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SMITE: Nu Wa God Giveaway!



  • Yuk0raYuk0ra Posts: 35Member Uncommon
    The targeting system that requires skill from the player, the perspective that really gets you into character and the really awesome god design.
  • The third person view in smite allows way better control of the characters.
  • TybostTybost Posts: 572Member Uncommon

    SMITE is one of those very unique type of games that really show off a genre's best qualitys, its very safe to say that smite is the reason why I play MOBA to this very day. Smite is the only MOBA that I play, and I was very honored to get into the beta early on. I couldn't resist the third person, 3D graphics at all! or Noodle (AO) for that matter!

    SMITE is the best MOBA to play! :D

    ill take my key to go please :3 with wrappings ontop! (Pretty Bow ontop included)

  • Chase187666Chase187666 Caledonia, ONPosts: 138Member Uncommon
    I enjoy how much skill it takes to aim your skills!


  • ipwnj000ipwnj000 allenotwn, PAPosts: 1Member
    Because it's not League of Legends.
  • ThegoodlolThegoodlol AmadoraPosts: 64Member Common
    I love the fact that the Gods in the game are inspired by real life mythology, instead of made up characters like in other MOBAs.
  • aesperusaesperus Hamshire, NVPosts: 5,135Member Uncommon

    I've actually been thinking about this lately (why is SMITE such an amazingly fun game?). I think it's because it has enough complexity and skill that you expect from a MOBA game, combined with that FPS / twitch feel that makes you feel a lot more in control of your character.

    Mechanically it falls somewhere in between league & dota 2, but it also makes it very easy to get into games that are fun, unlike a game like DotA 2 which tends to have longer Que times, especially if you're queing solo.

    I also love the art style, and how they get creative with some of the game modes (last one I played was literally 5 zeus' vs. 6 zeus', hilarious!) SMITE is currently my favorite MOBA and I hope it continues to grow and become more popular.

  • lordmayhemlordmayhem CairoPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    Because Hi-Rez know how to make SMITE EPIC.
  • ZorkenZorken GöteborgPosts: 54Member Uncommon
    Its great game, Everything i want from a MOBA

    Benjamin Franklin wrote the best quote to use for MMOs in development.
    Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

  • mavrickabbmavrickabb yonkers, NYPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    love this game
  • SinfulChrisSinfulChris Sacramento, CAPosts: 67Member Uncommon
    Everything I wanted from Monday Night combat, but better.
  • DrunkWolfDrunkWolf Posts: 1,274Member Uncommon
    Well to me smite is so much better than any other moba i have tried because its in a third person view and its skills are more skill based. as in you need to do some kind of aiming for alot of them. the fact that you can dodge skills by moving also adds a dynamic that i like alot.
  • solus_94solus_94 GöteborgPosts: 1Member

    I personally think smite is awesome, I've played it like 2-8 hours a day since August last year and it's been a great year!

    Love the game, keep up the good work hi-rez!


  • liva98989liva98989 odensePosts: 252Member Uncommon
    Because it uses mythology and does such a great game in blending it all into a game. 


  • v_Vev_Ve HogwartsPosts: 270Member Uncommon
    Been playing since beta and its my go to game for if i wanna play something that's fun but have to leave in a hour etc got some of my friends to play as well , we actually made it our main game there for a while :)

    Why are you so irrelevant? >:)

  • Ever-AngelEver-Angel Petrovaradin, AKPosts: 46Member
    decent game but only if its with a few friends.
  • DariusRivenDariusRiven TaguatingaPosts: 17Member Uncommon
    3rd person MOBA, it is fun.
  • HerakHerak Buenos AiresPosts: 20Member
    because I'm playing it


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  • shalissarshalissar Posts: 484Member Uncommon

    Love this MOBA, I bought a special for 24 euros- all gods and future gods, so whenever a new one's released I can pop in and try it out.

    just wish the community, like any other competitive community, would lighten up. It's overconsumption, we're all playing Bacchus, and there's still that one guy who has to shriek about how everyone sucks

  • ragatkeeragatkee KaunasPosts: 1Member

    This game is good because:

    1. 3D MOBA. We dont have nowadays many 3d moba.

    2. It is based on mythology, i am really interested in history, and smite gods are from history, so its very interesting for me to play this game

    3. Smite community is really good.

    4. All gods are good, mostly balanced.

  • SpezzSpezz GlasgowPosts: 141Member
    I have the ultimate God pack so I'm just here to say this is a genuinely fun game. I love it and have played since last July-ish.
  • RadooRadoo Reggio EmiliaPosts: 211Member Uncommon

    I never expected to like Smite so much after i first tried it back in Closed Beta, even if i'm very interested in folklore and mythology. I'm not sure if it was the camera angle/view, or the amazing graphics or the fact that you need to aim your attacks and most of the skills, the animations, or the voice alerts and emotes, but it sure got me playing even to this day.


    And like the icing on the cake, the community in this game is just great. I NEVER, so far got flamed, not even once. People are so positive and you always meet nice players around. The other day my team asked me to jungle and while it was my first time jungling, they supported me all through the match.


    What else can i say? Keep up the good work Hi-rez and i'm looking forward to some more contemporary deities. Can't wait to see Jesus in action (i can already see him as a support oriented God, healing, resurgence and all that)

  • ExalonExalon LorgenPosts: 1Member
    It has all the benefits from the MOBA genre. But what really makes it special for me is moments like when I had a Guan Yu chasing me. I had almost no HP left yet was able to dodge his hit by strafing and quickturning for 3-4 secs. Which was enough for my team to come to my rescue! The hit/dodge skill that is required for a lot of the abilities and normal attacks just makes it something special for me.
  • AbrohamAbroham Schaumburg, ILPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    Having played LoL since it was first released, Smite is a breath of fresh air with its unique combat system and beautiful graphics.
  • WicoaWicoa LondonPosts: 1,637Member Uncommon
    If you and your team know that a game is going to be a loss you can vote surrender and move onto the next game. This system also stops people spamming surrender and the majority of the team has to agree it.
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