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Battlefield 4 Multiplayer STILL WORKS! (Even on a Triple-Monitor Setup!)

TheSurroundGamerTheSurroundGamer Madison, WIPosts: 12Member

I've seen a lot of talk across the internet saying that BF4 is broken, so, I decided to take it for a little spin.  Works just fine:

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI:

(Click for media)

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  • XxGrimmxXXxGrimmxX texarkana, TXPosts: 223Member Uncommon
    I don't think that's what they meant when they said it was broken lol.
  • RavikRavik Canton, CTPosts: 611Member

    Nice setup.  Game still has some issues 

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