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[Column] ArcheAge: Korean Advancement, Russian Response



  • victorbjrvictorbjr Quezon CityPosts: 209Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by LlexX
    Thanks for the article Victor B. Have some things to add tho, which are missing from the list and i think are important: 1. In the RU version, now in order to craft level 44+ items, you need the traditional KR ingredients plus a certain number of "Delphi Dust" (obtained by smashing "Delphi Coins" (trading) at the Alchemy table), this will make crafting high level items much harder and force more trading, thus more PvP. 2. In the KR version, with the 1.0 patch there is another update to the trading system about which XLGames is silent: "Company XLGAMES shared new information about the January update apart from the above. This time, we were told about the new trading system. Apparently, now losing trade packs during the transition will be less offensive to the pack maker, the player will receive only 40% of the value of the pack, while the remaining 60% will come in the mail to its creator." - keep in mind that there is a change the translation is not 100% accurate!      

    Thanks for the additional information. :)


    I'll ask an editor to add these when I get home from the day job. Apologies, as I didn't see this in the original thread I linked. :) 

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  • kosackosac Bakov nad JizerouPosts: 197Member Uncommon
    i cannot help my self but from this video game looks so stupid :)
  • KumaponKumapon Posts: 896Member Uncommon

    Happy New Year AA fans !

  • CortizCortiz AschPosts: 2Member
    Originally posted by kosac
    i cannot help my self but from this video game looks so stupid :)

    You'r NUTS!

  • KarteliKarteli Providence, PAPosts: 2,646Member
    Originally posted by mcrippins
    Originally posted by ste2000
    Originally posted by pokolo
    then just play west games (there's enough of them). archeage thanks god east game - and i will vote for bikini with my money (no  cosplay stuff = no money from me and i'm not beggar)

    Thanks, that's exactly what I am going to do.

    Let's see if catering for people like you is more profitable than catering for people like me.

    I am willing to bet that if Archeage (by Trion) incorporate this kind of stuff, the game will bomb, Westeners take immersion more seriously than Asians.

    One of the reasons I left EQ2 (not the main) was because they started to put Xmas trees in Freeport during the festivities.

    I mean, lovely, cheerful, bright Xmas trees in gloomy, dirty and nasty Freeport? ................... Are you kidding me?

    This makes me sad. Stop assuming the way you feel about something is how everyone else will feel. In no way is anything you said more than just an opinion. Personally, I love eastern games. Yes there are differences, and they are welcome in my eyes. We have plenty of 'westernized' mmos to play. I'd like to see something a little different from time to time. 

    I think it's mainly just a few people who post the same outlook on bikini's and cars .. and feel they need to post the same rhetoric in as many ArcheAge threads as possible.  I always see the same names, that is.


    They threaten to never touch the game, state it's going to fail, yet they keep posting about it.  Don't let it get you sad .. it may not be clear to them yet, but they are not going to be the target audience.  The actual target is going to be someone open to not just WoW, but to other cultures like that which Aion provides (for instance), and sandbox style, PVP, heavy RP games, etc.  So, whoops RP includes cute stuff, ugly stuff, weird stuff .. and even bikini's.


    I agree that there are plenty of Western MMO's.  There are many other options for people who don't like what is being offered.  Hopefully they find what they are looking for, one day.


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