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Would you join a guild lead by girls?



  • iridescenceiridescence Posts: 1,552Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by SBFord

    It's amazing, isn't it? I'm not necessarily saying it's happening here. I think most of the Neanderthal commentary is trolling for reaction.


    I honestly wonder to what extent it is that and to what extent it is just saying deeply held beliefs that they would be too cowardly to express face to face or wouldn't do it because they realize it would make them look like a bigoted idiot to their friends.

    At least it's good that it seems only a small minority on here are actually expressing those stupid views in this thread but it is kind of sad that in 2014 we haven't totally moved past this.


  • SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News Manager The CitadelPosts: 23,001MMORPG.COM Staff Epic
    Originally posted by Rhoklaw
    As long as they don't hog all the crafting resources, I'm ok with it.

    Comment of the day! 



  • Mopar63Mopar63 Carbondale, ILPosts: 297Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Meion
    I've come to see that many serious pve/pvp guilds in games are lead by guys. There are guilds lead by girls but they rarely collect good players and form a guild system to dominate the server. Why do you think it doesn't usually happen? And would you join a guild lead by two girls (Who are taking the game and the guild seriously)? If not, could you tell why? Thanks!

    I think your issue is the different definition you have of a guild. A Guild to most MMO veterans is about a social community to play the game. "Dominating" the server is seldom the goal. When you take out the 4 year old rush to be called a bad-a and kick everyone in PVP and you look at a community stand point female ran groups are some of the best there are to be a part of.


  • WhiskeydustWhiskeydust New York, NYPosts: 70Member Uncommon
    As long as there LEADING me from the kitchen to the bedroom. Why yes I would
  • HanthosHanthos Area 18, Arc CorpPosts: 242Member Uncommon
    If the guild has goals that are in line with yours and the GL knows how to lead, why not?
  • XxGrimmxXXxGrimmxX texarkana, TXPosts: 223Member Uncommon
    I don't want to be that guy but I've been in 2 guilds where girls were the leader and it just went badly... I'm not saying all girls start drama but man it was awful. From my experience guys are just much more laid back and can take criticism a lot better than a girl can. 
  • plat0nicplat0nic new york, NYPosts: 301Member
    Assuming they used ventrilo or mumble first so as to PROVE they weren't really 55/m/pedo

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  • PocketprotectorgamesPocketprotectorgames Arlen, TXPosts: 22Member
    Originally posted by plat0nic
    Assuming they used ventrilo or mumble first so as to PROVE they weren't really 55/m/pedo
    That 55/m/pedo can become an 18/F/Supermodel with a simple voice modifier.


  • SeneriusSenerius Klamath Falls, ORPosts: 76Member Uncommon
    Simple put I could care less what sex they are I just want competence.

    We all can only be who we are Nothing more nothing less.

  • codejackcodejack Chattanooga, TNPosts: 208Member

    I am an officer in one of the largest guilds in DDO, and the leader was a woman when I joined. The only reason she isn't still the leader is because she went back to college and stepped down since she no longer had the time.

    I'm not sure how misogynist you can be when half of the "female" characters are men IRL.

  • kadepsysonkadepsyson Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,917Member Uncommon

    I probably wouldn't like that very much.

    If they were women, then it's fine.  I ask for maturity in guild leadership - so a man or woman, not a boy or girl.

    Competence is not restricted to one gender.

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