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Black and White Graphic ?

davc123davc123 sloMember Posts: 397 Uncommon

why my graphic is black and white anyone know?


  • KamofilaKamofila San Diego, CAMember Posts: 113 Uncommon

    Could be just early morning, your low on blood or your sick.  most likely low on blood from being suck or bleeding.  When you open your inventory the colors are normal right?  Cause if not its the settings on your monitor, maybe when it was night you turned the brightness and gamma way up.


    Do you like lollipops? Suck it. Don't bite you greedy twit.

  • faidedfaided null, CAMember Posts: 110 Uncommon
    There is clearly color in that picture.  You must be low on health.
  • MalacthMalacth LiverpoolMember Posts: 117 Uncommon

    It clearly says in your chat box that you are hungry and thirsty. This could be the case, or you are ill. 


    This isn't a game where you can just run around and kill zombie, you have to look after your avatar.

  • DemalisDemalis Drumheller, ABMember Posts: 134
    All that aside it could be wound infection as well.,Get well fed, drink some water, and take some anti biotics then report back.
  • KanesterKanester WalesMember Posts: 375 Uncommon
    Might have spawned colour blind.
  • FusionFusion VaasaMember Posts: 1,370 Uncommon

    Low on blood.

    To regain, either blood xfusion, saline IV or eat and drink lots, like "i'm stuffed" much, then you'll start to regain blood / health slowly

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