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DF1 had more active players based on steam official numbers and a recent thread.



  • RealbigdealRealbigdeal Vimont, QCPosts: 1,666Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by DarthRaiden
    Originally posted by xpiher
    Originally posted by DarthRaiden
    Originally posted by xpiher
    The core issues that make UW sucks were core issues that made DFO lack luster. There are some things that DFO did better, but over all the same problems exist. 


    Is just DF:UW added massive problems that were not existing before.

    The classes, the UI, the safezones, the races char models,  the global AH etc  to name a few ...

    Its in much worse state in its core design then the original DF which had potential for the better at least..

    Now DF:UW is locked out from get any good anymore ..

    Global AH, safe zones, and PP system are the good additions. The class system is better than the superman system that was DFO from an RPG perspective. They just need to add 100 more skills to choose from. 

    errm Global AH and safe zones NO .  Hireable playerdriven vendors  and hireable NPC guards instead.

    PP with more freedom (repeatable content / dynamic missions) a...maybe.

    The devs talked about the armor specification  + (prestige) titles themselves before ruining it with classes. Read Claus comments on classes and why they should not be in any game. There isnt much to add to Claus comments.


    My opinion too. As if it wasnt enough to be rich so easily, they suddenly decided to give us a global AH ala wow. They had a plan for the vendor system and plenty of good suggestion and they took none of them. They said : fuck it, here's the wow system. Now, we see ppl running around in dread armor in every single videos since.

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  • HiddenxdragonHiddenxdragon York, PAPosts: 127Member Uncommon

    I'm sorry for you OP, your statements are wrong. Unless you have a active sub or a stream of this "dead" please don't lie about the game.

            Siege tonight btw will be on live stream :)

  • RealbigdealRealbigdeal Vimont, QCPosts: 1,666Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Hiddenxdragon
    I'm sorry for you OP, your statements are wrong. Unless you have a active sub or a stream of this "dead" please don't lie about the game.         Siege tonight btw will be on live stream :)

    I expect to see counter argument, not just " sorry, you're wrong. CIAO".

    We want proof and nothing else. We had a lot of proof back in DF1 to tell how big the pop was most of the time based on how big the world itself was since it's a fact that it's a lot bigger than the current one we have.

    So again, bring me everything yo got to tell me that DF UW is a lot healthier than DF1 ever was. The Asian server don't count. 


    Darkfall has always been populated by fanboys so simple statement like yours won't make us budge and you should know.

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  • DarthRaidenDarthRaiden gdfgfPosts: 4,333Member

    heard about house spots are not contested ?

    If nothing else then this should  tell you everything about the curresnt state of the DF:UW.

    Even in its last breaths the house spots were all taken in DF original, you had to pay millions for houses.

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  • Scrappy_DooScrappy_Doo Lewes, DEPosts: 50Member
    Originally posted by Tibernicuspa
    Originally posted by Snoepie
    df1 could have been the new nichy population game like eve but the company is simply too stupid.    

    Not without entirely revamping the core of the game, the alignment system, the 1 class play style and a year long grind, and broken mechanics like bunny hopping all over the place.

    Which is what they did.

    Instead they put into place a dumbed down pvp version of its predecessor with less content and an extremely limited class system.


    The 1 class play style of DF1 was a myth.  The common misconception was that hybrids ruled the battle field but Try Hard(Itwas Luck) ruined that theory as a destro.  The bunny hopping mechanic was a stupid aspect of DF1 but they didn't eliminate bunny hopping they simply replaced it with dash and stampede as get away abilities.  If they kept 80% of DFO and incorporated 20% of DF:UW then they would have a pretty decent game.  For example limit the number of repairers on boats like they have in DF:UW, remove bunny hopping, make walls matter, decrease the grind, make pve matter(risk vs reward issues).  


    The prowess system in DF:UW would be something to consider implimenting into the character progression system of DFO.  Instead of being a jack of all trades type person give a hard cap in prowess of 200k or 250k and have spells cost a certain amount to purchase and skill up and also cost an amount of gold to re-spec.  Keep the number of spells/skills and utility options that DFO had.  In other words you could potentially be a fire/ice/lightning/necro mage but you only have 200-250k prowess to spend on purchasing and skilling up those spells....also keeping in mind the prowess you need to spend for weapon skills/mastery, transfers, heals, utility spells, buffs, heal others etc etc.   That would help with the "omg everyone is a hybrid" complaint that some had about DF1.

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