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Place Beta Key Offers & Requests Here (Please read before posting)



  • AperthirAperthir Richmond, BCPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    I would very much appreciate a beta key if one is available. Thanks in advance
  • triphextriphex Las Vegas, NVPosts: 9Member
    id love a key if anyone has a spare
  • jackeccsjackeccs Kaukauna, WIPosts: 392Member Uncommon
    I'll take a key too if someone wants to give me an extra. PM me server details or something too if you want to group up.


  • yashu616yashu616 Moncks Corner, SCPosts: 13Member
    Definitely interested in a key, I know its not saying much, but I will definitely not use it improperly.

    [img width=601 height=150][/img]

  • Zor.ZorZor.Zor Saint Charles, MOPosts: 1Member
    I'm also interested in a Key. My gaming groups is really excited about this game. Looking forward to trying it out. We are also looking for help getting started or teaming up with some beta veterans.
  • dwarfusdwarfus Arlington, VAPosts: 93Member Uncommon
    Appreciate a key.
  • venomous41venomous41 bernice, OKPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    i would like to give the beta a try. just one key please. thanks
  • ushtvaushtva DubijiPosts: 7Member
    Lets give it a shoot i hope my plea dosent fall on deaf ears.I too like many am looking for a beta key ,not just to play the game early or free mind you ,infact i have followed this game since the PAX 2010 and was sadly unsucessful in obtaning an access to the game yet.So kind soul if you are reading this post,thank you for your time and i do hope i can be a happy chua soon :)
  • JerkbagJerkbag melbournePosts: 26Member Uncommon


    would love a beta key.

  • Harnet2288Harnet2288 GeelongPosts: 1Member

    Long time lurker, first time poster...

    I've played almost every western MMO ever released. I cannot describe how badly I want to test, improve and enjoy Wildstar.

    So much so, that I wrote a little song in hopes of maybe getting that opportunity...


    Now, this is a story all about how
    My life got flipped-turned upside down
    And I’d like to take a minute
    Just sit right thar
    I'll tell you how I pleaded for a key to Wildstar

    In Queensland, Australia born and raised
    On the forums was where I spent most of my days
    Watchin' twitch, readings news relaxin' all sweet
    Checkin’ out the class drops, readin’ all the tweets
    When I found this thread
    Man it looks pretty good
    Started editing lyrics, didn’t know I even could
    I spent three little years wanting to play this game
    And if someone spared a key, my life wouldn’t be the same


  • scarfullscarfull Salisbury, NCPosts: 61Member
    I would enjoy a beta key if anyone had a spare

  • kikamukowkikamukow Posts: 6Member Uncommon
    would love a beta key to try this game out been foloowing for a while now and im planing to bring my entire guild over. we have been on the look out for a new game and was waiting for ESO but i tihnk this would be so much better guild enviroment. so if anyone has a spare beta key would be muchly appreciated if you could spare it thanks ^.^
  • slpragtslpragt dallas, TXPosts: 1Member
    Would love a key if anybody has an extra.  Thanks
  • nowrojnowroj scarborough, ONPosts: 16Member Uncommon

    I have been following this game for a very long time. I really wish I am able to get a beta key. I really want to try out the game. Thanks to the kind soul that is willing to share beta keys.



  • splink007splink007 nanticoke, PAPosts: 4Member Uncommon
    this game looks like a blast... a key would be appreciated
  • evildogehevildogeh San JosePosts: 1Member

    Guess I'll give this a try. Like many others on this forum I've been following this game for a while but I still don't have a beta key (apparently the gods of RNG hate me D:). So I would really be grateful if someone could share one!

    Thanks in advance.

    ps - If I get any future keys I will hand them out on this forum just like I received one! =)



  • hardsun79hardsun79 VyborgPosts: 66Member Uncommon

    Its almost 1 year since ive signed for WS - still no key...

    If someone has spare key - you know what to do :)))


  • rafalex007rafalex007 dubaiPosts: 244Member

    i would rally appreciate a key :) looks great.


  • scioccosciocco ltown, PAPosts: 89Member Uncommon

    gib kee plis


    or i rport

  • drift3r4everdrift3r4ever SamoborPosts: 4Member Uncommon
    I would like to get a key. Ty
  • ololuluololulu InternetPosts: 147Member Uncommon

    I'd like a key if anyone has extra.


  • GiausbaltarGiausbaltar prestonPosts: 12Member Uncommon

    well, im like everyone else here i suppose. signed for the beta on a stonetablet at the time of moses and still no invite. 

    So if anyone has a spare beta key :)

    thanks in advance



  • CevaltCevalt GlasgowPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    May as well join the club, I would also appreciate a beta key if anyone has a spare. Cheers.
  • Princess.ClaudePrincess.Claude CopenhagenPosts: 65Member Uncommon

    Is there actually people that got beta keys for this game ?

    In any case i'd like one as well :D

  • ButtskiButtski NilPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    hey guys. i'm looking for a beta key. would trade for a hearthstone key. pm me.
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