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[Column] General: The Best MMOs of 2013



  • h0tNstilettosh0tNstilettos Sedalia, MOPosts: 25Member

    I agree with ARR being #1. FFXIV: ARR is probably one of the top 3 best MMOs I have ever played, and I have been playing MMOs since EQ1. WoW is a good MMO, but crap in comparison to ARR. The only thing WoW has going for it is content only because it has been out longer, so that really isn't a fair comparison. Go back to the early days of Vanilla WoW and compare to ARR during the same amount of time post release, and WoW is a laughing stock. So just imagine ARR once it has had as much time to grow as WoW and other well established MMOs have. ARR takes a lot of stuff that has been done before in MMOs before it, but does it better, plus it has some innovations between the familiar, some of which is not in the game yet but already planned.


    Also, a few people in these comments have never played FFXIV: ARR, yet are bashing it. How do I know they haven't played it? . . . because they say things like SE took the same game that failed and re-released it. No they didn't. The game is completely different. It was rebuilt from the ground up. Only things carried over are the names of people and some location names, etc. The story continues from the destruction of the old world.

  • funyahnsfunyahns michigan city, INPosts: 315Member
     Does it have to be an MMO that released in 2013? Cause my favorite MMO of the year was Everquest.
  • sLY4JsLY4J Manteca, CAPosts: 84Member Uncommon

    All I hear about Neverwinter is the endgame is WAY pay 2 win.


    Is it still like that? And how is the PvP in Neverwinter?

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