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League of Angels

freeplay13freeplay13 shanghaiPosts: 13Member

League of Angels touts its art as a selling point. Its art is generally pretty good. The backgrounds and portraits in particular look great. Every one of them is hand-illustrated and it shows.



  • ViperDragonViperDragon LlandudnoPosts: 101Member Uncommon
    I have to agree.  My wife's a graphic artist and I guess some of it must rub off on me: I really dig games with this kind of look and attention to aesthetics.

    A great list of free games (mostly MMORPGs):

  • free2playfree2play Toronto, ONPosts: 1,944Member Uncommon
    I'm pretty sure 99% of the sign up is derived from the art work. What baffled me is the lack of it in the game. It would seem more lucrative for the company if they had created a full screen pop out for rendering your Angels and characters at various stages of progress. From what I picked up in the hour or so I offered the game, all the best artwork is in the advertisements. You don't need to play.
  • leagueofangelscheatleagueofangelscheat NNCPosts: 2Member
    Hmm Very good graphics in this game, the game kinda similar to Wartune?

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  • lalartulalartu SeoulPosts: 445Member Uncommon

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