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Lets share extra keys!



  • Riposte.ThisRiposte.This Toronto, ONPosts: 192Member
    I would love one from one of my fellow MMORPG'rs. Anything would be greatly appreciated :)

    Killing dragons is my shit

  • siitysiity yeovilPosts: 23Member Uncommon
    Hoping for a key , thanks in advance :)


  • DrinkFeckDrinkFeck UKPosts: 189Member Uncommon
    Have any of you actually received a key as a result of posting in this thread?
  • donjndonjn Valencia, CAPosts: 808Member Uncommon
    would love a key, thanks guys!
  • zwolakzwolak opolePosts: 1Member Uncommon

    if i can have one ;]


  • mjwilsonmjwilson LisburnPosts: 10Member
    Would love a key if any kind person has one to spare. Thank.
  • ToreshToresh PuidouxPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    I would love to have a key, please :) Thank you very much
  • FalsevisionFalsevision Oceanside, CAPosts: 1Member
    <<Key train, inv if u would plz.
  • SunkastSunkast Carlsbad, CAPosts: 16Member

    I rarely post here, but I've had my account since '04. Considering is still going strong I'll be posting much more. Looking for a beta key - will provide images of my many cats for your viewing/day brightening pleasure!



  • Rohirrim1Rohirrim1 Starfleet HQ, MNPosts: 30Member Uncommon

    Would very much like to give Wildstar a GO !,one of the games that are definitely on ma radar !   Thanks very much btw in advance !!!    :^)      WOOT   >.< 

  • wormedwormed Posts: 441Member Uncommon
    Would definitely like to give W* a go. I guess I waited so long to post in this thread cause I figured it'd probably be a waste of time but hey, here's to trying! 
  • DarkHighDarkHigh Texico, TXPosts: 112Member Uncommon
    I would like one as well. Never hurts to try out everything right? If no more left, no big deal.
  • SargassSargass TokyoPosts: 1Member
    key plz
  • AustiepantsAustiepants Indianapolis, INPosts: 8Member
    I have been dying to try Wildstar! Esper looks like my kind of class! If someone could send me a key that would be EPIC!
  • TruplayaUBTruplayaUB KristallheimPosts: 30Member Uncommon

    i would do (mostly) anything to get a key for WildStar ... been following the game since the day its got announcend and if someone would spare me a key , i would be more then happy .... also i am a german guild leader which represents the game to a wide range of people ;) ;) ;) 


    So thx for all the people here who made this possible =)

  • severiusseverius sacramento, CAPosts: 1,512Member Uncommon




  • SpankadinSpankadin Granite City, ILPosts: 8Member
    Key would be awesome. Thanks for a shot. Good Day!
  • OvermazeOvermaze VenrayPosts: 5Member
    Anyone willing to make my day? :D
  • zombeestzombeest Ridgefield, CTPosts: 2Member
    I can haz key?
  • PanzerbasePanzerbase Chicago, ILPosts: 423Member
  • NivisiruNivisiru Spokane, WAPosts: 186Member Uncommon
    If I get a key... I'll make sure to share the love and pass on my friend invites to others here.
  • SiphaedSiphaed Everywhere!Posts: 1,013Member Uncommon

    I have my doubts that there are shared keys.  It would seem that there might have been duplicates due to reinvites, but I'm sure it was very few of them at that (a database can recognize if an email is already stored there).  


    However, "I'll bite" and state that I would like a key if there are any extras that are being shared out during this holiday season.  


    Why would a 'GW2 fanboy' want to try out Wildstar?

       Because the combat system of Wildstar has a style that is very similar to GW2's style in that it's got limited abilities (10-key bar max) and movement based abilities with Active-Dodge.   The housing features look very appealing, so does the Exploration & Settler Paths.   As for actually testing the game, I would do as such.  Provide feedback for the combat systems, latency, movements, physics bugs, broken map locations, etc.  It wouldn't be my first [space] rodeo.

  • Halfevil333Halfevil333 Sandy, UTPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    Guess I'll join the key begging, too.
  • statrickstatrick New york, NYPosts: 13Member Uncommon

    Been following this game since before it had a name. when carbines site looked like this  . would love a chance to try it out if anyone has a spare key. 


    game looks like allot of fun.

  • GunlagGunlag Mount Huliet, TNPosts: 1Member
    It doesn't hurt to beg right? .....right? Good god the things I would do for a key. Anyway, to you people who are giving away keys, you are heros.
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