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Nicest looking/most graphically demanding MMO

SendenSenden PrivatePosts: 597Member Uncommon
Getting my new computer later on in the week and after spending the last two years using a fairly weak one, I'm interested in seeing what the most graphically demanding MMO looks like these days on max settings


  • ScalplessScalpless SnowballvillePosts: 1,426Member Uncommon
    Generally, MMOs aren't advanced technically. Some of them, like Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy XIV, look quite pretty, but that's mostly due to good art and not technical merits. You're not going to find an MMO that looks as good as maxed The Witcher 2.
  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,432Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Senden
    what the most graphically demanding MMO

    Easy, if you have a GeForce, try TSW with fully maxed and with 3DVision, I guarantee your card will sweat out buckets full of water :)

  • SatchoSatcho MontevideoPosts: 33Member Uncommon
    If it has to be an MMO, go for Tera.
  • SavageHorizonSavageHorizon ParisPosts: 2,559Member Uncommon

    Lol, i agree with the above about The Witcher 2, hell you would be hard pressed to find any RPG that looks that good. As for MMO's well i would say that Black Desert is right up there and so is Age Of Wushu. 

    I still rate Age Of Conan but when it comes to environments then LOTRO rules all mmo's, GW2 doesn't even come close.

    As for demanding, i don't really suffer in that department but TSW is going to test ya.

    Thing is the most graphically intense game i play on this system is not actually a mmo, Sins Of A Solar Empire will crush all but the top end PCs.

    Top Game

  • LyrianLyrian Posts: 412Member Uncommon

    Since there have been already some good MMO option listed here. I will put forward a fully and deeply modded Skyrim.

    Check out and you'll probably be able to put together the best looking all around graphically/immersive made game right now. Nature areas and underground caves are absolutely stunning, I suggest increasing the LOD as well to have a fully expansive view of the game.

  • WoopinWoopin LeedsPosts: 1,007Member Uncommon

    Planetside 2 :)



  • LaterisLateris Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,756Member Uncommon

    Age of Conan rise of the G_S  link

    Final Fantasy a Realm Reborn link

    Tera Online link

    Eve Online link

    WarFrame- FPS Lobby link

    Then what everyone else has posted. 


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