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Any anime MMORPG recommendations?

TrykenTryken Ultima Online CorrespondentOrlando, FLPosts: 63Member

My wife and I are both anime fans and we'd like to find an MMO to give us that anime feeling. I'm quite the MMO veteran, but I'm not quite as familiar when it comes to anime MMOs.

I've played Ragnarok Online, Trickster, and Rusty Hearts. My problem with games like Rusty Hearts (or my wife's problem) is that she likes to make a character, not play an already named character. Trickster is shut down, Ragnarok I played for many years and am not a huge fan of returning to, and Rusty has the prior mentioned problem (although if the game is so good that you think playing a pre-made character is worth it, then please still list the game).


I'd appreciate any suggestions.


Thank you!


- Tryken


  • MalathoosMalathoos akron, OHPosts: 109Member Uncommon
    Depends on the Anime. Mabinogi would be the type of game that many anime's are based on. I just started playing and i love the different skills and all the aspects of discovery. Its an old game but has a lot of different skill systems that other games are attempting to integrate. 

  • aspekxaspekx Brandon, FLPosts: 2,167Member Uncommon
    have you looked at Lucent Heart yet? or RO2?

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  • fantasyfreak112fantasyfreak112 Orange County, CAPosts: 499Member

    Lineage 2 has an anime feel to it. Ragnarok 2 is popular but I never played that.

  • ForgrimmForgrimm Somewhere in TimePosts: 1,914Member Rare
    I think Aura Kingdom is due out soon. Dont know much about it other than the fact that the graphics are very anime.
  • TrykenTryken Ultima Online Correspondent Orlando, FLPosts: 63Member

    Aura Kingdom looks great, but it's only available to those who buy a founder's pack ($20). I have played Lineage 2 and enjoyed it. I should have listed it, actually. RO2 is already being shut down in Korea, so I don't see much a future for it internationally.


    I was thinking TERA Online, although checking out Lineage 2 again isn't a bad idea, as I have a character who's over level 60 in it to return to.

  • GreteldaGretelda Posts: 359Member Uncommon

    off the top of my head:


    FFXIV:ARR even the story has a shounen feel to it.


    Guild Wars 2 is sorta a mix between Korean style and western style but if you just want to go for korean style there are many choices like TERA,Aion some depends on where you live or how far you go for it i think (maybe with a vpn if they have ip restriction) like Blade & Soul,ArchAge etc if you live in Japan or can access a vpn for it Phantasy Star Online 2 has anime style i think there is also a fanmade translator or something for it i think


    also like others said Aura Kingdom when it comes out




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