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User Interface too dark?

MikeMossMikeMoss Ada, MIPosts: 66Member Uncommon


Since I came back to AoC my UAC is way too dark, (this is a new computer, not the one I was playing AoC on before) I can't even see what's in my inventory if the item in it is a little dark.

Changing the brightness of the display in the game doesn't seem to have any effect on the appearance of the UAC windows.

The rest of the display looks great, but it's a pain to not be able to see my inventory etc.


Has anyone else seen this?

I'm running an nVidia Geforce 680 video card, drivers are all up to date.

I don't see this in any other of the many games I have installed.

Maybe someone could suggest a UAC mod that would help with this?



If you shoot a mime, do you have to use a silencer?


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