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Lets share extra keys!



  • RedmantleRedmantle brainerd, MNPosts: 25Member
    I also would love a key and be eternally grateful! :)
  • syklonissyklonis St. Charles, MOPosts: 33Member Uncommon
    I'd like to join in and ask if there are any spare keys, I'd love to try this game!  thank you!
  • dat_olendat_olen New York, NYPosts: 6Member
    any spare key left? wish i had something to do every night since my son is least i could play some wildstar while being kept awake ;D
  • JKwervoJKwervo N. Las Vegas, NVPosts: 126Member
    I'd like to join in on the spare key giveaway. Much thanks!
  • Deerhunter71Deerhunter71 Richmond, VAPosts: 527Member
    Originally posted by dat_olen
    any spare key left? wish i had something to do every night since my son is least i could play some wildstar while being kept awake ;D

    I would love one also and I do not blame ya man - you need something to help with insomnia :)

  • LantosLantos HerlevPosts: 15Member
    I would love a beta key if someone has one in spare.
  • akkedis86akkedis86 pretoriaPosts: 123Member Uncommon
    I would really appreciate a key if someone has a spare. Thank you.
  • NagelRitterNagelRitter fewefw, CTPosts: 607Member
    Also looking for a key. :)

    Favorite MMO: Vanilla WoW
    Currently playing: GW2, EVE
    Excited for: Wildstar, maybe?

  • BuddyDudeBuddyDude Seattle, WAPosts: 52Member Uncommon

    PM me a key and your address and ill send you 1 dollar face value of 90% silver. Let me know if you want 4 quarters or two fifty cent pieces. I got Kennedy and walking liberty, 1 franklin.

    Or a generic 1oz bar if you want instead. 

  • NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon

    has anyone in this thread actually received a key lol?

    TSW - AoC - Aion - WOW - EVE - Fallen Earth - Co - Rift - || XNA C# Java Development

  • sylentlesssylentless modenaPosts: 6Member
    someone hAve a friend key to share?  :)
  • Cookster5Cookster5 LeicesterPosts: 50Member
    I'd also love a key!
  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAPosts: 3,010Member Uncommon
    If anyone has a key that would be awesome, I have been looking forward to this game for quite a long time.
  • AshnardAshnard Windsor, ONPosts: 9Member
    Trading Hearthstone key for Wildstar.
  • LanscaperLanscaper Campbellford, ONPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    I too will love a key
  • HamburglerHamburgler Costa Mesa, CAPosts: 8Member
    Can't hurt to throw my name in.. I too would also love a chance to TEST this hopefully awesome game.
  • JalkorJalkor Ft. Worth, TXPosts: 18Member Uncommon
    Eh why not. I'd love a key also if anybody is willing to share :)
  • Mrsinister12Mrsinister12 Reno, NVPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    Would love a Key if anyone has an extra one :)
  • InfiniteStrifeInfiniteStrife Od, TXPosts: 29Member Uncommon

    You cannot even begin to fathom how much id love to get a Wildstar key if any of you guys got one!


    Thanks in advance! :)

  • TaiphozTaiphoz IrvinePosts: 334Member Uncommon
    would also enjoy a spare key if there are any left.
  • MikotoMisakaMikotoMisaka Beaverton, ORPosts: 29Member Uncommon
    I can has one maybe?
  • EredhorEredhor Westlake, LAPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    Gee, much ado about nothing, or a serious beta invite train.  Hope it's the latter and that someone throws a key my way.  Thanks to you if you do!
  • maxkill42maxkill42 Fort Hood, TXPosts: 93Member Uncommon
    I'd  love a key if anyone has one, thanks in advance
  • VoggleVoggle United States, TXPosts: 1Member

    Been following this game since around March I believe, and I don't seem to be able to find a key in my e-mail (so much spam though, hopefully I didn't miss it!). Would definitely love an extra key!

  • KaenkunKaenkun Virginia Beach, VAPosts: 5Member
    I would Love a key please if anyone has a spare! =D
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