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Place Beta Key Offers & Requests Here (Please read before posting)



  • bargamerbargamer Atlanta, GAPosts: 2Member

    Be great if I could get a beta key. My Aurin Esper Soldier Minionmancer demands to be made!

    MMO veteran, was in Team Legacy before they mass-migrated to Wildstar, blahblahblah, look just Google "bargamer" you'll get the general idea.

  • Serv83Serv83 WolverhamptonPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    Appreciate if I could get a beta key, I've been in SO many MMO beta i cant keep up. I "test" as a living :)

    Chris Haycock

  • ChaosPhoenixChaosPhoenix HannoverPosts: 9Member
    I shamelessly repeat my request. Thank you :)
  • RedZoraRedZora WuppertalPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    I would also like to have a betakey . image
  • WarWitchWarWitch charlotte, NCPosts: 124Member Uncommon

    Would love a beta key ! Thanks all


  • Chrssy59Chrssy59 hanauPosts: 5Member
    I would love a beta key too ^^....
  • LorgarnLorgarn SwedenPosts: 409Member Uncommon

    Everyone in this thread can be represented by this one gif. (Including me)


  • CortizCortiz AschPosts: 2Member

    I would be honord to get a BETA key and check this game out.

    I have been a part of many BETA games and never broke a NDA


    Therefor I accep the following rules;



    • - No trading or selling of beta keys. We can't verify it, and it's usually against game ToS anyhow, as well as NDAs. We consider it in our Rules of Conduct under Virtual Trading. 
    • - Please do not spam the thread. Posting your request a bunch of times or on every page is kind of obnoxious, and we'll delete that when we see it. Let's try to keep it as fair as we can to all.





  • FullMetalAlcFullMetalAlc Atlanta, GAPosts: 215Member Uncommon

    I'm most definitely a little late to the party.

    If there is any chance I could be PM'd a key, that would be awesome. 

    Everyone in this thread is just as deserving so I won't get my hopes up but on the off chance someone is kind enough to spare a key I would be much appreciative.

    Thank you.

  • MikePaladinMikePaladin NewYork, NYPosts: 592Member Uncommon
    Would be great to get possibility to see this game  because of huge number of project planed this year don't think I will manage to buy all of them would be great to take a look and see if it's catches my attention .
  • murdoc8murdoc8 corkPosts: 5Member
    I too would like a beta Key in case I get one, thank you very much!
  • VincyntVincynt Weyburn, SKPosts: 3Member
    If there's anyone out there with a spare key that would want to send it my way I would be very grateful.
  • beldariobeldario AlicantePosts: 2Member

    Appreciate if I could get a beta key


  • brett7018brett7018 Jacksonville, FLPosts: 182Member Uncommon
    I would love to test this game as well!  My appreciation to you if you have an extra :) 

  • YumeTsukaiYumeTsukai The last hopePosts: 20Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by ragz45
    Keys are directly tied to the account of the person that would be giving you the key.  ie.  If I give you a key, and you break NDA what so ever, I also get banned.  As well as anyone else I gave a key to. With this in mind, there's no way in hell I would give one of my keys to a total stranger.  Sorry to put a hole in your raft, but facts are facts.

    Yeah, you're a jolly fellow. I'm sure everyone would like to hang out with ya. By the way, I could log at the end of previous beta so that means that the guys I gave my friend keys played nicely after all.

    Originally posted by Kaerigan
    Originally posted by YumeTsukai
    Originally posted by Kaerigan
    Originally posted by YumeTsukai
    Wow - quite a few people really want a beta key for this game.  Good news - at least for two of you. I've got 2 friend keys that I'm willing to share. I'm not interested if you end up banning me from the beta, but I would really like that you don't ban each other. So many great boys and girls here - it's really hard to make a choice. Don't wanna sound like a total hypocrite but could a moderator suggest to me the 2 most dedicated posts made here? I'm not very good at making choices. A PM should do, then I'll check and select the winners. Thanks! - and good luck to you all in getting a key.    

    That's really nice of you if you're telling the truth (I have seen a lot of fake giveaways unfortunately). Was beginning to think no one here had any keys, hah. I hope whoever gets a key from you cherishes it.


    I don't know - you tell me. Due to a lack of a moderator response the selection was made by ... FATE. Fate and luck... gotta hate those.

    The lucky winners are:

    edell - For making an impressive application in such a short ammount of time

    Kaerigan - For being fair and reminding me of myself - lol



    It was hard to choose from so many - but at least I was able to make my choice.

    Sorry and good luck for the rest of you!

    Wow, thank you so much! I won't get you into any trouble, I swear.

    My 3rd friend key goes to Grrl. Congratz!


    Depending on my free time this weekend I might give away my key also - better to have someone play than waste it. Just don't hold your breath just yet :)

  • SmellyNannerSmellyNanner Metairie, LAPosts: 152Member

    @YumeTsukai & and other beta key holders.

    Man if you're giving away another key I'd highly appreciate to be considered for it!

    I'd love to test out WildStar, and promise ya I won't break any NDA's they have. I'll actually test it, look for bugs etc, rather than just PLAY it, if ya know what I mean. I definitely won't let the key go to waste.

  • cassiell88cassiell88 LPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    Would also loved to be considered for a beta key.


    Played Rift for more than 2 years since beta 5, former member/class leader (currently reitred) of one of the top 10 worldwide guilds there (Destiny Raiders). In MMOs for more than 10 years, currently looking for a title to stay with. Been through WoW, Tera, Rift, GW 1/2 and many many more. Waitin' for a beta key for WildStar for more than half a year atm I think, anyway since the 1st moment I've heard of it.

  • tormentuktormentuk leedsPosts: 5Member

    Looking for a key, will play and level with you, will be your heal slave, you name your price. ill do it :)


    People say you wont get a key posting here, well lets prove them wrong!


    Also along running member, i did not sign up just to ask for a key ;-D. 7 years+ :D

  • FullMetalAlcFullMetalAlc Atlanta, GAPosts: 215Member Uncommon

    I have an unused TESO key from last week's beta I'll gladly trade for a Wildstar key, I don't know if it's still different keys per weekend test but it may get you invited to the next one. In anycase I'd much rather check out Wildstar. 

    Before anyone gets in a huff, I sent an e-mail half a year ago to TESO support to remove myself from the TESO beta and they still send me keys even though I have no desire to play it.

    If interested send me a PM

  • RackirRackir Montreal, QCPosts: 4Member Uncommon

    I would love to have the opportunity to test  this game out.  Hope to get a key.


    holds out hat...


    many thanks



  • LaurannLaurann Vancouver, WAPosts: 47Member Uncommon

    I'd love it if anyone could help me out with a friend key. Currently waiting for a phone call from the transplant team at Oregon Health Sciences (I'm number 4 right now) and I'd really love to be able to help test wildstar before my transplant. Would probably distract me from the pins and needles jumpy feeling I have every time the phone rings.

    I can provide whatever proof you require on the spot that this my situation (I've heard all the whiny excuses in the past that typically turns out to be BS as well) so I'm willing to show whatever in good faith.


  • IlayaIlaya BochumPosts: 447Member Uncommon

    Heya Guys :)

    I would like to ask kindly as well for a Beta/Friends Key for an "grumpy Old Man" :) Would be very nice if someone gives me the chance to see if my Hand+Eye Coordination is still working *giggle*


  • KoroshiyaKoroshiya Posts: 264Member Uncommon

    Well I am not going to slip you some sob story, I don't want any key.  I am looking for that SPECIAL key.

    What I am hoping for:

    If you have an extra key, and want someone who plays games as many hours a day as you do then pass it on my way.  If you have an extra key and you just want to hand it out and never talk to that person, give it to someone else.  I will just get bored and quit in a day anyway.  I am looking for that mmo partner in crime, if you are part of a trio/small guild who takes on all the same content as everyone else but does it with less numbers even better.  

    I like pvp'ing, raiding, but I don't mind just grinding quests or mats with a buddy either.  I just don't want to experience the game alone, and I don't take many breaks.  I am 37 and have two kids in school but they are gamers also.  So again, if you have a key and are yearning for a partner to play with I'm your dude.  If not, pass it on to someone else in the thread =) 

    “The people that are trying to make the world worse never take a day off , why should I. Light up the darkness” – Bob Marley

  • BuddyDudeBuddyDude Seattle, WAPosts: 52Member Uncommon
    Me want key, will send nude pics of my sister
  • astrogaterastrogater Coquitlam, BCPosts: 2Member
    I also would want a beta key.  thanks.
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