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Darkfall Unholy Wars: Biggest joke of a suggestion yet?



  • IsilithTehrothIsilithTehroth Unknown, AZPosts: 351Member Uncommon

    Darkfall 1 was one of my most favorite mmorpgs; from the racial wars(despite its flaws early on and lack of goals), to no safe zones if at war. Darkfall online was progressing at a snail's pace and really irritated everyone when Tasos would spin/lie/bullshit the community; hence why everyone has signatures making fun of him. Instead of fixing and making Df1 a better game they release a dumbed down version with less features and content all the same bugs and absolutely nothing new except for the class system which hinders the game.

    I tried to play DF:UW; although its fun for its Fps mechanics too many of the things that made DF unique were taken out; such as killable/stealable mounts anywhere(you still got killed by towers for combat flagging), the abilities to use any ability you wanted(Yes some were overpowered like rays and fire knockbacks). Then they readded the huge grind many of us spent alot of time doing in Df1; I wanted no part of it.


    -To further state my point; they released a dumbed down version, with the same bugs, removed the things community liked(like the drag and drop looting), half the features of Df1, re-added huge grind,  and absouletely nothing new, except classes that hinder player's uniqueness. They could have fixed it all if they just made a damn skill cap, made racial wars more important, lower the grind, fix the exploits, add new pvp hotspots, better PVE battles(Although the loot drop system was great) and more sandbox features.

    The game was still barely alive with Df1 and could have gained many members if they imrpvoed the game, but instead they fucked us all over in a cash grab attempt and now they have a dead game. Good riddence to a lazy, horrible development team, lead by a coniving, lying man.


  • DarthRaidenDarthRaiden gdfgfPosts: 4,333Member
    Originally posted by Tibernicuspa
    Originally posted by DarthRaiden
    Originally posted by Tibernicuspa
    Originally posted by DarthRaiden

    The OP is someone who hates the game because it isn't DF1, not someone with legitimate complaints about UW.

    What doesn't work, mr. I am right? Does it not launch when you play it? Does combat not work? Can you not craft?

    Don't do like there isn't anything more to MMO's other then the technically aspect to click a button and produce a item.
    In case of DF:UW we talk about about gameplay design holes and lack of content functionality.

    Since 1/3 of classes are missing, how can the remaining classes be balanced  properly. Thinking about missing class 'x' is that one evens out the streghts of duelist ..isn't now the case that duelist is overpowered ? of course ...there is a missing counterweight cause 1/3 of classes are missing...

    Lack of specialization  on gathering, lack of  diversity to ressources, lack of  dynamic mechanism that control availability  of ressources. The game is missing a dynamic and fluent economy.
    The lack of a dynamic and fluent economy  leads to lack of economic incentives for warfare.

    DF:UW tries to install some ridicolous blunt static village capture mechanic in the hopeless attempt to make up for the missing parts but   that falls apart in itself, because they managed to even create design holes in these implentation of these static blunt and one dimensional "hitting the village stone for 10 minutes" .
    When did Siege hammer  (the very basic item needed to destrroy (capture) stones/villages/cwalls/citys) entered DF:UW beta btw. ? lol

    To summarize there is lack of meaning to area control mechanics thous the game aspect isn't finished and still in Beta.
    Now to the crafting, lack of specialization in crafting, lack of complexity in crafting (missing attributes on ressources) , make crafting a dull and blunt  activity that produces junk items that eveyone can produce anyway.  
    With lack of valuable items in game, the full loot feature becomes meaningless, which adds to the overall perception of PvP is meaningless, even outside Warfare in the "everday" PvP .

    I could continue here but alone this aspects shows how DF:UW is a unfinshed product und needs lotsa Beta time till it is working game.



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  • MaejohlMaejohl LondonPosts: 110Member Uncommon
    @ Tibernicuspa

    To suggest that I'm (as the OP) some kind of rabid DF1 fan is amusingly wrong.

    I'm more a DF1 fan than a DF2 fan but then who wouldn't be when DF1 kept us engaged for a couple of years longer than DF UK has.
    Celebrating 10 years of gaming together 2004 - 2014

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