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Anyone else in an MMO-less lull right now?



  • tristanryantristanryan Elkton, VAPosts: 233Member

    Try Eldevin.

    It just came out yesterday. Its browser based so only takes 2 minutes to download and play. I normally dont play games like this but this one is pretty complex and very addicting so far. Its F2P as well, i liked it enough i subbed and spent a few bucks in the cash shop.


    Another few suggestions but these arent MMOs -


    State of Decay, with newly released sandbox dlc (this one is really, really good)

    Project Zomboid (this one could possibly shock you!)

    7 Days to Die (cant say much on this one yet)

    Path of Exile


  • RPGForeverRPGForever PortoviejoPosts: 120Member Common

    I played Darkfall Online and was hooked for about 2 years until they came with the idea of a new game and destroyed the first one. Needless to say I just left the game for good and did not try the sequel since the magic was gone, it was not the same for me anymore. That was my first MMO love.

    Many good games perhaps will be destroyed in the future for the "noble" idea of improving them.

  • rodrigoqrodrigoq Campbell River, BCPosts: 11Member
    Originally posted by Silvermariel
    I'm in and out of things right now.  But mostly in a lull as well.  I keep digging though lists of games, checking out sites about foreign games.  Some sound cool, but i keep wondering if my perception of this genre, and the industries perception are just very different.  I really enjoy MMO's because of the multi and online thing.  There's someone else there to share in your accomplishment, and show off to.  Single player games were great, but when you conquered them, then unlocked all the secret stuff, then beat the hidden ultra boss.  You just put it down, or sold it at gamestop and went on.   The first time I hit max level in an MMO, and suddenly there was a whole new world opened up was awesome!  Now it seems everything I play is a mindless slog to max level, where you can engage in the next mindless slog.  MMO has just become endless grind. I still get to show off when I'm done, but the journey itself just isn't fun anymore.

    Nothing to really show off anymore.  You generally look just like everyone else at max level.  Pretty awesome if you like to see exact copies of yourself running around.  Can't even call it a grind.  There is no grind, if there was a grind, no one would play.  Instead of a carrot on a stick, players get a carrot every 10 feet.

  • nothuman24nothuman24 Phoenix, AZPosts: 36Member
    Originally posted by Distopia
    Originally posted by nothuman24
    Originally posted by Distopia
    Originally posted by Sajman01
    Embrace the stupidity.

    No but seriously, I've found that today's modern MMOs can be enjoyable when your set your brain to 'off'. It's only when you get to deep thinking that you become frustrated and bored with this and that.

    Playing in a stupor is awesome, you find the stupidest things to be quite enjoyable. One time I killed ambient creatures in GW2 for almost 3 hours.

    I know, I know, it sounds stupid but that's only because you're thinking. Go home tonight and load your favorite MMO. Once its started try to play without thinking. I promise you'll look at the clock, it will be 5 hours later and you'll be smiling.

    When you say thinking..what do you mean exactly?


    I think hes referring to cognitive thought, specifically, conscious intellectual activity. He is right btw.

    I'd disagree, as most gaming is less about thought and more about action and reaction, the thinker often loses, because thinking takes time. Intellect comes into play in strategy, strategy is learning the mind of the opponent. Which leads to an inherent ability of being able to react to them without thought but instead controlled deliberate action. It's about forethought not in the moment thought. Hence why such harsh training is integral to a powerful military, and study is required of those who lead.

    Let me know of an MMO that really requires this "thinking thing" though (i'd love to try one)... outside of EVE ,heat of the moment thinking is more in line with adventure gaming (puzzles)..


    Bro, first lets just assume were not 10 and understand what automatic thought is (which is what that is called) and its advantages to evolutionary survival. Second, games are what you make of it. They only emphasize "action and reaction" (which is a very poor way of putting it) over "strategy" if you design the game to be like that. Third, yeah we know most games favor reflex nowadays because that was the point in the first place that you commented on. Lets not forget there are other areas of mmorpgs than just combat that have been dumbed down as well, this isn't street fighter. Sadly, I can name many older mmos (or versions of the game) that required much more strategy and foresight then they do now. Being pressured into making casual friendly, easier games is an obvious trend in the video game industry that even devs are complaining about. Financers only want to be part of games that aim at the largest audience as possible (everyone). So they make them easy enough so 12yo's with adhd can be very successful in them if they time-invest enough.


    As far as your other mmos question. Try playing an older version of Lineage 2. Way way harder to play in a competitive context than Eve.

  • BanquettoBanquetto CityPosts: 1,037Member Uncommon
    Yeah the only MMO time I'm spending right now is some GW2 when the fortnightly patches catch my interest (i.e. not this fortnight).

    Playing a lot of card games - Rise of Mythos, Hearthstone beta, Hex alpha. Also been playing some Diablo 3 after a few months not touching it, because I'm so pumped for the upcoming expansion.

    But yeah.. Not sure i can even see any MMORPGs on the horizon that grab me. Maybe just EQNext.
  • amber-ramber-r londonPosts: 323Member

    The last MMO I was looking forward to and eventually played turned out fo be trash, FFXIV ARR.  I think I was upset so much because I loved FFXI and waited so long for this new game that I thought would be so good, yet turned out to be so very bad.  At least I didn't waste too much money on it... but yeah just seems the way these days because no mmo wants to stray from the wow formula. 


    Last MMO that I liked enough to play for more than a few months was Tera, the newness of action combat kept me in the game for 6-7 months.  The boring endgame content with a recent patch killed it.


    MMOS just seem to be casual affairs these days, none of them seem to be able to things you can engross yourself in anymore and they certainly don't want to move away from "you can do everything solo".

  • HaitesHaites Los Angeles, CAPosts: 69Member

    I think there are many people in a lull about MMOs and I think it's mostly those who have been around for longer.  I'm sure part of it is that we are simply older and our tastes have changed.  Or maybe we're looking back extra fondly at experiences in games that can probably never be re-created.

    I think parts of that are true, but I think the direction that MMO's are heading is one that tries to blend the genre with other ideas to create mass market appeal.  To me this is a losing scenario and will begin to make all games look more and more homogeneous, thus making each progressive game less remarkable.

  • TibernicuspaTibernicuspa Amherest, MAPosts: 1,199Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Viper482
    I am an MMO addict in between MMO's, yes I say that as if I am in between jobs or relationships. The genre is hopeless for me right now and it seems like the next new releases are eons away. I am from the UO/EQ/Daoc generation and nothing currently out is satisfying my needs at all, I have tried them all and am still looking for that one that will do it for me. I played Warhammer, GW2, and Rift for a while, other than that everything else has been meh. I search endlessly and revisit previously played MMO's to try and spark something, but no luck. Anyone else going through MMO withdrawal? Just a curiosity for the sake of conversation, not looking for anyone to solve this for me or tell me to go outside....I do have a life lol. I just like to supplement it with my favorite genre.

    Yup, MMOs with publishers behind them have pretty much been garbage for the last 8 years. The only MMOs that have recaptured that feeling are the underfunded indie MMOs like Darkfall, Ryzom, A Tale in the Desert, freeshards, and well, the only big budget MMO to come close, Vanguard.


  • TibernicuspaTibernicuspa Amherest, MAPosts: 1,199Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Haites
    I think there are many people in a lull about MMOs and I think it's mostly those who have been around for longer.  I'm sure part of it is that we are simply older and our tastes have changed.  Or maybe we're looking back extra fondly at experiences in games that can probably never be re-created.

    Absolutely not. My tastes are the same, but the games have been getting worse and worse. I find more enjoyment from emulated classic games that are buggy and almost broken vs newer MMOs that are all hand holding WoW clones.

  • spookydomspookydom BristolPosts: 1,782Member Uncommon
    Yeah for the first time in about 8 years I think I am in a bit of a lull myself. Was getting back into Lotro but the recent xpac patch where my Lore Master can one shot everything has just killed that for me. Tried Aoc again but that kept my imtrest for about 2 hours. Same with Vanguard. Generally at a loss, need something new and shinny.  Tried almost everything on the games list in release and out of ideas.  This is the first time since I got into mmorpg's where I am generally bored of almost everything. Usually I have at least one on the go, sometimes two or three. Oh well, thank goodness for Skyrim. 


  • shalissarshalissar Posts: 484Member Uncommon
    I managed to turn off my inner critic and am messing around in Dragon's Prophet. Yeah it's as on-rails as you can get but it's keeping me occupied during my free time. Just wish they'd do something about the inventory. I'm not paying a buck a row.
  • DirkinDirkin Manassas, VAPosts: 78Member

    Reading through this thread has made me even more sad for Vanguard. With a respectable launch and subsequent handling most of you would probably have been playing it for the past 6 years. Of course I don't know how many of you have actually tried it, but I only say this because the vast majority of comments in this thread reflect my own thoughts, and I know I greatly enjoy VG. Nothing else has really appealed much to me since.


    It's still worth playing if you haven't, even if only to check it out for a bit because you bypassed it. The only real problem with it is that it's small now. Or people expecting it to have 2013 graphics in a 2007 game.

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,962Member Epic
    Originally posted by Viper482
    Originally posted by Zzulu
    Yes, I used to play most MMO's but I didn't stick around for long in any of them except WoW and EVE online.   Nowadays there are no MMO's that I want to play at all

    If you are like me you try every damn one of them trying to recapture that old school magic feeling, even when I do it is fleeting lol. This feels like my favorite genre, but I think maybe it is an illusion anymore.

    Well, I probably would be in the same state, not playing any MMORPG's except I managed to stumble into one that did recapture that old school magic feeling.

    Which isn't surprising since it is a freeshard of DAOC that is being run at a 2003 ruleset version (1.69 to be specific) so little wonder that I've found the fun again. (for 7-8 months now I think)

    But left to current MMO's, if I didn't return to EVE (again) I'm really not sure what I would be playing.

    Yeah, I know, the train left the station and I missed it.....

    But some up and coming titles still look promising, but we'll have to wait and see how they turn out.

    On hiatus from EVE Online since Dec 2016 - Screw off-grid PVE boosting changes

    Pouring on extra "Salt" for 2017

    In my day MMORPG's were so hard we fought our way through dungeons in the snow, uphill both ways.

    Don't just play games, inhabit virtual worlds™
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  • DerangedcowbrainDerangedcowbrain Tucson, AZPosts: 56Member Uncommon

    I reply to a post such as this once a year or so. It's about time to do it again, I suppose.

    I haven't been hardcore into any mmoish game in years. I re-subbed to Eve with the discounted price this month. Not sure why entirely since I have no plans to really play it the way it is intended...whatever that means. I'll run a few missions and probably not talk to anyone in the game. Update my skills que, but if I only play for a month that means I can train 2 or 3 things I really want, lol.

    I'm hoping Star Citizen will live up to the promise; Everquest Next and the building part sounds interesting. Garriot's project might be worth checking out.

    I'm playing non-mmos at the moment: Rocksmith 2014 (I used to play the guitar years ago and stopped playing; it is easing me back into it, though my fingers don't work like they used to); Fallout New Vegas (I'd somehow never played the games--it was during my marriage I guess and I missed them).

    Of course, I'm truly waiting for a  SWG-Pre-CU 2 type of game. Yes, for 8 years now. Still not over it.




  • BallsoutBallsout Oregon, ILPosts: 70Member Uncommon

  • RabbiFangRabbiFang SheffieldPosts: 149Member

    I've played almost every MMO to come out in the past decade. Only two captured me completely; Neocron and SW:G (original and best, of course). 

    I have failed to even level cap a character on anything since, yet I still buy into the hype and hope for the best. 

    Guild Wars 2 and Darkfall Unholy Wars were really the final nails in the coffin for me. I expected so much and ended up being sorely disappointed with both titles. 

    I'm desperately waiting on Star Citizen and Elite : Dangerous. I'll also undoubtedly buy Wildstar, ES:O and The Repopulation. Until then, I'm lulling with you. 

  • TygranirTygranir Colordo Springs, COPosts: 741Member
    Ever since the ESO beta, I have gone back to Skyrim and am having more fun than I was with any current MMO.

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  • AntiquatedAntiquated Posts: 1,415Member Rare
    Originally posted by shalissar
    I managed to turn off my inner critic...

    Step one. Bury the drama llama.

  • MontaronxMontaronx SchiedamPosts: 268Member Uncommon

    I had the same issues as you had, played countless mmos to find that new place i could call home again, its been a difficult time these past few years to truely find a good mmo with the full package. sure some games have cool ideas they implement and carry out some of them but its always missing some soul that the old skool mmos had like EQ1/2, vanguard, shadowbane and the likes.


    I recently started out again on Everquest 2  with in mind that EQnext/landmark will be comming out soon , so i thought to my self why not give it another go.

    I use to play it quite allot up untill the point they went f2p with too many restrictions. i couldnt get over the fact they were charging me once again for gear unlocks and exp packs while i had all of em and paid good money for em in the time i was a full paying member.

    here is the thing:

    They removed the cash shop gear unlocks, released all classes and races and most of the xp packs up untill the very last one.


    Im having a blast again!! the servers arent that crowded which is a minor issue if you find yourself a niche guild that helps their members but i found my home again in the massive world of Norrath and its treasures and lore.


    Come join me if your intrested, perhaps make a toon together and do some adventures?


    My ingame name is Aeryeanx lvl 90 assassin on the splitpaw server


  • Ender4Ender4 milwaukee, WIPosts: 2,247Member Uncommon

    I am messing around with EVE and playing Duel of Champions (a free trading card game). The current crop of MMORPG have just been awful other than maybe TSW which unfortunately still missed on the combat.

  • jayartejayarte LancasterPosts: 450Member Uncommon

    Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said over and over in this thread?  Tried most of 'em, bored to tears with all of 'em, still have a faint hope of finding an mmo which will hold my attention again one day.  Waited for years for GW2.  Such anticipation, but soon got bored.  It's maybe a combination of me having changed and there not being anything available which is innovative enough to interest me.


    I've really enjoyed reading all the posts in this thread, though.  It's a good feeling to realise there are a lot of us feeling the same way and to read a thread full of posts simply describing the poster's experience rather than lots of full-on ranting.  If only we had some way to tap into all the energy and creativity of the frustrated gamers here, adding a sprinkling of magic to produce a wonderful game for us all to enjoy. 


    Off to try Eldevin now given the couple of positive comments here.

  • thunderclesthundercles Posts: 493Member Uncommon
    Eldevin is pretty good! Got my fix and met some new people.
  • toddzetoddze no where, OKPosts: 2,142Member Uncommon
    I have been in an MMO-less lull state since about 2006. These online multiplayer RPG's are not MMO's I hope for a true MMO sometime.

    Waiting for:EQ-Next, ArcheAge (not so much anymore)
    Now Playing: N/A
    Worst MMO: FFXIV
    Favorite MMO: FFXI

  • neosapienceneosapience Reno, NVPosts: 164Member

    MMOs are dead because role playing is dead.


    I remember immersing myself into a world and feeling like a druid, or a mage, or a mighty defender. Now days, you're just heals, or DPS or a tank. You're no longer playing a character role, you're settling for a play style. Everyone's a cookie cutter version of someone else. Exploration no longer matters, the worlds are tiny now and heavily instanced. Encounters aren't meaningful, you're either mashing 2 buttons over and over or playing 'UI Warrior Online'. Quests don't matter, they're all static and can be done without reading a single sentence. Socialization is dead, zergs have replaced parties and group content is optional.


    This is what happens when the target audience shifts from role-playing nerds to 14 year old COD players.


  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,949Member Rare

    You feel like I did at the end of 2012. I found Wushu, turned what would have been a bismal 2012 and an even worse 2013 into what is probably my most fun single year of mmorpg gaming. 


    Try something different OP, and give it an honest go. You me be surprised like I was.

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