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Would you play ESO without "The Elder Scrolls"?



  • dylan32dylan32 CardiffPosts: 15Member

    I love the TES games, but don't give a hoot about the IP.  It's just an extremely generic, dull, fantasy setting.  The TES games are great because of the development team and the game engine.

    The games allow you to explore an incredibly detailed, graphically lush, interactive world.  Tne biggest draw is the world manipulation, the physics and the modding.  This is also true for their Fallout games (although Fallout has a far more interesting IP), and the new IP currently in development.

    This level of world interactivity cannot currently be translated to an MMO.  (and thank heavens, the starting city would look like complete carnage by the end of the first day!).

    So, I'm not interested in ESO because its TES.  I'm not sure I'm interested in it at all, although I used to love DAoC.  I'll wait for the reviews after release.  The fact that it's TES not only has no attraction to me, but is actually a turn off as I would prefer a richer, more interesting IP.  I'm sick to death of generic high fantasy.  Give me intersting IPs like Secret World, WoD, Fallout, Fallen Earth, Cthulhu, etc, any day.

  • EntinerintEntinerint brooklyn, NYPosts: 868Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kicksave321
    Would you play WoW without the WoW?  Wouldn't play it regardless. would you play lotro without the lotr?  Nope.  never would have tried it. would you play Swtor without the sw?  Never would have tried it, wouldn't play it regardless. would you play Age of Conan without Conan?  Yes. would you play ever quest next without the eq?   Well considering that when EQ was launched there was no prior EQ, yes. would you play ffxiv without the ff?   Wouldn't play it regardless. Would you play STO without the st?   Yes.  Couldn't care less about Star Trek but was a fun game. Would you play ddo without the dd?  Wouldn't play it regardless.  Was fun for a bit but far too closed off and linear. would you play never winter without the Neverwinter?   Wouldn't play it regardless. Let me know if you want more examples.  

    I would not, however, play ESO without the TES IP behind it.  It would feel too cookie-cutter without TES progression and combat.

    Even if it is a only a pale shade of what's offered in the SP games, it's still a damn sight better than most AAA MMOs on offer today.

  • aesperusaesperus Hamshire, NVPosts: 5,135Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by NasherUK
    From what we've seen so far the game really doesn't look that great, it's nothing new and seems to lack the huge world we've seen in single player ES games. If it didn't have an Elder Scrolls tag I doubt it would even be on the radar. When you look at it next to something like Everquest next, which is using much more up to date tech, ESO is just underwhelming.

    I'm guessing what you're referring to is the very VERY early footage of the game on the absolute lowest graphics settings (which do look terrible).

    The game actually looks pretty good. I have no idea why Zenimax is so against showing that off atm.

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