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Looking for a Theme Park that isn't WoW or Rift

popezaphodpopezaphod Oswego, NYPosts: 56Member Uncommon

I am eagerly anticipating Wildstar, but for now I find myself jonesing for some MMO goodness.  I like theme park MMOs, despise PvP and looking for F2P but could be persuaded to pay for one.  


I played WoW back in the day from Open Beta through BC and then came back for some WotLK and left before Cata.  I have no desire to play Pokemon Pandas.


I played Rift for quite some time and enjoyed it, but I got burned out by it and am not interested in trying it again.


I played TERA Rising and, while I enjoyed the gameplay, the endgame was pathetic and easy.


I have also tried DCUO, SWTOR, LOTRO and Neverwinter and wasn't thrilled with them.


I really want to find a game to pass the time that has a decent population; there's no point in playing an MMO if there's no one to run dungeons/instances with until I hit level cap.


So, am I asking for the impossible?


  • strawhat0981strawhat0981 Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,008Member Uncommon
    Since you are waiting on WildStar, nothing will help you.

    Originally posted by laokoko
    "if you want to be a game designer, you should sell your house and fund your game. Since if you won't even fund your own game, no one will".

  • BjelarBjelar RullumpPosts: 394Member Uncommon
    AoC Crom server.
  • RaventreeRaventree Yourtown, MNPosts: 456Member
    If you don't like WoW or Rift, you most likely won't like Wildstar.  It seems to be WoW 2.0 from what I am hearing.

    Currently playing:
    SWToR, Aion,EQ, Dark Age of Camelot
    World of Warcraft, AoC

  • popezaphodpopezaphod Oswego, NYPosts: 56Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Raventree
    If you don't like WoW or Rift, you most likely won't like Wildstar.  It seems to be WoW 2.0 from what I am hearing.

    No, I loved WoW back in the day, and Rift was very good.  I'm just burned out on Rift and don't like what they've done to WoW.

  • sunandshadowsunandshadow Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,531Member Uncommon
    Perfect World is a Chinese-fantasy-flavored f2p WoW-clone.
    I want to help design and develop a PvE-focused, solo-friendly, sandpark MMO which combines crafting, monster hunting, and story.  So PM me if you are starting one.
  • brian72282brian72282 Ossineke, MIPosts: 783Member Uncommon
    I'm scratching my theme park itch with FFXIV at the moment and its solid.
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