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Wildstar will KILL ITSELF!

FIXTHECAMERAFIXTHECAMERA fixthecamera, NYPosts: 55Member

Wildstar is unbelievable.

Wildstar will be the most mediocre MMO over the next 5 years.

1. It doesn't take itself seriously, it has lame, corny, putrid "HAHA look I'm being attacked by a VENDING MACHINE" childish type humour and is just plain cringe worthy, yet expects to be taken seriously.

2. Incredibly boring fight mechanics with minimal UI, the lack of skills are a step back in the genre to dumb down an already dumbed down genre, the minimal UI also reassures this, don't worry, this game won't be too complex or in depth so just about anyone can pick up and play and already be at level playing field with people who've been playing for much longer! You don't have to worry about it being "easy to learn but hard to master" because there's barely any skills or mechanics in the game to actually master! I don't know if anyone has noticed the amazing combat system, but there are large coloured indicators that appear on the ground, you either have to aim it at someone, or move out of the way, doesn't that sound fun? That's pretty much the entire combat system, very innovative, "action combat", in fact it's quite a step above WoW if you think about it, all WoW has going for it is it's tab targeting, even though most skills are AoE, so it's probably more action combat than any game released after it, but people still like to call it outdated tab targeting, who've probably never even got the "step into arena" achievement. Not to forget the snares, silences, stuns, incapacitates, slows, immunities, AoE slows, teleports, damage over times, directional AoE's, heals, regeneration mechanics, pet commands, blinds, reasons to conserve cooldowns and resources, etc. Even though WoW being an E-sport a few years back which was ruined to make the game more accessible, it's always just been that outdated, stand still, tab target game (even though standing still puts you at a huge disadvantage). But sorry I got a bit carried away there by explaining how outdated tab-target WoW is and how cool and innovative Wildstar is.

3. WoW like camera controls, well so they claim, but everyone I've come across who's played the beta says it feels more clunky than something inferior to WoW, like Tera.

4. Player housing in a themepark, this is going to be the real attraction for themepark players, this is clearly what they want, even though WoW is implementing this system in the next expansion, which will probably be before Wildstar even launches, it's still worth playing Wildstar as it's far superior to WoW in every other way.

5. The double jump. (Let me say it again, the double jump, well, actually more of a hover before you land than an extra "jump", as from what I can see it really doesn't gain you any altitude). Out of all the movement mechanics you could add to a game, they add a hover jump, definitely looks better than anything out of Blade & Soul.

6. They respect casuals.

7. No raid finder, which is probably the most "hardcore" thing about this game, instead of queueing up for a raid, you'll probably have to LFG in global chat to get a pug together to go and kill the big boss which has been fine tuned for a disorganized pug. (Really nailing that vanilla WoW feel where people needed to join organized guilds and strategize over weeks/months)

8. A hamster ball mount, this game is just so funny and creative like that, who would have ever thought of that? Definitely worth adding on a "Why Wildstar Is So Good" list.

9. 40 man raids. Again nailing that vanilla WoW feel, except with a dumbed down, irritating combat system which would play similar to some browser based flash puzzle games (move out of the red flashing indicator!). I'm sure they also tuned the raids perfectly for 40 people too, it's not just going to be a disorganized, laggy, annoying raid with people not cooperating, 10 of them AFK, people spending most of their time rebuffing, etc. Well you gotta try something to get those silly WoW players from their shitty game right?

10. Raids that dynamically change weekly, which isn't just a fancy term for WoW's release of "challenge modes".


I really can't wait to get my hands on Wildstar, it's going to be a great mediocre game, worse than a game released 10 years ago and a clone of many others along the way with brilliant marketing skills, and developers that never go back on their word, just like every other game developer hasn't.

These guys get it. A total original IP with an identity.

I'd also like to personally thank carbine studios for delaying the release of Blade & Soul, because Wildstar is well worth the delay.


P.S -



  • iridescenceiridescence Posts: 1,552Member Uncommon

    Just because one guy posted an idiotic childish  thread do we really need so many copy-pasted versions of it?


  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,954Member Rare

    OP,  /agree /brunch

  • DerrosDerros Posts: 1,174Member Uncommon

    1) Good, I like games that dont take themselves to seriously, to many games try to hard and feel the same because of it.


    2) having 5 different skills that do the same thing but on different cooldowns does not make a game more complex or interesting.  it just makes macros near mandatory in order to pull off optimal rotations, because not everyone is a virtuoso on a keyboard.


    3) Wow camera controls were fine.


    4) eh, I like it, I remeber enjoying decorating my Jobe appartment in Anarchy Online.


    5) double jump? dont know why thats a bad or good thing, its just a thing.


    6) casuals are needed to help fuel the markets with crafting materials for the hardcore, as well as give the hardcore people to play with on off raid nights, not to mention make the game world feel more full.


    7) cant comment, never used the Raid finder in wow


    8) see #1


    9) I'll reserve my judgement for when I see it.


    10)  I guess their attempt to keep raids fresh, and to combat farm status boredom.  Nothing wrong with that.

  • RebelScum99RebelScum99 Mesa, AZPosts: 1,090Member
    Not that I should be responding to a lame parody post, but Wildstar is going to be a hit.   I'm eagerly anticipating launch.
  • ZorgoZorgo Deepintheheartof, TXPosts: 2,225Member Uncommon

    I question the OPs motivation. 

    Was the thread you link to unworthy of posting your opposition there?

    Along with the snarky tone, it makes me think, well, you may just be baiting people and you aren't really interested in debate.

  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer ChairPosts: 7,691Member Epic

    Why are you guys cutting and pasting the same dam thread full of subjectivity and pronouncing death sentences on the other game?

    Both games will most likely meet with enough success to continue in publication for quite some time.

    Neither one will be likely to "die" off quickly and certainly not at the hands of the other. And if they are reasonably developed and designed, probably not at their own hands either.


    You'd think that after a decade of "WoW Killers" that have come and gone with WoW still in it's top spot, threads like this would be too ridiculous to even post in the 1st place.

  • AzureProwerAzurePrower AustraliaPosts: 1,531Member Uncommon

    Was another thread really needed after the locked ones?

    Are people really so insecure about their preferred choice of MMORPG?

    If some thing appeals to you. Play it.

  • QuicksandQuicksand Aurora, COPosts: 635Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by bcbully
    OP,  /agree /popcorn 



    The anticipation for Wildstar puzzles me. I hope it does well, I like to see peoples hardwork pay off and I want MMOS to start getting better, but this one, for me, just puzzling.


    I however, am really looking forward to ESO.

  • Jadedangel1Jadedangel1 Leaf VillagePosts: 187Member Uncommon
    This post doesn't make sense. Each point seems to contradict the other. What happened to troll posts that at least stayed consistent?
  • MalviousMalvious Knoxville, TNPosts: 206Member Uncommon
    Obvious troll is obvious. Lock it already.

    Fine, we'll compromise. I'll get my way & you'll find a way to be okay with that.

  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon

    Hey look a "pick apart every part of a game not released I never tried" thread with practically no backing of the reasons" thread! 


    Well I do guess wildstar is lacking on that end so its always good to have such threads combined with fanboi ranting about how its the 'best game ever without having played the game and knowing little of it' threads. Both completely pointless and have little to no actual facts or valuable information to it, but hey, we need lightning rods of ranting/fighting over stupid things, both good and bad right?

  • QuicksandQuicksand Aurora, COPosts: 635Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Jadedangel1
    This post doesn't make sense. Each point seems to contradict the other. What happened to troll posts that at least stayed consistent?

    I think maybe folks should read the post he linked as well as this one. This is a counter to that ridiculous fanboi thread, he is simply showing that every point the fanboi in the other thread made, could easily be used to show why wildstar will bomb.

  • curacura Posts: 1,083Member Uncommon
    Infantilism killed this game for me even before graphics did. Saying this, i think combat looks like fun.
  • FappuccinoFappuccino ErgensPosts: 159Member
    Not fan, but also not a hater. I don't 'hate' games until I've tried them myself. No-one else but me knows what I like and if something gels with me.
  • Psion33Psion33 La Crosse, WIPosts: 248Member

    OP: So you would rather pathetic twitch game play like Age of Wushu or TERA? Well, guess what. You just named the games you like! I'd give you a gold star if I had one.


    On the flip side, people are just tired of WoW. A reskinned WoW as you allude to...could just be the icing on the cake for WoW fanbois.


    Me, I don't want to work in my gaming because I have a full time job and oodles of cash lying around. I don't ever want to feel like I'm working as hard as a F2P'er trying to earn his keep.

  • AIMonsterAIMonster Apopka, FLPosts: 2,059Member Uncommon

    1.  Okay, that's an opinion.

    2.  Actually I'd say the fight mechanics are equal to or superior to WoW.  There are also more CC effects in Wildstar than the ones you listed WoW has (with better mechanics and breakout gameplay) and more different types of functional skills.  Oh, and nearly all those effects existed in Everquest too.

    Wildstar has everything listed as well as unique ones like tethers, disorient, blind.  They have very creative skills with functions that don't exist in Warcraft like Void Slip.  Attacks go beyond "directional" AoEs and have unique telegraphs associated with each skill.  Keep in mind that while Warcraft may have 40+ skills on your hotbar at one time (Wildstar has a large number of skills to that you can customize on your bar, despite the LAS you have about as many options) rotations boil down to using maybe 6-7 of those hotkeys max except for situational uses.

    3.  There is nothing wrong with the camera in game.

    4.  This is honestly just stupid.  I'm sorry, but building things within the world is a SANDBOX feature.  Yes, Wildstar's housing is instanced so not really "sandbox" persay, but I certainly wouldn't go calling it a themepark feature.

    5.  The double jump does in fact gain you twice as much altitude.  Hoverboards will let you hover (and yes, you can double jump with those too).

    6.  So does WoW (LFRaid, "Welfare epics", Scenarios) more so than Wildstar likely ever will.  Is this a bad thing?

    7.  Are you sure there is no raid finder?  I'm pretty sure there will be.

    8.  Creative mounts ARE a feature of the game.

    9.  The combat system is hardly "dumbed down".  I can almost guarantee you raids in Wildstar will be mechanically harder than raids in WoW.

    10.  I'm not sure what WoW's challenge modes are as I haven't played the game recently, but even if they are just dynamically changing raids wouldn't Wildstar developers be the ones coming up with the idea first as the challenge modes I'm pretty certain since they didn't exist when I played are no more than 2 years old?


    Raptr link because it's the cool new trend:

  • achesomaachesoma Portland, ORPosts: 1,054Member Uncommon


  • SEANMCADSEANMCAD Houston, TXPosts: 13,206Member Epic
    kind of like ESO I really have zero interest in this. But for completely different reasons.

    Do NOT respond to this reply if you think the contents of the reply is unwarranted in this discussion. 

    On replying to the content of this reply you are participating in the discussion of its contents

  • ReaperJodaReaperJoda joliet, ILPosts: 76Member Uncommon OP is deep and has vast mmo industry knowledge it would seem, we all should bow-down.
  • donpopukidonpopuki Dearborn, MIPosts: 591Member
  • Psion33Psion33 La Crosse, WIPosts: 248Member
    Originally posted by ReaperJoda OP is deep and has vast mmo industry knowledge it would seem, we all should bow-down.


    Knowledge means nothing. It's personal results and real facts that gets things done. Otherwise its just mumbling and hearsay.

  • ReaperJodaReaperJoda joliet, ILPosts: 76Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Psion33
    Originally posted by ReaperJoda OP is deep and has vast mmo industry knowledge it would seem, we all should bow-down.


    Knowledge means nothing. It's personal results and real facts that gets things done. Otherwise its just mumbling and hearsay.

  correct you are, yet your entire comment is mumbling and hearsay.


  • Psion33Psion33 La Crosse, WIPosts: 248Member
    Originally posted by ReaperJoda
    Originally posted by Psion33
    Originally posted by ReaperJoda OP is deep and has vast mmo industry knowledge it would seem, we all should bow-down.


    Knowledge means nothing. It's personal results and real facts that gets things done. Otherwise its just mumbling and hearsay.

  correct you are, yet your entire comment is mumbling and hearsay.



    Just describing how worthless it all is. :)

  • DrakynnDrakynn The Pas, MBPosts: 2,030Member
    The sad part is that both of these ridiculous threads have earnest support.
  • KhurgKhurg Philadelphia, PAPosts: 47Member Uncommon
    Allow me to summarize the OP: WAAAAAAAH I ain't in beta so I need to criticize
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