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[Column] War Thunder: Taking Flight in War Thunder

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,011MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The Tourist heads to the wild blue yonder to check out Gaijin's War Thunder. See what he discovered and then leave your own impressions in the comments.

Bombs exploded behind me. I could hear them, hollow and ominous as they reverberated through my cockpit, but I dared not look behind me. Bullet tracers scored my vision and a rapid fire plunk, plunk, plunk sounded from the fuselage: I had a tail. I twisted my small fighter to point its wing towards the sky and slice the air. My plane was now a cut in the air and that much harder to hit. I dove for the ravine. My plan was a suicidal ruse. I would dare the steep walls to lose my pursuer. But this was War Thunder, a game where everything was a risk. I pulled out of the first bend to find my assailant turning back  to the fight. Big mistake. That lack of daring was going to cost him.

Read more of Chris Coke's The Tourist: Taking Flight in War Thunder.



  • MeechaMeecha Pine Grove, PAPosts: 30Member
    Great article and i do agree with what you said, this game is very fun and it is very easy to get the controls down. Also with the latest patch the game feels much better paced for unlocking new planes. If you haven't tried this game, it is certainly worth giving it a shot.
  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHPosts: 8,172Member Rare
    The controls are far superior to what World of Warplanes offers.
  • TheOctagonTheOctagon Arcade, NYPosts: 379Member Uncommon

    Its nice to be able to test a game on an account set up for the media. Now try and grind it day after day using the new system they introduced in 1.37.

    You might notice it looks alot like the WoWPs system. Hell, even the color looks the same. Grind one plane to get to the next in line. Sure, you can pick an aircraft to assign your RPs to, and hey, it would be cool if all your RPs went to it. But they don't. Only a small portion goes to the aircraft you want researched. Most of it goes to mods on the plane your trying to get OUT of to get to the one your trying to get IN.

    1.37 = Fail



  • blackravenukblackravenuk kentPosts: 18Member Uncommon

    the games brilliant. but im not loving the changes made in patch 1.37 the b25 sucks now most of the aircraft controls arnt the same ( turns like a brick falling through the air ) an i can't help but feel like i have this huge disadvantage compared to everyone else.


    so for the latest patch it gets no thumbs up just my middle finger and a quote " if its not broke dont fix it "

  • UhwopUhwop Wilm, DEPosts: 1,778Member Uncommon

    They're developing it for the oculus rift as well.  The developer footage I saw of that actually makes me want to get one when they come out.

    I tried a realistic flight battle, but came to the realization that if I ever intend to get off the runway I'm going to need to get a joystick.  Mouse and keyboard wasn't cutting.

  • TealaTeala SomewherePosts: 7,569Member Uncommon

    You wrote,  "This may well be a testament to the quality of the matchmaking or even just dumb luck."

    I think you must have played this during patch 1.35, before patch 1.37, because patch 1.37 totally borked the match maker in War Thunder.   That is probably one of the biggest gripes with the game right now.   The quality of the match maker is a joke.    You also didn't mention the massive changes to researching a plane.   As someone that has thoroughly played this game(over 200hrs), I think maybe you haven't enough time put into it to tell people not to listen to naysayers.

  • RintintinRintintin Irmo, SCPosts: 64Member

    This game is great, and they are not far from integrating ground and air and eventually naval, it will be crazy good once they do that.  Fun game just in the air.  Much better than world of warplanes. I don't like patch 1.37 so much.  I don't like how progressions seems to stall around the rank II and III point, it feels like you work and work and never progress.  Nonetheless, great game, to reward the developers for a good game I bought some eagles and I am doing premium account so the grind at that level II and III point doesn't seem as painful as when I was not premium. 

    Overall, if you haven't tested it out, you should. It is a shit tone of fun.


  • JorlJorl SunderlandPosts: 257Member Uncommon
    The game is really fun, I quite like the landings when attempting to capture a airfield. Few times I landed and enemy planes crash in attempt to destroy me. Bombing airfields is great when getting a unexpecting player waiting to repair their craft.
  • GameByNightGameByNight Columnist / Podcast Host Rochester, NYPosts: 233Member Uncommon
    Thanks for the comments, everyone! Just wanted to clarify that I played this on a normal account like everyone else. No press perks were behind this column :-)

    Writer of the RPG Files
    Official Podcast Host
    Blogger at

  • sakersaker harrisburg, PAPosts: 1,097Member Uncommon
    This good news for me, i was just trying to play that -other- similarly named game and couldn't even get that one to even run, glad to hear there's a good alternative! Going to definitely give this a try!
  • MeechaMeecha Pine Grove, PAPosts: 30Member
    I suspected you were on a normal account, something you stated made me think you were in a little biplane. I am mostly playing Tier III and I really haven't had much issues with matchmaker. If you play smart you can certainly defeat a plane a tier higher than yourself. Also, the complaints of the research taking longer in patch 1.37 may be true in some cases, but for myself I much prefer this method. There are no longer levels where you get nothing for all of your hard work. If you want to advance your bombers, you don't need to grind out every fighter to get there. I am currently happy with the state of this game, and excited to see what the ground forces will be like when it is added to the game.
  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon

    Nice read OP.

    Nothing wrong with Patch 1.37.  You can grind planes free OR you can spend real money and free RP through planes.  Either way a player has a choice.  The majority of people that will complain about patch 1.37 are the free, fast and easy crowd who expect game producers to lose money.


    Also on Steam all available packs can be bought for $73.46 including the Steam "exclusive" pack.


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