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General: Hero of the Obelisk Open Beta Begins This Week

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,006MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Hero of the Obelisk is an upcoming dungeon-crawling MMO that features tons of dungeons and wild PvP mayhem. The game is expected to hit open beta on Thursday, November 28th.

With three character choices, Hero of the Obelisk offers intensive combat action as players fight their way as a team or solo through hundreds of dungeon challenges testing both their wit and reaction.  With a large variety of PvE dungeons, range of PvP and an evolving and branching class system, this new MMO will inspire even the most skilled competitors to battle for more! 

Hero of the Obelisk will feature three electrifying classes with a total of 18 different specializations each with their own unique weapons and play-styles.  With an insane amount of weapon and armor variations, players will journey through boundless dungeons, either solo or with friends, and eventually work their way up to end game hardcore dungeons.  Taking place in a retro-modern world during a massive war, Hero of the Obelisk will include a variety of co-operative and solo PVP modes; Siege War (an all-out guild vs. guild skirmish), Battlefield (arena-based PVP) and AoS based PVP (a strategic duel where players will control a unique hero and conquer their foes). 

Find out more about the game and get signed up for the open beta on the Heroes of the Obelisk site.


  • RasereiRaserei Sesame StreetPosts: 1,033Member Uncommon
    Look's fun. Gonna download and give it a shot.
  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare
    Originally posted by Raserei
    Look's fun. Gonna download and give it a shot.

    Same here. Looks like a neat action RPG. I'm also interested in the "insane amount of weapon and armor variations" they list on the site. Curious if that's appearance, stats or customization.

    There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein
    "Graphics are often supplied by Engines that (some) MMORPG's are built in" - Spuffyre

  • SquishydewSquishydew NetherlandsPosts: 1,092Member Uncommon

    Been waiting for this a while now :) Hope it's good!

    You can already download the client on their website.

  • tplceotplceo xx, ALPosts: 6Member

    After i Got the key, i found a good Hero of the Obelisk Gold

  • tplceotplceo xx, ALPosts: 6Member
    As soon as I get home I am playing this! Why does this feel like SAO kind of... am I the only one?
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