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Are you planning on playing in April?



  • TheodwulfTheodwulf Brockton, MAPosts: 302Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by NobleNerd
    With a lot of criticism hitting the web lately and many voicing their likes and concerns about the features we know of so far, do you plan on buying the game when it launches in April? What features of the game do you like and which ones are you not so sure of?   I for one have seen enough and been fortunate to be a part of most of the betas and my decision is: I will ABSO-FREAKIN-LOOTLY be playing it when it launches!!

    It's good to be passionate about something.. i hope you are not disappointed, not by the game itself, as it seem you have already seen quite a bit of it, BUT in the reaction of the community as a whole, when they don't embrace it as much as you and other insiders have.


      I wonder if it matters whether someone has early access to a game, does it effect their overall opinion of a game and/or the developers. Makes me curious. I have only the benefit of those naughty NDA breakers from last beta weekend and to tell, I was not impressed and apparently , neither were they.

      I can wait for a great game, hopefully by May we'll all know for sure on this one.

  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,626Member Epic
    Originally posted by winter
    One has to wonder though for those that voted the game doesn't interest them what are they doing wasting their time reading a thread about it?  After all they did just vote they have no interest in the game.

    Because these posts/threads show up on the front page and the question is "are you planning on playing...".

    They aren't and they give the reason "it doesn't interest them".

    It's a fair answer.


    As for myself? I need to come to terms a bit with a few things in this game before I decide to "give in".

  • killahhkillahh calgary, ABPosts: 437Member
    I will be on pc, and ps4 prob as well,

    Gonada Dahung,over 20 years of mmorpg's and counting....Please Lord, let someone make a game that had all the awesomeness of UO, EQ and EVE...

  • RobokappRobokapp Dublin, OHPosts: 5,800Member Uncommon

    personal policy is to wait at least 12 months and see population stability, endgame videos and do a free trial first.


    so will I be playing in April? Maybe, but not this April. :)


  • RavenwolfieRavenwolfie Minneapolis, MNPosts: 46Member
    Played in a couple of the betas and nope! Unlike the single player versions the game play in the MMO bored me to death. I can't see blowing money on it.


  • MongooseMongoose Great Fals, MTPosts: 86Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by DrunkWolf

    unless of course they ever make Asherons Call 3

    If they make AC 3, which everyone has said....100% AC 1 with AC 2 graphics, I would never play another MMO again.



  • karat76karat76 Wellston, OHPosts: 1,000Member Uncommon
    Already have 2 copies ordered for the wife and I.
  • AmjocoAmjoco Layton, UTPosts: 4,844Member Uncommon
    Yes for sure! Finally a game that will be using a fairly realistic setting and not cartoonish. This game and Gloria Victis are two I am looking forward to. There is nothing wrong with WoW and Wildstar art style games, but I am ready for a change.

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  • Tindale111Tindale111 croydonPosts: 206Member Uncommon
    yeah ill give it a shot but a bit worried about it being linear ,I don't mind if its not to much like skyrim but it has to be an open world or it wont hold me long
  • xerrixerri griffith, ILPosts: 30Member
    Yes will play  as the world interests me and playing with many more and to have Daoc pvp  yep

  • v_Vev_Ve HogwartsPosts: 270Member Uncommon
    i myself definitely plan on playing at  launch,being a beta tester for eso and wildstar i can say that eso is much better in several aspect of game-play and it has 3 fraction pvp which is going to be a blast. Just like their is going to be a blast when it knocks wildstar out of the water...

    Why are you so irrelevant? >:)

  • NobleNerdNobleNerd Wolcott, NYPosts: 755Member Uncommon
    Good to see a healthy mix of opinions and comments so far. Keep em coming. I myself am looking forward to the PvP. 3 faction PvP has always been the best choice and I look forward to see if ESO pulls it off.

  • MrMelGibsonMrMelGibson USAPosts: 1,542Member Rare
    I voted undecided.  The only reason I did was because I am waiting for Wildstar to release.  If ESO releases before Wildstar.  I will most likely pick it up.  If Wildstar launches around the same time (say 2 week apart for example).  I will most likely skip ESO for now.
  • A1learjetA1learjet Griffith, INPosts: 253Member Uncommon
    Mel  Eso is  4-4-14   wildstar is  June/July  

  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,950Member Rare
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Uncommon
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • MrMelGibsonMrMelGibson USAPosts: 1,542Member Rare
    Originally posted by A1learjet
    Mel  Eso is  4-4-14   wildstar is  June/July  

    There has been no confirmation on a release date with Wildstar.  I realize it seems the betting money is on June time frame. Then again, it doesn't mean its 100% confirmed to be launching at that month.

  • fistormfistorm Smalltown, WIPosts: 868Member Uncommon

    Reasons I'll be playing.

    1. Great top end gaming graphics game with lots of detail.

    2. The Lore Master of all elder scrolls games is doing the storyline.

    3. An A+ rated company, great customer service.

    4. RPG

    5. History of the game series and level of quality they had. 

    6. Adults my age are making the game.

    7. Hopes this is the One true mmo to rule them all (without hope there is nothing)

    8. It wil give me something to do for 6 months if its horrible, and years if its not.  This has a chance to be one of the biggest games, who wouldn't want to atleast play it to end game first?

    9.  Most games do not get good until the first update.  So I like to get to end game and wait until then to judge a game fully.

    10.  I love MMORPG's.  ES is a founder in the RPG world, must have for all RPG fans.

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,964Member Epic
    Definite maybe. Might not be at launch though, might wait a bit and let them flesh it out a bit.

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  • QuicksandQuicksand Aurora, COPosts: 635Member Uncommon

  • PoliticaldadPoliticaldad WashingtonPosts: 93Member Uncommon
    YUP ... with bells on and a Happy Face
  • GolelornGolelorn Hiding From Social Media Peeping Toms, ALPosts: 1,208Member Uncommon
    No, but when the price drops to 10 or 20 bucks after a month or two I will.
  • kikoodutroa8kikoodutroa8 grenoblePosts: 207Member Uncommon
    Is this the new overhyped game that is supposed to save the mmo genre? I thought swotor and gw2 did that already.
  • RampajiRampaji copenhagnePosts: 50Member

    I already pre ordered this Game!

    Im looking forward to play with a bunch of my good friends :)

    see all out/in there :)


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  • AIMonsterAIMonster Apopka, FLPosts: 2,059Member Uncommon
    I put no.  I'll be playing other games then.  I likely will pick it up when it goes on sale (or even F2P) later down the road.  I think it's decent enough to playthrough for some enjoyment for a month or two, but I don't see the lasting appeal beyond that aside from PvP.


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