , but it don't mean you have to build it from start.

    Also the level (grind) part.

    Ask player grind back from start after his dead is total suck (in my option)

    If it go with system allow player use "in game money" to train back his level (stats) then it will better than ask him hunt mobs from start to his old level.


    It make me remember a PVP F2P MMORPG called shaiya , it also have perma-death option.

    Give player chose or normal mode with no perma-death or ultimate mode where you character deleted when you dead

    Ultimate mode are far strong than normal but it dead mean end.

    Though it the end , you can remove perma death by cash shop item , heavy P2W game .

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