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Lets share extra keys!



  • TsumoTsumo DublinPosts: 48Member Uncommon

    Anyone actually get a key yet from this thread? Oh, and I would like a key too please.


  • srpssrps SetubalPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Another key-beggar here!

    Thanks, here's a kitten =)

    ) _`-.
    . : `. .
    : _ '
    ; *` _. `*-._
    `-.-' `-.
    ; ` `.
    :. .
    . . : .-' .
    ' `+.; ; ' :
    : ' | ; ;-.
    ; ' : :`-: _.`* ;
    .*' / .*' ; .*`- +' `*'
    `*-* `*-* `*-*'
  • dtdavidsondtdavidson BonegillaPosts: 6Member
    Would love a key as well, no harm in asking :)
  • Rohirrim1Rohirrim1 Starfleet HQ, MNPosts: 30Member Uncommon
    Well I think  I officially give up asking for a Beta key for WS (UGH !)   After looking back when the OP started this thread,that was 3 weeks ago now.Anyone have an idea on when the Open Beta will commence or.?  Thanks for the input peeps   :^)       Au Voir  !! 

  • yuri330yuri330 TrumpLandPosts: 22Member Uncommon
    Probably my next big time dump mmo, I NEED a key :(
  • muser11muser11 Argos Orestiko, KastoriaPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    Plz can i have a key??
  • SandbloxSandblox Brooklyn, NYPosts: 180Member Uncommon
    Hey guys, of all the betas this is the one I have wanted the most and sadly the one I have not gotten (nor my wife, boo). So yea, here is another gamer asking for a beta key from the normally awesome MMORPG community. =D 
  • TuchakaTuchaka san diego, CAPosts: 468Member Uncommon
    If anyone is feeling generous I would love a key
  • WreckoniingWreckoniing melbournePosts: 279Member Uncommon
    the chances of someone giving a key here seems to be pretty small, i think its mainly because the friend keys are linked to the "owners" account so if they stuff you, you also get penalized, REMEMBER GUYS fill out the beta survey and apply for the winter beta, its the only way to ensure you have the best chance of being included in the upcoming weeks.
  • HatholHathol Boulder, COPosts: 3Member Uncommon

    I'd love to get a spare key if anyone has any left :)


  • RavenRaven LondonPosts: 1,973Member Uncommon
    A bit of a long shot but if anyone got an extra key it would be greatly appreciated! cheers guys :D


  • dreadspiredreadspire shelburn, INPosts: 1Member
    I would greatly appreciate a beta key if anyone has a spare key. Please and thank you, you kind person.
  • RuepelRuepel Posts: 8Member Uncommon

    Hi all wildstar lovers!


    I am 29 Years old and would like to get a Friend invite from anyone. My offer is : 1/ Selling my soul to you  2/ Giving u free hugs for lifetime.



  • GilnidorGilnidor GevaliaPosts: 107Member Uncommon
    Also in need of a key so if anyone have a spare key I would be happy to get one.


  • Hawaiian420Hawaiian420 Haleiwa, HIPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    Key please
  • jimmywolfjimmywolf henderson, NVPosts: 108Member Uncommon
    am interested in a key will do the same if/when i get few to share
  • MirandelMirandel Posts: 132Member Uncommon
    Anyone is still sharing? :) Would love to join the party!
  • makkertmakkert ZANDVOORTPosts: 13Member

    I would like to get a key.


    Ill give cake!:)

  • NetDudexNetDudex Roswell, NMPosts: 10Member Uncommon
    I would love to get a key if any one has a spare!
  • pupurunpupurun spartaPosts: 542Member Uncommon

    pls DO NOT send a key to me .

    I DON'T want  a key


  • zepfyazepfya brooklyn, NYPosts: 3Member
    Hows it going, would love a key if someone can spare it. Been following this game since it was announced, would love to take part in the beta and getting all the bugs out. Thank you, appreciate it.
  • ZongocraftZongocraft Gig harbor, WAPosts: 2Member Common
    Odds are no one will send any one else a key knowing they can sell them

    But just in case I would like one so I can record wildstar
  • RaxeonRaxeon cedar falls, IAPosts: 2,154Member Uncommon
    anyone have an extra wildstar key be nice to get one just pm me here ill return the favor at some other time
  • artyportartyport new york, NYPosts: 16Member

    OH DEAR!

    PLease Pass along an extra key

    That would be beyond awesome and very sweet of you


    I Want to kick some ass!

  • Marock135iMarock135i JohannesburgPosts: 1Member

    Hey Guys

    Any chance for a Key pls, Would greatly be appreciated.


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