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[Column] Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: Death Comes to WAR



  • NomadsNomads Los Angeles, CAPosts: 4Member

    The reason the guilds died a month or so into the game was the broken or lack of end game at that time.

    When the first players hit Third Teir RvR it didn't work we couldn't budge the Bar - despite having an all weekender guild event to do it.

    Once that was fixed the concept of the game was server breaking - force everyone into the same zone for the unlocking the gates to the city battle - way to crash the server, over and over - level limits were added, but didn't help much.

    Once we finally got into the enemies capital - it was a massive let down - instanced PVE with some PVP.

    We we sold on sacking the city - not what we got, we were sold on three racial enemy capitals, again not what we got.

    What we had was server issues and an end game which made the whole server go to a single zone and crash the server.

    That's the initial reason most left in the first wave, from there seems like its been a downward spiral.

    RIP WAR - so much promised, but the end was a bitter let down.

  • THEchad88THEchad88 great neck, NYPosts: 38Member
    Originally posted by FlyinDutchman87
    Originally posted by Conley
    Warhammer was really a game that could have used "A Realm Reborn"  style make over. 

    AMEN to that.

    Another year of polish, A few different design desicions and some population balencing mechanisms and the game coulda been great.

    Double amen to that! 

    I know people liked the PVP aspects of this game but there was SOOOOOO much more interesting PVE content that I PERSONALLY injoyed. 

    • Many have said TOME OF KNOWLEDGE (NUFF SAID)
    • but what about:
    • HIDDEN LAIRS! (coolest payoff for an explorer like myself and NOT EASY TO FIND TOO!) - It needed some more interesting pay off but damn if this was interesting. I still never found out what was behind one of these dwarven doors i had found because it was locked and damn it what was behind it!!!!? lol
    • Capital city leveling!
    • instanced dungeons in the capital cities!
    • A solid PQ mechanic / structural design (needed tweeks but worked well) / i.e. persistance roll, random roll, varied loot bag drop dependant on contribution to the event). Stage 1 - do this or kill x of taht, STage 2 - kill the lieutenants, stage 3 kill boss X)
    • Character display trophies! (besides armor this was a natural evolution of character pimpin that i've not seen as well done since)
    • Tactics in both pvp or pve (standard bearer everyone?! / it literally could turn the tide in a pvp battle!)
    • Best intergrated map for its time (GW2 took a queue from this i think)
    • art direction for character models / armor (i'm sorry but the armor looked more refined like real armor and over the top (i.e. greenskins) where it should be, but it was VERY well done. C'mon all you chosens know you looked absolutely detailed and badass!
    • Guild leveling! - lovely unlocks that kept the simplest of things so interesting. 
    • Unlocks galore! - LORE, noteworthy persons, hidden lairs, capital city sections, map areas, PQ's, TOK stuff the list goes on and on and on and on....
    So much good stuff here I was heartbroken it failed so hard. A-WAR-R.R.? (WAR REALM REBORN) - WHY COULDN'T THIS HAPPEN!?
    What killed me was that i wanted less load screens between zones and flight paths. Fluid seemless world please! this really killed my feeling of the game being a complete whole. 
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