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ShnagShnag CairnsPosts: 3Member

Just found my old UO T2A box when i was cleaning up some junk i left at my parents place, anyway got me feeling all warm and fuzzy about the memories i have from playing.


Are there any games like this anymore?


Especially the following.


Free for all murder, even in town if they were to slow to !guard you

Loot anything from anyone

Steal stuff if you cant kill them



Do what you want when you want

Craft anything


A big shout out to Willie the Pink if for some reason you happen to be reading this.



  • ShnagShnag CairnsPosts: 3Member
    To answer my own question I found a free UO shard called UO Forever, haven't had much time to play on it yet but it seems well populated.
    Any other good free shards for UO?
  • SirPKsAlotSirPKsAlot bagong silangPosts: 224Member
    You might want to try Mortal Online it's basically open-PvP UO with Morrowind graphics.

    Currently playing: Eldevin Online as a Deadly Assassin

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