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The Golden age to become a gamer

andre369andre369 .Posts: 970Member Uncommon

The diversity has never been greater, there are games for all kinds of people these days. That is if you are young and have not played tons of hours over different kinds of genres. Not sure what game I first played, but I fell in love with Rayman and Hearth Of Darkness was probably the first game I ever finished. I remember going to the store with my parents. My mom was asking questions because the character on the box was carrying a gun. But my dad was cool with it. 


Going into low grade school I can't really remember what games I actually played, other than 007 golden eye, Zelda and tons of Mario games.  Halo came out played that at my friends place next door. It was amazing. We played so much of Halo. We had a LAN with 3 Xboxes. Laying out cables all the way down in the basement. I got the top score most of the time. 


First MMOrpg I played was Guild wars. I got caught in it. It was my life pretty much. Go to school and wait for the bell to ring and get back in the real world. I*ve never been so invested in a game before or after. Why did I not play WoW? The friend that introduced me to Guild Wars never really got into it.  I never thought my parent would let me play a game where they had to pay for me to play it. So I never asked.


Can't say I regret, I had so much fun in Guild Wars. It was such a good game. At some point I knew all the skills and what they did. (300+ ? or even more different skills)


And the PvP was the best, was it because I was so invested in the game? I'm not sure. It was true skill. It was hardcore. Around the same time I played alot of CoD 1 and later CoD;MW. Best FPS to date. Oh, and all the BF1942, totally forgot about that game. It's in line with CoD:MW. 


After all those games, and years. A couple of CoD's, Halo's and a few casual MMO experiences later. There was no magic left. Everything is available. 


If GW2 was my first MMO I would have thrown my future into it. But I've been there before. It's the same for all new FPS games. I've been there, it's nothing new. But if I could be a young teenager again. There woud not been a better time to be inexperienced. 


So many games, but most of us have lost the sense of magic they do provide, due to being too much experienced in the format. Most of us are whining about how developers are not doing enough to evolve the genre. But why should they? There are tons of people out there that have not yet felt the magic of playing the games we have enjoyed for years. 


Okay, I'm done rambling, sorry for wasting you'r time^^


  • DamonVileDamonVile Vancouver, BCPosts: 4,818Member

    I think the magic of something new can be a danger some times. If it's the only reason you do something, eventually it's going to wear off. Then you're left thinking it's something you love to do, but really don't.

    I've been playing games now for 35 years. I could probably say any game is a clone of something else..if I really wanted to look at the game that way. But that isn't why I play games. A game is like a person, every person is a human...or so I'm told, but each one has it's own "things" that make it unique. 

    Enjoying a game for what it is, instead of comparing it to everything else is one of the best ways of enjoying being a gamer. You can find bad in any game, just like you can find bad in any person. That isn't why we meet new people and shouldn't be why we play games.

    Like any good friendship you get out of it what you put in. If you'd gone into GW1 thinking this is just a stupid game and only nerds play these you probably would of quit and never had that experience. Being new and you going in open minded gave you a very different experience.

    The magic of "new" may be gone but you can still find magic in games if you look for it.

  • andre369andre369 .Posts: 970Member Uncommon

    Very nice post. Can't really say anything is wrong with what you say. But there is a very big difference between "unique, new and the feeling of playing a game". I never really compare games to one another unless it's a successor to a older game.


    35 years is a long time, longer than I've existed ;)  I hope I will find the "magic" again. I also think that i have to put more effort in to achieve that. Maybe that is because I  have grown, and games are less "important" therefore I put less effort into it. That is probably true. 


    Also a game being like a person, that's very true. Most games are better when shared with other people, like most things in life. But I feel it's harder for me to invest a lot of effort into a game these days because the "magic" is simply not there. How long will I keep playing this game? Will person X or guild Y be active in a few months. 


    This ties into the current communities of current MMOs where everyone jumps from game to game. It's too much to choose from unless you actually get invested in a game, which for me can be hard these days. Are the games bad? No, they have never been better. But people change, their expectations rise and the magic is harder to find. 


    i guess I have to put more effort into finding a great group of players, and the magic might come. But in my last MMO GW2, it has certain limitations in terms of community sadly. You don't need to even have to get a stable guild for any content, which results in being harder to find and invest time into building up one. Since you never know when the people just hop to the next game. 


    Star Citizen looks like a complex game where you need to invest  time in, might be my next try. 

  • SEANMCADSEANMCAD Houston, TXPosts: 13,206Member Epic

    As a long time gamer spanning decades I think 2014 will become the best gaming year in decades.

    I rarely ever say something like that.

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  • GormogonGormogon Posts: 206Member Uncommon

    I think we all fantasize about experience the Golden Age of whatever we're invested in (America, the NFL, gaming, whatever).  For my money 1997-98 was the Golden Age of gaming, and 1998 will probably never be topped.



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  • FlemFlem BrisbanePosts: 2,822Member Uncommon
    Golden age for me was the 90's.  Everything now days is just a rehash of those days but with prettier graphics.
  • plat0nicplat0nic new york, NYPosts: 301Member
    Originally posted by Flem
    Golden age for me was the 90's.  Everything now days is just a rehash of those days but with prettier graphics.

    Not if you look at the indie games.. That's all I play these days, with the exception of Eldevin, and I've never seen so many new ideas coming out, new art styles before.. Right now is incredible in it's own right for sure

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