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[NA Cactuar][Moogle Militia] [Semi-Hardcore] End Game Free Company- Recruiting

ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member



Type: Casual / Competitive
Timeszone: (Ranging from MST, EST, CST and PST)

About Us

Moogle Militia [MogMi] is the Final Fantasy Chapter of Digital Impulse Gaming. MogMi a progression raiding and social Free Company with multiple groups that are clearing Coil and Extreme Primals and we are now recruiting new members. When we aren’t breaking into innocent NPC’s dungeons, killing them and taking all their loot…yes that includes their “kitchen sink," we enjoy leveling, playing other games, and everything else, and do not discriminate. That means all casuals, new players, crafters, gatherers, girls, Canadians, bronies, and even RPers. We will gladly accept everyone with positive attitudes and will take all, including your entire FC so that we can make an army and beat Pinkie and The Brain to taking over the world, cough, or maybe just the server. Got to start small I guess, lol.

Recruitment Needs

Every class! We are looking to strengthen our ranks for every aspect of the game. This includes: crafters to make stuff, murderers to kill innocent critters for their mats….err I mean gatherers, raiders to kick in the dungeon doors of helpless bosses, beat them up, and take their stuff with a smile, and Lalafells to use as a beach chair while being surrounded by harem of hot Miqo’te girls.

A few things to think about before apply

1. Be willing not to freak out, that upon applying and getting accepted, that you are greeted with people wearing black robes while holding candles chanting “One of Us”, “One of Us”…

2. We value communication and TeamSpeak is the foundation of our community.

3. You will need to understand the fact that newcomers will not be always be able to raid right away. We already have three active raid groups and not enough leaders to step up to make new groups. You get brownie points if you form a raid group though, and I will do everything in my power to help get you started as well. It will also be cool if you don't raid at all and focus on building things or killing people, raiding is overrated anyway hahaha.

4. Please be honest and treat fellow Free Company members with respect, would hate to hear members being taken advantage of.

5. Gimme your lunch money so we can build a pimped out FC crib.

6. No drama.

7. Don’t do things that would impact negatively on the FC. Don’t troll, don’t cheat persons out of their hard earned gil, and most of all don’t mess with under lvl 18 Lalafell chicks…

If all of this sounds good to you, we would love for you to be “One of Us”. You can submit an application by “Clicking Me”


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